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Supposed 2 b studying… but guess id make it a short n sweeeet one.

Cummon, it’s just 3chapters. how tough can it get!? morover, ive taken econs before in poly! (tho i got a D) Definition of D by poly standards aint D for DISTINCTION.. it’s “Deee” for Donkey. ugh. Guess im a lil paranoid. Reason being the test is MCQ.. i hate mcq and i suck at it. id rather write an essay man… anytime. but MCQs? no way. Choosing 1 out of 4 is really tough. esp when they all seem the same. there’s always this “what if…..” or “i should have…” or “why didnt i …” or even “initially i ….” sigh. get the drift?

Had a pleasent suprise after work tho. was suppose 2 squeeze and share cab with 3 other ppl.. and by the time i get back home, it’ll be.. really late.

Went to the lobby, only to find a vios, that looks like my bf’s car! righhtt.. IT IS HIS CAR!! 😀 How nice of him 2 fetch me back despite being so tired.. 🙂 ohhh… and when we got off, he opened his boot. HE BOUGHT ME SUPPER!!! my fave Duck kuay tiao and ILT frm 651.. 😀

aint i lucky!? i am!!
THANK YOU DARLING… (tho i know he wun b seeing this)

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Finally a decent pic.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Half fugg racers. hahahaa those who keep buanging..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Love tis pic! heh… damn attitude… NO. we did not argue. we happen 2 b the only ones w/o anything to lean on.. so we hafta make do with each other.

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and just when i thought ive gotta decent pic… THE SHADOW OF THE CAM HAD 2 HIT RIGHT SMACK INTO MY FACE..ugh.. PHOTOSHOP anyone!?

for more pix, check priscy’s blog… im supposed 2 b studyin now.. soo. Ciaoz peeps… be back tmr wif more sentosa pix.. THIS TIME i wont look as tho ive got 2nd deg burnt. gona be a self proclaimed beach babe! 🙂


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Thanks to those who said ive slimmed down (a little).. heh..
i bloat up and slim down very quickly. Here’s the drawback. Its always on my love handles, making it super obvious, since only wear Levis 593s..

I bloat up till my period’s here.. and after my period, it’s like my “slimmest” time of the month.

The ironic thing is that.. it’s in sync with my eating habits (Craving)… after my period, id have absolutely no mood for food. or rather, im not so “chan jui”.. (greedy? mouth itchy?)… but as it draws nearer to my period, id eat more n more n more… hence the bloating up. ugh..

at least i know i’d b slim for like 1/4 of a month!

Speaking of which. ive got a craving for apples recently.. Maybe its becuz adrian told me that he had tis apple camp, where he ate apples for 3days straight… Nevertheless.. apples are one of my fave food.. esp those big fuji apples….

Since no one’s avail for lunch 2dae.. i had an APPLE while studyin alone.. heh.. even simin noted that i ive been eating apples often…

oh… if anyone wishes to get prisc fruits, buy her BANANAS! that’s he fave fruit. BANANA PRATA, BANANA SPLIT, BANNANA STRUDDLE, BANANA CAKE.. yeah dude! she looovvveesss bananas.

i swear apples are filling…. bought my dinner and i starred at it till bout 9pm.. zero appetite i tell u.. all i wana eat is APPLES!!! no appetite for anything but APPLES!!

pay’s in today.
oh. pay’s also out today.

cleared bills, t/f $$.. yeah. so.. it’s gone.
Hil’s right.. i need the $$$.. so to hell with it.. i shall keep that resignation letter with me, wait for my gratuity to come in, and in the meanwhile, stay polite, and SMILE!!!! my unlucky days are over anyway… that period of time, i get like 4 major disputes a day.. and now its down to just 1.. so not too bad rite!??

ohh… a complimentary letter came in not too long ago… yes i do rem that subscriber.. i must say i was really nice to him.. hmm.. then again. compli letter does not = more pay.. no increment, = no additional motivation. so duh..

its my bday month and yet i dont have $$ to hold the the party ive always wanted to hold… ugh. feel damn disgusted. Blocked my leave frm 22nd all the way till the 26th. 5days of NO WORK! WhEeee.. and yet ive been told to study since im not working. what a let down.

Morover, priscy’s working.. how bout u key? =(
im freggin 21 ugh.. shallnt talk more abt my bday. the more i think, the more disgusted i feel.

Heading to Msia tmr.. Go kart.. Seafood.. sheesha perhaps?
its weird… but i dont seem to feel the enthusiasm.
Guess its prolly due to the fact tt i’ve got at test on tues..
This is bad. im disgusting myself too much.

time for the disgusted val to study…

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Sleeping Beauty

Was really glad that it was a FRIDAY.. TGIF man…

What perks me up, is that there’s no work on SAT!!! cummon… its a known fact that i hate it by now.. So any OFF equates to a HAPPY day for me.

Given the serious lack of slp, burnt skin n all, + stupid ppl at work… Im just glad to plonk into bed on fri nite.. or shld i say.. sat morning..

Slept frm 3am till 5pm!! = 14 hrs!!!!!

after getting up, i watched whatever show that was on… all the way till bout 11, where i headed to James place (where he was doin proj) to watch MORE TV!!! till bout 2am… = 9hrs of tv!!

Slept frm 3am, all the way till sunday 4.30pm approx another 14 hrs!!!

wah piangz… james calls me a PIGGG.. i prefer the term sleeping beauty.. bleah. self proclaimed of cuz. no one wld agree… but then again, isnt it a known fact that im a piggggggg!?!?!?!

i can never get up if it rains, i love snuggling in my bed, i dread getting up unless ive got 14 hrs of sleep. ANYONE who wakes me up if i havent got ample sleep, will get it frm me.. (sorry james), the past 2 times i dozed off on his bed, with him waking me up, he got it real bad… I mean… ok.. i dont mean it.. but i juz have a very pissed off look (fine, im pissed cuz i want more sleep) and i am really foul tempered. anything and everything turns me off.

just a weird thought… i suppose im a bedtime sex kind of person rather than a “goodmorning” sex type.. hahaha.. can picture myself whacking the person upside down, askin him 2 DIY while i sleep… ok. nvm. side tracked.

oh.. where was i.. nvm. in short, i slacked my weekend away, spending most of it sleeping. WHICH felt great of cuz… and it only means that ive gota work doubly hard tis coming week. My fingers are itchy.. when’s mahjong prisc.. if belle n all cant make it.. there’s always back up.. how does algene and allen sound? hmm.. sounds good, looks good.. *winkz*

BED TIME.. im so determined to get up early and continue on revisions for the upcoming test.. My determination never fails to crumble when it faces a comfy bed…

screw the morning studies.. id juz try n wake up in time for class..

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Do i look physically fit?? I do?? No? William/Nai/Yanglun calls me lanky val.. but im Fat… not lean not lanky and no muscles.. alllll FATS.. sigh. Im weak.. priscy’s STRONG… How strong is she?? She’s as strong as 4 Grown Man!!!

ok.. so..i CANT lift it up.. no doubt im tryin 2 act sporty with a “GERMANY” singlet.. i mean.. i really cant lift it up mahhz..
Image hosting by Photobucket

“i huff, and i puff.. and i still cant push the table!”..
so lifting doesnt work, neither does PUSHING

Image hosting by Photobucket

Im no princess material.. but look what lifting and pushing gave me! BLISTERS!!! SEE!! here’s proof!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then again its only right that i cant shift it.. imean.. it takes 4 grown man and 1 supervisor to get it moving.. haha.
Image hosting by Photobucket

But wait!! prisc did it all on her own!! LOOK! she shift it side by side, interchanging sides with me… as expected, my side of the table didnt move… 😛

Image hosting by Photobucket

Look how pissed she got..

Image hosting by Photobucket


She doesnt do “manual” labour all the time.. she’s super hero material.. and im just sidekick.. a nick name coined by mr ngian wei wei kelvin…

Helped out with RMIT sports day on 16th, was the time keeper for soccer.. had some hiccups in the begining, and even towards the end.. but it ended well. The sun was scorching…

Made a couple of friends there.. havent made a friend in quite awhile. I mean.. how often do we get a chance 2 get to know ppl?? Perhaps others get 2 noe ppl easily.. but as for me… those who know wld understand that i dont exactly take the initiative.. not unless………………………………… nevermind. Loner material lar. hmm.. I must say it was worth the lack of sleep and burnt skin.

Could easily identify those who went for sports day.. they’re all RED… face, arms… NECK..

But i must say tt priscy’s worst off..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Lect was borrring.. dozed off 1/2 way tru.. no prisc arnd 2 nudge me.. no william arnd 2 keep me entertained..

Then was lunch back at NP with Allen.. lunch with prisc in skool… AND THERE’S WORK LATER!!! damn it..

Dont feel like working.. i hate it there.. i hate it hate it hate it hate it..

I try my best to keep it cool, make it a good call etc.. but NO… its always hard.. i cant meet my calls per hour, i cant keep my temper in check.. i feel stressed working there… the spill over effect is so big, that i feel pissed even when im home. I dread going to work every morning i wake up. even offdays seems bleak, cuz i know its only ONE day, and ive gota work the next. im so close to calling it quits and throwing my towel. Perhaps i shld juz type the letter, leave the date blank! heh..

Try me.. i just might..
Need another job tho.. sighh

Time to prepare for work… and the first thing id do.. is COUNT my number of leave and Off-in-lieu.. 1 mth adv notice.. + clear leave… maybe i can leave 2 weeks after i throw in my resignation.

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RA Dog

Had this xmas gift exchange at work, and the person who gave this “gift” to me either

1. Dont know me very well.
2. Know me VERY well and it was intended as a joke.

Somehow i believe its the former tho…

Nevertheless, take a look at my “Gift”

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pretty cute from the back huh!? just a Soft toy!?!? NO WAY!!!!!

Now here’s y i say the gift’s a joke

Image hosting by Photobucket

Clockwise, L-R:
Upon flipping, i saw .. erm.. a HOLE
sooo… i STUFF IT!!!!

ohhh.. and when i told prisc i to buy chicken rice with lots and lots of black sauce, Here’s her definition:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

ah neh ji fan.. :S

can even see the black “juice” at the side..
even made my cucumber at the top look like modified pieces of chicken.

priscy’s definition of alot, means “ALOT”

So use the word with care…

Ended up clubbing on sat night,where else but dbl0!! me and my lychee martini craving.. 1 juG!! yumyum!!! ALL TO MYSELF!!! WhEee!!

Had quite abit of fun despite the painful feet after that..
after tons of pix, finally, it looked decent!

Image hosting by Photobucket

One nite, james msg me.. askin me to go open my door claiming there’s a SUPRISE.. and guess what i found!?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sweet huh!!!!
Ohhh.. then he had to me its bought at china twn.. onli $5 plus!
hahahhaa.. damn it.
not like it makes a difference aniway! =)

Love it anyway..

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Food does wonders

okies. back from instant noodles. i cheap substitute for ramen!?!? haha. must say that i sure do feel beta.. my headache’s gone at least!

Told u food does wonders! =)

so what does that make me?

now im feeling kinda guilty… Sorrreeee Jaaaaammmmeeesssss~~~~
Shldnt b feeling sorry. How about feeling thankful!? 🙂

THANK YOU JAMESSSSS (now that sounds beta)

Bed time!

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Shuddup val

i know i always say that nothing is too hard for me to handle…

still agree on that.

Cant believe that im i broke down in tears, for matters not related to the heart. haha. Its usually the relationship stuff that made me cry…. today… none of the sort.

Guess its the combination of afew factors.

  1. When work sucks and there’s no avenue for me to complain i just swallow it.
  2. Nasty STUPID people call C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R-S are freggin pea brained and it makes me mad
  3. i havent had much food today which puts me in a bad mood cuz of low sugar level
  4. my period’s coming soon tho i dont know when, and it makes me pms-sy
  5. im fuggin gainning weight and i jolly well can tell!!!
  6. after this proj, there’s another one. and another and another.. why must i rush for deadlines no matter how early i start!?
  7. i dont think i can find relevant reference for projects
  8. i wanna score well for projects
  9. Wana work hard for good grades..
  10. feel worst cuz i feel this way as i feel im weak so i feel bad. gedit? no. neither do i.
  11. vday is round the corner and ive yet to get a gift
  12. i feel stupid for wanting flowers despite the extorbitant prices.
  13. there’s no time to go out for vday dinner tho i say every day is vday and yes i do eat everyday!
  14. i wana get my girlies vday presie, but i aint got the $!
  15. there’s no big tv to watch at home!

Im giving myself too much pressure.. not like its alot. its the same everyday… im juz “weaker” today.. fiine!??

Just finding fault with everything around me. (except james who had a long day himself… only to find his pathetic girl friend whining away).. im sorrreeeeeyyyyy =( make it up tmr okes?


At this point of time, im having a bad headache, wallowing away in self pity. Unbashly typing out this embarassing blog which signifys the weak side of me.. (hell wld i care..), tearing my mascarra off, and STILL thinking of food.

i must b horribly hungry.

yes i am hungry… i wanna eat xiao long baooooo…. i wana eat XXXL chicken frm shiling.. the floss crepe.. i wana eat raaaaamen… i dont have anything at home…… NOT EVEN A BIG TV! damn it!

To whiner val: “SHuddup, go shower, and.. yeah.. SHUDDUP!!”

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