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Went for this bloody marketing test which i wish i didnt study for… tsk! waste time. CFM waste time.. 11chapters, 20 MCQ, 20 T/F qns.. ONLY 10%.. see.. told u… REALLY WASTE TIME!!! to make things worst….. some questions are damn foreign.. ugh..

Went for Dinner at marche with Key Barry Yanglun William and Prisc.. i tell u… had a great time eating n gossiping away. my only regret!? not hearing barry sing MY BONNIE! hahaha…

Thank You Key + Barry for your gift! it reali made me reminisnce about my childhood, and how tis 21 yrs has passed so quickly. no doubt ive outgrown barbie dolls… ur gift made me realize that… i’d always be young at heart… AND… now i know i’m always key’s princess! **wonder how barry manages to hear ur maggie mee joke over n over! ** 😛

Thank You Yang + William for the trucker! its my 1st trucker cab EVER!!!! =) my di yi chi! And for the card, which absolutely made me laugh! yanglun.. ur drawing CONFIRM CAN!!!!! =)… love u guys man… never fail 2 make me laugh. especiallly with william’s handstand. tsk tsk tsk!! Now i know how this 2 guys get girls…… THROUGH THEIR VOICE!!! they are damn zai… andy lau and jacky chung’s voice! PhOooo Hot HOt HotTTT

And Prisc! Thank you for your Gift! muz haf took lots of time n effort! i reallly appreciate it babe… realli bu she de use all the gifts tt u put inside that book! think im gona take pix of everi single page, and blog em down! let the WHOLE world see how nice my priscy’s present is! Ok, as ur reward! id put up wif ur ever nonsense for the whole of my life (not as if u’ve got lots of nonsense lar) AND id try n wake up at 7 to wake u up! 😀

LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. all this is made possible. thanks to james as well. Tho he’s not there… his msgs really gave me great re-assurance.. and i can just go all out n have fun… when he msgs me things like”Good luck for your test darling” or “have fun darling” i can FEEL that he really mean what he say.. and i just feel happy that there’s someone supportive and always there for me to fall back on, trusting me, and loving me unconditioningly.. It would definately suck having a BF and always worrying bout WHat ur bf think about u.. or wat ur bf is feeling. etc etc.. Thanks for the trust and freedom you’ve given to me! Sat’s coming.. Cant wait to head to Bintan with James.. =)

Oh… Terry and Andre N ziyu.. thanks for the msgs, testi, and soon to recieve present! *tho they prolly wun c tis*

Right.. more pix coming up tmr!!!!! once priscy uploads it.. for now.. im Busted. and KO….Game over guys!

More updates tmr! wheEE…

happy (coming) 21st bday to VAL!!!!!! Blissful 21st bdae!

Just wana say.. how much i love y’all…… Nitez!!


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Supposed to celebrate my bdae tmr. Well i still am! haha…

But prisc is bogged down with council work, her OTHER job, tests, projs, and i noe she aint feeling well. reali stressed up to be exact. Havent got much mood for anything. she just wishes that she dont need to study dont need to work, and still have $$. 😛 *what a bird!*

William’s pmssy!. he said so himself. AND he’s at the KTV again (and drinking as usual)…. What’s more. he isnt going for revision class tmr.. sigh..

Key just told me that she n barry can only make it for late dinner. and NO ktv. as they’ve got lots of reports or smthing of the sort..

Despite all my pals being Really busy, they’re making time for me! =) tho it aint some grand celebration, im glad Just to have dinner with them.. Love y’all!!! Thankks for making the effort. esp prisc 🙂

Today’s a happy day.. maybe its cuz of the shopping.. maybe its cuz of james. Definately not cuz of the TESTS tho..

i love u! tho u prolly wont see this… =)

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sighhh so i WAS suppose to get up REALLY early to study. and i just hit the snooze button a couple of times, before i juz totally switched the alarm off.

SLEEP.. my greatest weakness… (or maybe food)…

Nevertheless… the BINTAN TRIP IS SETTLED!!!!!!! leaving for bintan at 2, leaving bintan for sg at bout 330. (thank god we dont have to take the 1130am ferry back!) Now my only concern is……… weather james can make it in time.. cuz check in time is approximately 1pm.. =( what if we miss the ferry!!!!!!!!

oh gosh. BB.. PM test… =( sucha turn off!

aniway, thanks for all the eary bday wishes!! namely frm hil, sam, sandy.. etc etc. =)

yay! MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!!!!!!!! for the time being… gona haf a long break (my longest ever) and id only be back on the 28th. bye bye nasty customers. go pester some other CSO.. val aint gona b arnd 2 entertain u. heh..

speaking of calls.. the call volume ytd was atrocious! ans till i got a bad headache. ugh. go find something beta to do n stop dialing larRs..

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Bday at Angsana..

guess where id be spending my 21st bday!?

Angsana Resort BINTAN!! WheeEeeee

Yes Yes.. My bf dotes on me!! ilove u dear!!!

Felt really touched… when he said those words abt spending $$ =)

Gona squeeze a day of relaxation in despite our bz schedules….

appart frm that, im lookin 4ward 2 priscy’s suprise!!!! given the fact that her gifts and her ideas are always magnificent!! id DEFINATELY like it!!

and i miss Key too!! sigh.. that dizzy daisy ah…. run away with her dashing donald! tsk! KIDNAPED i must say… or is it Ducknapped! hah. cant wait 2 see her on 23rd…

we’d all have fun!!! that includes our jiemei william too!

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i HATE having my period because…

  1. it gives me PMS (so what if its an excuse!? :P)
  2. i get cramps (every other month)
  3. i bloat up
  4. i have ANOTHER thing to dumb into my bag
  5. i cant hit the beach. (tampon doesnt go well with sand)
  6. i feel disgusted everitime i tk off my jeans
  7. i need alot of toilet paper when i go to the toilet
  8. i pee so ever often
  9. im stuck with normal undies that pads wld stick to!

i LOVE having my period because…

  1. the skin 28 day Renewal cycle happens to be AFTER my period leaving me with nice supple skin!
  2. i “de-bloat” after that!
  3. boobs get bigger
  4. more sensitive and sensual all over
  5. at least its HERE.. beats missing my period right!
  6. Guys can never understand bleeding DOWN THERE (giving u the supreme power!! then again william would.. woncha dude.. :D) finally SOMETHING guys can never argue their way tru.
  7. you are allowed to have cravings
  8. Male docs never fail to issue MC
  9. No one messes with u or strip your pants!

See!! its a tie… 🙂

Someone pass me a pink panadol!!!……. the cramps this mth are killing

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While loving is one thing.. Getting along is another…

lets face it. Like what prisc says,
im one hard person to please…
soooo…. As much as i am trying to be “easily pleased. “
Its hard. But im trying !
Aint asking for much…

Just be less self centered. It aint all about you you you.
How bout me at times? like Hows your day… how’ve you been… you you you… not me me me my mine my… i dont mine OURs tho..

As for ME… id just be try n be MORE understanding then..

So fug it. Id try to get along… and stop saying/doing things which would only make myself regret.
val being the type that “dont see cofin wont drop tears” …..Sigh.. LEARN ur lesson val.

Why do i see history repeating itself.. =(

Ya Ya… u guys muz be sayin.. ANOTHER EMO POST!!!!
ehh… i can onli b bothered when im emo mahhhhh…
tsk… sori larrr….

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Well its the time of the month again, and i must say that EVERY girl is definately within the unforgive clutches of lady PMS. No matter how strong how noisy, how chirpy, how everything and anything we usually are… we’d know when it’s THE TIME of the month.. and face it.. god created such “hormornal” (nt sure if i gt the spelling right) imbalance for a reason. Dont go round saying u DO NOT get PMS ladies, cuz im SURE you do…… and guys… sorry.. understand u guys do have various “times” too but unfortunately the only “time” that’s scientifically Justifiable is when u wake up.. The TIME where u get ur “morning glory effect”… other than that. uh-uh… sorry…. u’re out of the PMS league. Any bad mood equates to being unreasonable. hahaha.. *do i sense some unhappiness arising? esp frm william?*

Oh… So much about ranting on my below average mood.. Time to blog abt what i initially wanted to blog about.. feeling a lil emo emo now..


Not so much on my birthday celebration plans or presents or whatever… i just wanted to blog about why i do not have a birthday party. Honestly.. when i recall other friend’s birthdays.. or look at blogs about friends celebrating their 21st.. I do feel a tinge of sadness. =( and maybe a pang of jealousy as well.

Just realized in the shower that……. The blatant truth is…………. I DO WANT TO HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY TOO!. its was never about the finances. its most definately not about the organizing. neither is it the time im lacking.. NOR about me not wishing to turn 21.

Its about me.
ME feeling embarassed.
ME worrying that no one’s gona come to my birthday party.

I know it sounds dumb. and honestly… i know it wont happen if propper planning were to take place.. and with some excellent help ive got! but still.. theoretically speaking it IS so… but ive always got this mental fear that no one’s gonna turn up! Hence…. ive never had a birthday party. =( face it. which girl doesnt wana have a splendid 21st birthday party. at least i do… but i just cant get over the fear. The paranoia…

Those who know me well knows wld definately know that im very affected by emotions, gut feelings, and dreams and opinions… When i was young. as in “KINDERGARDEN” young…. a week before my birthday.. my mum said she’d have a party in school for me.. i said ok.. and told mummy to wrap more sweets n nice stuff for my classmate. That night.. i didnt sleep a wink. i was so afraid that no one’s gonna sing my birthday song. i was so afraid they wont like my cake. i was so afraid they wont like what mummy gave them. I was so afraid that my then “best friend” (her name’s Yen Yen by the way) would not be in school.. There you go. little val at such a tender age, already concerned about people’s opinions… that’s just me.. its in my blood. dont tell me not to mind other ppl’s opinion… tell that to a little girl.. do you thinks he’s got control over how she feels?? do you think u can even talk logic to her? Guess its an inborn trait….. which can never be changed.. *sigh*… and when i finally did sleep. i had to dream that i was the only one in class that day. *balls!*

When my Birthday finally came. i dragged my feet to school…
THANK GOD! EVERY ONE WAS THERE!!!….. at tea break time… mum n bro came… everyone gathered.. took afew photos. shortly after. i broke into tears!!!!!! i didnt scream n wail… it was those big fat silent tears… Not tears of relief, but tears of embarassment! it was damn obvious cuz my eyes turned red. When the teacher n mum asked why i cried and WHY im so silly to cry on my birthday.. i cried EVEN more. **Yeah yeah.. telling a crying kid that its dumb to cry. how smart.** I just couldnt take being the center of attraction, with everyone looking at me. i didnt like that… i just didnt.

Family celebrations always turned out fine.. with ppl close to me.. celebrating with me.. im always fine.. all these years. If u think that embarassing crying streak’s gona stop. you’re so wrong. i cried for all 3 years of my birthday party at kindergarden. Even have the pix to proove it.. wanted to snap a shot of it.. but the reso’s real bad… EVERY SINGLE YEAR. i had to bloody cry on my birthday. just because everione’s looking at me. and im er.. shy????? (i suppose so!!) i mean.. it sounds dumb now that i think about it.. but that’s what happened to val.

My last birthday party took place on 24th march 1993. when i was 8 years old. By then. i was old enough to hold my tears. I didnt cry. at least the pictures didnt show… However… the horid sensation still etches in my mind. Me.. holding back the tears of embarassment.. when they got ME and my then best friend (Chen zhen zhen and Gena Goh Mei Wen) to Stand infront of everione, hold the mic, and SING A SONG!!! we had to sing “siao sa zhou yi hui” by sally yeh…. ehh… back then no one went to KTVs ok… AND YES!!!!!!!! i almost CRIED!!!!!!!!! (again)

U must be thinking its weird huh… val being so shy.. and val being an introvert when she’s always so noisy and attention seeking. But if u realize…. im noisy only OCASSIONALLY… and i dont like to catch everyone’s “attention”! im usually 2nd class attention. that’s why im always mmm.. 2nd popular in primary/sec skool… hoh prisc!? she’s hero n im sidekick! hmph! :P….
Time changes a person.. but Some traits will always stay..

Sigh…. now im finally turning 21 (in 12 days) and i sure am unhappy bout it. Its prolly the PMS like i mentioned in my 1st paragraph.. but im sad. Another reason.. is because Shimin and Celin promised to celebrate it for me. And ive lost them. I celebrated both their 21st birthdays. and i made both a memorable one for them.. but they wont remember mine.. even if they do…. i dont think they’d make an effort to wish me… AND im sure if i see them on my birthday.. id definately burst into tears. Dont even try.. im not risking it…. wont wana blog when im 30, listing all series of unfortunate birthday affairs.

Id just spend time with a couple of my close pals.. another dinner with my family.. go out with james and maybe some others on the 25th.. and…. That’s bout it. Some of you may think that… birthdays are birthdays…. 21st 1st 5th 10th 100th.. they’re still birthdays and SO WHATs the big deal… honestly.. i dont care how u spent yours or wat’s your idea of a birthday. it’s MY birthday.. and im fretting about how my 21yrs of birthday was spent. think about it.. we can never go back to our 12th birthday again….. can we. Birthdays are benchmarks in life.. where you look back and reflect upon where the path you took led you..

Ever looked back at ur photos and realized how much your parents have aged?? While you and your siblings have grown significantly your parents have grown old….. I wish mummy and daddy were young again… i wish i would always be 7 yrs old… where i was happiest.. =(

Really depressing to think about aging.. and childhood fears.. I suppose id just spent all my birthdays with my loved ones. yup yup. that’s what id do… oh… and FACE IT. you dont LOVE all your friends that turn up at your biggggg party. LOVED ONES… not the “LIKE ONES”

Goshhh my supply of tissue paper just got cut back by 10sheets.

In life…. its not what we could have gotten…
But what we already have.. and always will.

With that said… i shall leave my bitter sweet childhood fears in this blog… and close the “chapter” for now.. doubt it’ll ever be brought up again. not in a long while that is.. meanwhile.. i shall try n stop pmssing. While the above post is 100% factual…. i shall RESTRICT my hyperactive imagination.. and stop thinking of james leaving me. ugh. stupid dream ive got… simply spoils my day.. :S

Bed time…!!!! cya tmr iris… if u’re seein this…

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