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WoohoOo!! finally the connection at west coast mac is UP!!! But ive only got like 55% worth of battery. Short one for now… =)

Look!! facial samples… how nice…….. that’s what ive been usin for the past weeks… clearing the whole lot before i use other stuff…….
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Moral of the story. Never under estimate the power of a MALE shopper. the go all bonkers and irrational so to speak. Then again. Im one of the beneficiaries. hah.. aint complaining thats for sure.

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DELICIOUS stuff frm taiwan!!!!!! thank you for getting singpost to sent it over =) and thanks for remembering that its my fave..

To those who’ve been doting on me for the past god-knows-how-long…. thank you =) really appreciate it ***Huggies***

OH and dont ever park at clementi near the market. unless u wana end up like THIS:
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tsk tsk tsk! there were at least 30 bird poo! fuggin disgusting.. hah.. shall spare the gory details of the back and top of the car….. the faces of the car wash ppl were like “UGGGHhhhHHhhh”… hah. Classic.

Back to books. its bloody 2.10AM and im still here. Call me hardwrking… Call me a mugger…. but……………. I CANT SEEM TO GET ANYTHING IN ALREADY!!!



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Stress Buster

Wanted to study. But the thought of spending some time out i.e. Eating/ktv-ing/shoping/massaging. was far too tempting. I subccumbed to temptation.

Took a cab down and I WAS EARLY!! bloody $13.60 wasted on cab. could have been more. the cabbie wanted to take me sight seeing from Boonlay to orchard and down to bugis. I told him:


he replied

“ore…” (sounding dejected). Less income for him! hah

Went to this place a couple of shops beside Phins (yang. u noe which one!?) Set meal was absolutely cheap. Not the best quality of cuz. But worth the $$ nonetheless.. Full course set lunch for approx $12.50. 4 of us shared a Shiraz. Knew my face would be red n swollen. Think its some kind of allergy.. ugh… That explains y i can only drink in daaarrrkk places.

Lets see who was there ytd… Jenn, Vif, Kevin, Carene, Ben, Hanyi, Meryl, Myself, Adrian, Eddie, Mandy, Clarene. [in order of the sitting position] hahah.. after that was ARCADE!!!! HOW OLD ALREADY!!! yeah. young at heart. 😛 and it really trains the arm muscles!! Then to billy bombers for drinks, Center point for massage, heeren for shopping..!! THEN its back to studies after that. BORRRIING!.

Shopping’s really a form of stress relief.. busted a portion of my salary already!!! haha. Worth it tho.. 6 tops from kai and toss 1 heels from xodous 1 dress. dont ask how much i spent. Lets just say tt i need to work harder… more OT… and SPEND less.. AND IVE YET TO EVEN BUY MY BAG(s) FROM JUNKFUNKMUNK! now i sound like a spendtriff…. or some rich daddy’s girl… ehhhh give me some credit. i work my $$$ worth! while everyone’s enjoying, getting $$ from their parents, from their bf. im slogging my guts out.. having heart attacks and shortness of breath from speaking to nonsensical idiots at work. (bein a lil dramatic here)…

Sigh. Additional expenditure this coming month wld include some genting trip, some dive trip, and james bday present. (and jac’s =P ) Time to wrk more OT… get temp jobs.. to get the $$$ rolling in…

Books are calling. Havent been studyin ytd nor the day b4. dont ask why… JUST DONT… hais.

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Shall not blog about today’s paper. Its time wasting to even blog about it. In short. It’s 1 Down 2 to Go. This is gona be a Nonsensical Post about looking good… 😛

On a lighter (i mean “heavier”)note. I’ve been putting on weight. Really bimbotic to blog such unintellectual stuff which capacitates my imagination and language. But to hell with it. hah. with boobs of mine. Id be damned if i ever be a full fledged! hah.

I want my body to be LIKE THAT!!!:

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I tell u.. she’s sexy aight…… gosh. if i were a guy and i were to see a girl in bed LIKE THIS. id get the big O right away. hah. In order to look like THAT

I’d need to work on:
1. Arms
2. Tummy
3. Thighs

And i can’t work on:
1. Boobs
2. Face
3. Hair
(dont have much choice do i)?

Im gona exercise and lose fats. i SWEAR…….!!!
all BECAUSE i went to take my body Fat %. and Guess what. i’m 24.4% fats!!!!!!! ugh…. feel so gooish all of a sudden.

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So im in the FITNESS range! *sigh of relief*. tho im like 0.6% away from the acceptable range. If i dont do anything now….. i’d be obesed soon. Some ppl have like only 3% body fat! *snorts!* and look healthy, and good at the same time **Double snoRt**


Goal: 18% body Fat
Current: 52Kg (assuming lar!)

52KG X 0.244=12.7
52KG X 0.16 = 8.32KG
12.7-8.32 = 4.38KG

ok. Lets be objective. Even if i cut my boobs away. i prolly wont lose that much weight.

Let’s try with 18% body fat instead lar.. )
52KG X 0.18=9.36



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I want hair like theirs. =( The color prolly wont quite suit me. But.. i love their hair. So before i start fantasizing about havin such messily-sculpted hair. Ive gota resist the urge to snip my hair off if i even wana get close to having such hair. hmph. My boyfriend likes me having longer hair……. so id just let it grooooowwww. Cant exactly say that i hate long hair. But my ends are like the ends of the broomstick, poking into my back!!

James stressful exam is gona be over n done with tmr. hah.. hope he’d at least return to 1/2 his normal self. It cant go on cuz i cant take much more of it…. Tried De-tatching myself from him today as he’s got tonnes of memorizing to do and i didnt wana disturb. Had to keep myself thoroughly occupied to resist urges of mood swing, temper blowing, argument seeking, or even the simplest SMS-ing.. No doubt occupied, it’s still tough. I can never treat my bf with less attention. Im trying larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Lets hope it wont be a norm for me. Traumatizing thought. No mood for anything… ugh.

Gona be doing lunch with my Sunshine Co Peeps.. Since pay’s in.. i guess i MAY go KTV too!!! Gota save $$.. Shall limit my shoping this month to sports attire, and a weighing machine. hah!

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MeiJi Yoghurt

i tell u… Meiji Yoghurt is Orgasmic!!! (Oh and i think Hi-Chew is from Meiji too!)

a long time back when BM told me his wife loved it.. i said it tasted bad and that SKI yoghurt was the most divine yoghurt on earth. I beg to differ now. Tasted one at work, when it was given for some destress activity. Thanks to Fura and Adrian’s strong recommendation, i took the Longan Meiji Yoghurt. From then on im hooked. For those who dont already know, im an extremist!!! No time to define how Extreme an Extremist i am but…. in simple terms, i dont do things in moderation la. So ive been having like 3-4 Cups a day already!!!! hahahaha

Those who are game to try.. here are a couple of ways ive came up with! Leme noe if it tastes good or if the 6th way works! (tried and tested only on Longan flavor):

1. The Boring way
Simple aint it? Straight off the counter, or just out from the fridge. Moderately chilled. Where yoghurt still looks “yoghurtish”. Scoop by Scoop.. and it still tastes awsome.

2. The Best for Last way
Slurp down every single bit of yoghurt and leave the LONGAN for the last! But then.. you wont think the longan’s very nice. Cuz it tastes relatively plain on its own. compared to those canned or fresh ones.

3. The BEST first way
As the name goes. you Eat up all the longan and enjoy the best bit.. each cup comes with approx 2.5 longan.. after which just dump the rest of the yoghurt away.. or better still! add ur own fruits in!

4. The Brainfreeze way
Leave it in the freezer for approximately 30-45 mins. Mix it well with a metal spoon, and you’ve got a brain freezing emulsion of ice cooooold yoghurt that makes ur teeth hurt. Beta use sensodyne. 😛

5. The Forgetful way
Leave it in the freezer, forget about it. Take it out. realize its ROCK hard. Put it back into the fridge…. and use all other ways. =) [ok this is lame i know]

6. The VAL’S WAY!!!!
here’s how it goes. Put it into the freeeezer for 5 hrs (approx). Pop it open. There would be a thick layer of creamy yoghurt stuck on the rim. Break it. the bottom would consist of mainly icy residue (ice kachang look alike) Mix and stirr it all up, making sure the now frozen longan minces into small bits. flip it over. ANYTHING. just make sure the yoghurty part and icy part and longan bits mix well. then compact them back into the shape of the container. Grab a plate, Invert it over! WOALAH!!!!!!!!!! you’ve got your Very own Yoghurtish-longan-ice kachang. Top it with more fruits if u must. It melts very quickly so be sure the entire process is QUICK, and gobble everything up!!!! =)

i know its hard to visualize… anyone wants to try my creation!?!? the last person on earth would be prisc. hah. she LOOOOOVVVEEESSSSS(with very big ” “) yoghurt. 😛

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Everyone needs some of it. The more the merrier i should say.
I wish i could speak to you.
But before i do, i already know your answer(s). Yes. Its most justifiable i should say.

HATE the lack of affection. I feel like a friend at times. Where there’s no topic for conversation. No little smiles or gestures from you.

yes… im telling myself/you’re telling me/everyone’s telling me.. its the studies… its the exams.. its the stress.

BaHhhh!!! yar.. it is lar… but there’s no one to speak to and no way i can convey my feelings to you. no room for negotiation. no way you’re gona understand, no reason why u should change. hence i can only blog, knowing you will never see this in time, nor speak to me about it in any way. Not to mention cheer me up.

phOoo that was quite a mouthfull. CHEER UP VAL!!! =)

So. leme ask. Which is worst?
1. Having a (ex)girlfriend who cries about her ex boyfriend frequently?
2. Having a girlfriend who feels upset about what’s happening cries her hearts out when she’s alone and you not knowing anything? (For the obvious reasons cuz she keeps it from you)

Cool. Everybody just leave me alone. It’ll blow over.
When its over… it’ll truly be over.
FUCK! do something!!

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Feeling Neglected.
[for the obvious reasons]

and negligible for that matter.
Negligible: adj.
Not significant or important enough to be worth considering; trifling.

>> as per dictionary.com

Yeah. I’m Neither significant nor important to be worth considering at this point of time. Not even by myself. Too many priorities. Cramps hurt like shit yet all i wana do is study. bloody period. bloody blues. feeling bloody neglected by everybody including myself.

Yes to everyone reading this.. im pmssy again. SO! i still have to study.
Besides. No one’s doing anything to make me feel better or happier in any way for the loooonnngggest time. Even im too sick of doing the cheering up. Cant always do it on my own can i!? I need to hand the task to someone.. yeah. Which unlucky soul u say.!!?

Nuff said. N-eglected with a Capital N. ugh.

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Have a Heart

Have a heart SINGAPOREANS. or Taiwanese, Japanese, China citizens, Malaysians for that matter.

Is it so bloody hard to GET YOUR ASS up from the MRT seat, and let an old lady/old man have your seat? I can accept it if its those middle aged old aunty refusing to move from their seat. I can understand if a woman with her kid doesnt stand up. I can even comprehend why office people pretend (some) to be asleep and not seeing anything. What i cant accept/ understand/ comprehend is WHY young people dressed in casual wear is NOT standing up for someone who needs the seat more!? Unless they’re travelling from Boonlay all the way to Pasir Ris, there’s no reason WHY they can just pretend not to see, flick their nails or act indifferent.

An old couple came in to the MRT, and there was only 1 seat left. The old man stood over the seat and signaled for his wife to come over. The wife insisted that he sat down (but how could he as a gentleman! albeit an old one) So, the old lady sat down and EVERYONE LOOKED AWAY! you wicked ppl will get to seat in wheelchairs when u’re old… I stood up, beckoned to the old man.. and he sat dwn with gratitude. Guess What. The rest of the many other people (especially younger ones) just stared at me. To those who’re reading this. please make it an attempt to get up if u see someone in need of a seat. I cant say i get up 100% of the time but i at least do try to take note if there’re anyone who needs the seat. If u believe in karma, then what goes around comes around. If you are damn shag that day. Fair enough. ENJOY your seat. My point being… be socially responsible. If everyone only think for themself… it’s gona be a really pathetic world.

(wait. im not all great, and socially responsible and all that bull shit everytime… I just try to be as much as i can..)

Here’s why im not:

As i was getting out of the MRT. saw this Blind (partially) person with a walking stick. Everyone around was just moving away, making sure he had space to walk. some even walking behind him, with concerned expressions. (me included). as he was approaching the esclators, he stumbled a little. u could see a few faces flinch. But none stepped forward. I went to him, and led him down the escalator and out of the gantry. After that. i left and walked to the bus stop on my own.

I felt guilty. Shouldnt i have asked him where he was heading and maybe lead him there!? as i was walking i kept turning back… He went to the same bus stop as me. I could have helped him all the way there instead of walking of on my own. But i didnt… he banged into like 2 pillars 1 dustbin. and me? i wasnt any faster at getting a bus. i only stood there… feeling guilty. wishing i could have done more.

now. for the MORAL of the story (now i sound like tan ah teck)…:

  • Help while you still can or while you have the chance. Dont end up regretting having known that you COULD Have done something but you didnt.
  • We’re lucky and blessed.. with good health… healthy functioning limbs and senses.. youth… we need to be contented with our life, and live it to the max.. Everything could be gone in a flash.

Back to the pathetic world of B-O-O-K-S. and Studying.. Things are really monotonous for me. In every single aspect of life. Aint complaining.. cuz things might be worst… Just ranting and hoping things WOULD be better. Ciaoz..

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