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SIM Group proj

Poly taught the importance of good group members. With good group members (just afew of them) projs would be a breeze. Doing work would be FUN and Scoring good proj grades would be secondary. As proven in 3rd yr of poly…

Cant belive i’m actually gathering group members BEFORE school starts. It was initially just myself prisc n lyly.. Upon knowing tt lyly has already FORMED her own group, prisc n i panicked… no way i’d wanna end up with 3 or 4 slackers who give shit work and believe in working individually for a group proj.

Kiasu side of me’s forming.. i desperately need to form a group ASAP! esp when projs are due just 5 weeks after skool starts. That spells bad news doesnt it. if i’m gonna have an easy time in SIM, i’ve gotta cut down on the amt of work i do on behalf of others. Loss time, opportunity cost. call it anything. No free-riders tis time. I insist. Because i aint got spare time to donate.. sigh..

hope all works well.


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YES i’m attached, YES i do love my boyfriend, NO i aint in some secret fantasy, and NO i aint looking for someone else.

HOWEVER just like how every guy their own likes n prefrences in girls irregardless whether he’s attached or not, 18 28 or 80, flirtations or unflirtatious, wanks himself does it with his girlfriend or his neighbour’s dog (i’m kidding). Be it the cover of FHM, this girl nxt door looking actress, big boobed pornstar, talented female singer, mature looking lady, office woman in office wear, Rui en looking singer, TeH sounding fiona xie, YES.. guys do have their favourites.
(p/s: Rui en n Fiona contributed by Geoff)

I have my LIKES too!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Daniel Wu
Edison Chen
Shawn Yue

was tempted to post their biblio.. however.. most of u wld prolly close your IE. To cut things short. I think i’ve generalized my liking for guys.

Louis Koo’s a big no no for me, Ang MoHs are a bigger NO. Yes, CHINESE. i think i like the “Bad boy” look (Yes, cliche i know..), sharper nose with distinct nose bridge, not too tanned. Preferably those who LOOK unapproachable, dont really smile. yeah.. and those who look a little boyish! !!

half way through this blog, i juz realized… I was describing ERIC!!!!!!!!!! He does look like a typical bo tak chek (dont study) baaaad boy, his nose is considered sharp as compared to flat asian nose. he aint tanned (maybe white, but much tanner now), he doesnt look approchable at all (i know cuz i approached him first). He doesnt really smile(He’s a grumpy Dick), and he DOES look a little boyish…. gosh.. now i know why…

Not bad, i put my LIKES into action… hmm. when i’ve got a decent looking photo of him, i’d Blog it.. (do i hear a big NO!!! frm him somewhere?) hmm. Thankfully, i aint got a camera, and i aint obsessed with taking pix.

Darling, know u dont quite look like the above 3 guys tho u claim u do and i pretend to agree u do.. U do have have the basic “LOOK” requirement, and even if u dont, it’s too late to ditch u! I LOVE U!!!!

because.. u are u…

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Just packed the unused table in my room. Soon, it would be filled with books, notes, stationeries, and with my laptop on as usual. The last time i sat in on my desk with studies related agenda was on 31st march, the day before my last paper.. Exactly 3 months from today. Guess life in SIM’s gonna be much different from poly days, tho it’s right beside Ngee ann, and off hand, i can name at least 20 ppl from ngee ann in my SIM “class”. No more tutorials to make up for skipped lectures, no more bugging for tips and whats nots.

Hence resulting in my renewed resolution to study hard! ahem. tho this resolution is made at every single start of the semester. THIS TIME ITS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! yes indeed. ive said that before too. *smacks head*. Words are nothing, i need action! soooooo.. i’m gonna start by buying books! (like it’s gonna be much of a difference).. AND, i WILL read them!! becuz its going to come from my hard earned $$$. Thats the difference!

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had my 1st Minor car accident.. 26th July.. argh..
accidents are bound 2 happen. right!!??
sigh. lets just hope the nxt one would be far far far far faRrr frm now
aint exactly my fault.. shallnt find excuses for it either.

elaborate more nxt time.. when i aint that tired..
oh.. and work’s a bitch..
feel exhausted from it. seem 2 reach a saturation point,
where i’m past the peak of my learning curve.
Even if i do learn, i dont perform,
i dont make use of what i learn.
The executing part sux..

gosh.. what if i cant make it through..
what if live calls are worst and.. and..
i dont make it!?!?
Gotta buck up!!!!!

i must.

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been MIA for a few days.. aint online, aint blogging.. i’ve been WATCHING DVD!! it’s like a marathon for me. partial one, since i’ve gotta work at nite. to make things worst, it’s 70episodes and i’m no where near finishing!!..

to make things worst, the ONLY dvd player i’ve got at home is monopolized by my brother. It’s for his sole personal use in his dungeon.. his pathetic sister me on the other hand has got a skinny good for nothing laptop who aparently doesnt have the capablilties to play dvds. no idea why.. some dvd decoder shit.

Here’s what im gona do..
1) ask my brother nicely to swap the player
2) Bribe him! (which wont work definately because he’s much richer
3) THREATEN HIM! (u nuts!? with what..??)
4) secretly “export” it out (i cant figure out the wires)
5) the ultimatum would be to make a BIG FUSS OUT OF NOTHING saying that my parents are biased etc.. and make them buy me another one!!!!! YEAH!! that’ll work!!!

speaking bout biasness.. dad n mum went shopping ytd in town! wow.. i thought they were gonna buy stuff for themselves.. but i came home onli to see 2 bags of clothes on my bro’s bedtop. in addition to the 2 OP teeshirts they bought the day b4. so there was a total of 2 pants, 2 shirts and 2 teeshirts!? amounting to about…. hmm hundred odd!! WAH! i knew there prolly wasnt anything for me, but i checked my room anyway. yeah.. nothing but mess.

Know i’m too old for these “Daddy mummy u BIASED!” shit.. but yea.. they aparently are! they’d definately rebut saying things like,
u drive the car (yeah cuz my bro doesnt have a license),
u have so mani clothes (yeah, i paied for most of them),
u’re working (and earning peanuts for now),
your bro has no clothes (and who said i’ve got enough),
we pay for other stuff (like!? k fine, if they were to say things like facial care etc, and go dig up the 20 year financial books.. so be it.)

so i’d juz keep my mouth shut! sigh… bloody hell. They could have just bought me some little THING (note the singularity)..

“its becuz i’m FE-male.. its becuz i’m in POLY!!! it’s becuz i havent been staying home!! it’s becuz…. ” hahaa.. i’m juzkididn.. haha.. they try to be as fair as they can all these years… as ive said… TRY… when u TRY, doesnt mean u really are.. but what matter’s is tt u try..

OK!! done with downloading the DVD decoder 30day trial!

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Just brought in the clothes. its raining heavily now.. I love the rain. Did i ever mention that? know it stinks when we’re all dressed up and YET caught in the rain.

I remember those times when i was clad in my pink raincoat, and my maid brought my brother and i to the playground because we insisted on going down despite the drizzle. it feels simply wonderful to hear the “pitter patter” on your skin.. your face.. your body.. Thunderstorms are one of those times where i stand in awe.. at the wonderous powers of the creator of this earth. None will ever surpass this enourmous power.. ever.

However.. whenever the thunderstorm strikes, i feel a sense of guilt.. i feel indebted. because Somewhere out there, he just might be walking around, all alone. Somewhere out there, they might not be treating him right. or is he already dead? He’d b 8 this year. My intellegent little pup who’s memory i hold so dear..

For as long as i live, Whenever it rains, i’d feel a heart wrenching sense of lost. It was my fault that he got lost. it was my fault that i chose to study for my chinese o lev instead of searching frantically for him.

He would howl and bark to get attention of my mum whenever it rained. So that she’d bring the clothes in. (and bring him in as well).. For that reason, whenever i hear the sound of thunder, and stand at my balcony feeling the little drizzle that breezes pass me, i’d think about him. I do not deny that it does make me a little teary at times esp times as such where the memories of him just comes flooding back. Any pet owner would understand how much his or her pet mean to her. Esp when the pet provided a constant listening ear and a source of happiness in your growing up years… esp when the pet’s gone..

I thought he’d come back on his own like he usually does. But i thought wrong. I’m so sorry Ruskie i know i should have, but i didnt. If i knew you would leave me that soon, i’d have let u pee-d every where without spanking you with the newspaper. I’d have let u into my air con room, I’d have shared my chicken with you so you wont whine and sulk.. i’d even buy you your favourite rainbow ice cream more often.. Most importantly.. i’d have treated you like you were so very precious… i should never have taken you forgranted.

I’m sorry.. You’d forever be the little puppy i raised..
(gosh.. what a sad entry.. and what’s with my tearing.. )

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not quite done with the links… so bear with it..

Cant wait for tonight. can feeeeelll the urge to drive straight down to funan.

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