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i hereby declare every WEDNESDAY VAL’s DAY!!
U see, im bz with work and everything else EVERY single day of the week. Sat’s off day is BF day, Sunday is family day. so WED will be VAL’s day. A day where i can indulge in myself, and be selfish. Do only the things i wana do. From waxing, manicures, body scrubs, shopping, eating, clubbing, drinking, kopi session, hanging out with whoever i wish, etc etc etc. Morover, no need to WORK at night either! Basically, i’d not bounded by any prior obligations. Heh. Great. Wed wld be a day of retreat.
Shopped today. =( That’s my way of relief. What bullshit. Everyone loves shopping!!! Girls Esp. heh. Felt greeeeaaaaatttttt. That’s what matters. NO MORE SHOPPING for the month tho. Wont be able 2 afford it. Gonna turn vegetarian and chomp on GRASS till the 26th of June. 😦
Went waxing, shopping, drinking at chijmes, dinner with james, and my day’s OVER. (so soon)Tanning on FRIDAY with prisc. anyone interested!?!? Say bout 10am – 4pm?
Gathered my courage, and Signned the study loan repayment form. Gona have to pay back my study loan sooner or later anyway. $100 broke-r every month for a period of 5.3 years!! Gona have to work doubly hard then. More OTs even during Sch days i suppose.
Happy 21st Bday JacO

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Just wondering.
What kind of a friend would keep all of my msg sent to him,
and out of the blue msg me saying cuz it’s my 100th msg sent already!??!!?!
Amazed. More like. Dumbfounded.

I mean these days, who in the world even bother keeping msgs (excluding me of cuz. i keep my bf’s msgs.. those emo ones 😛 ).

Anyway!! benefit of doubt. It isnt as tho i keep track of how many sms i sent to him. So no way to verify that particular 100th msg. heh. Always leave room for ambiguity i say.

So what if its true? so what if it isnt!? honestly, letting me know anything has no effect on me. I appreciate, thanks, but no thanks. Ive got my hands full already.

Just feeling a lil shocked. is this the latest gimmick to catch a girl’s attention!!?? the person sure got mine! Affection?? nahhh…..

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If anyone knows why my google n all those webbies turn out in mandarin characters. pls HELP ME!!!! i cant even find the language function!!!!!

im bored. so so very bored.
If there’s anything im feeling right now. it starts with a capital E.
No prizes for getting the right guess.

dont quite know what im doing these days.
It just feels like im living day to day. Live today just for the next.
I do look forward to payday tho. heh..
Looking forward to the many other things… which seem god damn faraway.
Hardwork doesnt always pay off for everything.

Did some exercise, drank Choya.. and its bedtime!! =)
another long day… Long days are good tho.

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Its never the unpacking thats tiresome. its the RE-packing. Considering what a sentimental freak i am. its not astonishing to find “artifacts” that date waaaayyy back.

Down memory lane..

At one point in time they were the most precious posession of mine. Now, they’re merely insignificant dust collectors. I wonder what are things gona be like in the years to come. Will i be sweeping dust off the items i hold so dear right now!? Recollections of the past came flooding back.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Now this is what u TRULY call a phone book yeah!? i couldnt do w/o it back then without it, i wont know who paged me. What number to call etc. Back then, ppl had “pager Codes”. Mine was 22. or was it 02…!?!? Cant even put a face to some names in the list!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I had this green lil book. To keep track of WHO i liked, Who was interested in me.. my “boyfriend” (the type who just take acc u home on the bus w/o even holding hands) etc. i cant believe i wrote “WARNING” on the back of the book… The names appearing on that book were slightly traumatizing as well.. I CANT BELIEVE I LIKED THEM!!!! hahaha… i mean… oh nevermind. havent seen those ppl in years anyway. Some guys made guest appearences, others repeated appearence.. hah. They never paid attention to me AT ALL! it was always the prettier girls tt get the attention.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the BROWNIE handbook Nope. not a book of recepies… it’s the “girl guides” that “BROWNIES”… the primary school brown lil things with an akward ribbon, dancing and skipping around a mushroom whom they call the toadstool, chanting lil rhymes about being faries, gnomes, pixies… learning how to sew, pack bags, sweep floor… hahaha.. Ridiculous. Absolutely.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lets see.. my VERY first pager. Max Uno Plus or smthing of the sort. Remember buying it after my then best friend owned one. She brought me to this Shop at jurong point MRT. and i even had to change the billing address to hers! Had to smuggle the pager here n there.. finally.. i got busted. (as usual). By then, this pager was already spoilt… guess what… they bought me a New pager! WoW!! coolness! Moral of the story!? y hide!!!!!!!!??? tell the truth!

I’ve got MP3s, voice recorders….. aparently still in not too bad condition. and that pink thing there!?!? it’s my very 1st version of a PDA! hah!.. it stores tel numbers.. dates to remember.. bday… and most importantly! it had this feature called the love calculator. it calculated if u and another person’s compatible.. wow… u bet how often i was fiddling with that stuff!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

SEE!!! i was once int he student council k!!! No kiddin! i was there till i got kicked out due to some police case! hah.. still remember forefieting an overseas trip to taiwan with the vball team. Depressing. damn.

Some vball medals we’ve earned over the years…. Finally understand what they mean by it’s not the RESULT. but the process. Being in the team definately made me grow. It was somewhat an identity that’s tagged to my life forever. i was a jurong vball player. we’re well known to be good in that sport. to play till nationals every year. Champs for divisional w/o fail. (are things still like this now!?!?) The 12 girls in the team. Xiuyi, myself, Jiayin, Rach, Leeying, Jinwen, Jieqin, Huiming, Tingyi, ChieSing, Chunrui, XinLun. we’d always be known as vballers of the same batch. No matter which path we take in life.. we’d have the common identity.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

LOL… this… is my D&T work of “art!”.. I have to admit. the concept is mine. Dad drew it for me. Waikit did lots of it too.. the guys each helped to file, buff, drill, lacquer etc.. They did most of the work. i went hopping from 1 table to another getting them to do bits n pieces of it for me. thanks to my mates e.g. waikit, chen han wei, eusoff, wyne ho, matthias my pal, kyaw lin, jiemin, desmond sum, even jinping.. guanghong.. etc.. They helped most with the above WORKPIECE. as for the girls? they were struggling as much as i was. haha. y cant they have more home econs class for girls!!??

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Need i say more!? its a MUST HAVE back then.. JPG sehhhhhhhh.. haha.
i will not be seen carrying it. i WILL NOT.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mum and i painted that cow… as for the 2 bunnies.. its undone.. left with the back grnd…. The dalmations were done when i was… in pri sch!? thereabout. there was this open exhibition at raffles city, the THEN sogo… very first art wrk.. heh.. No idea how i went about making that beady bracelet either!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

“Polly pocket says hi!!!!!!!!!” They were my 2nd fave after barbie dolls. Guys are prolly goin “UGhhHhhHH” after reading this. heh. **note the gender difference ppl** If u do share childhood memories of these toys, u’re prolly my jie mei now and not some horny ass with raging testerones.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Miss Goh Jin Wen gave this 2 me. She prolly dont remember tho. P & C note behind tis bookmark. More importantly, it signifys that in SOS situations, she’s a phonecall away. That was back then. Now, she’s still always online larh!! hahahaha. dont 4get our book/coffee session when u’re back.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Name Cards were an IN THING for primary sch girls. Ranging from writing em, printing… EVERYTHING. Younger days were filled with imaginary ownership of being rich and owning credit cards.. Dad’s expired cards. It seems like ive gotta wait for an eternity b4 im able to get my credit card. Finally at that legal age. I rather go back to that immaginery state. Today, 10 over years from my first contact with credit cards, and i’m still broke. Confirm waste time. The last pic of 2 cards, were given by an ex bf. Heh… spend spend spend spend spend. make it an ex ex ex ex bf. =P. See my point?? good things only happen in the past! haha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Im forever obsessed with hair removal……… bought that from TV innovations or smthing.. Rest assured. it’s in the dumpster already. no way am i trying that on now!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Now there was this really sweet guy… We never got the chance to be together. It started out with him bullying me.. pulling my hair.. etc. Then, i found out that he likes me. So what they say about boys is true!!! the more they bully a girl, it means they are fond of them!! :S *weird*

Whenever im attached, he’d confess his feelings. When im NOT attached. he’d NOT say anything. we call that “ying cha yang chuo” dont we? He’s the sweetest guy ever. Why? For a GUY, he really made me things, and does things that touches my heart. I dont want expensive gifts! i just want something that comes from the heart. Every single gifts of his are made with extra effort. Not things that $$ can buy. Years down, i look back, what have i got from my ex bfs?? Dont have much pictures.. my comp crash too often. Not many presents either. I dump them.. its the cards and lil gifts which i keep. Guess many guys dont see the point. arghhh.. forget it. since u cant get me things that touches my heart.. Get me expensive things then!!!! hah. *being a bitch is what girls are known for*

A pity that he got together with a buddy of mine. Guess he’s finally forgotten about me after that 3 years of hide n seek.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Never understood why guys dont like me, always like other girls.. My self esteem was always at an all time high. Looking at the pics.. it’s only NORMAL that they didnt like me larrrr… hahaha. More hideous pics stashed away. *shudders* 😛

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
B-A-L-L-E-T!…. dancing…. just because i look nothing like a graceful swanlake dancer, doesnt mean i wasnt one. *hmph* ren bu ke mao xiang. a casette tape to PROOVE it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A heart shaped note by jac… My happy birthday.. and urs is coming up SOON! HAPPY BDAY in advance!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Artistic work by a Sec skool teacher.. miss rosaida… Saw her sometime back. she didnt recognize me tho… oh well. Id keep the memories nevertheless.

Words of encouragement by Miss Tang… My then, history n form teacher. i HATE HISTORY!!! its freggin boring i tell u!! can never seem 2 memorize em all.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
pix pix pix… See my Ruskie with Gerberas??? love that pic! he loves the flowers too!!! Good taste. Just like me! hah

Enough blogging for now. PhOoo.. loading the pix take long enough..

Wrking OT n OT n OT n OT these days. tiring. Gotta earn the bucks man… went for Grease! today. not as good as i expected tho…

Best of luck to James for his IPPT!!! tho he prolly wont ever see this.

Bedtime. ciaoz peeps

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The many many donts that girls look out for:

Dont have bf who’s childish
Dont have a bf who smokes
Dont have a bf who flirts
Dont have a bf who ride a bike
Dont have a bf who’s possessive
Dont have a bf who’s stupid
Dont have a bf who’s smarter than you by too much
Dont have a bf who’s parents hate you
Dont have a bf who’s bad in bed
Dont have a bf who looks fuggly
Dont have a bf who’s too into working
Dont have a bf who can heck everything including you
Dont have a bf who have feelings for you only ocassionally
Dont have a bf who dont have similar interest as you
Dont have a bf who cant give in to your little wants
Dont have a bf who’s not affectionate
Dont have a bf who lacks passion
Dont have a bf who dont make decisions
Dont hava a bf who’s broke
Dont have a bf who has no time for you
Dont have a bf who dont make you happy
Dont have a bf who make u feel ugly and lose your self confidence
Dont have a bf who picks on you
Dont have a bf who dont love you for who u are

U see my point. the list can go on…..

Lastly, and more importantly.. Dont have a boyfriend you dont love.

To those who made it this far… after goin tru the many DONT. Thanks for identifying the crap which girls avoid. Those who skipped the “Donts” and came here, thanks for reading the continuation of my crap.

Despite the many many donts girls look out for. We get blinded. In the beginning. Everything would seem FINE. then problems would start surfacing and you realize the many many flaws someone has. By the time you know it. Its too late. you’ve committed yourself to a relationship and you cant pull out. Not many of us can.

What makes us pull out? what makes us snap? A posessive boyfriend? A boyfriend who doesnt care? A boyfriend who wants free time for himself? A boyfriend who tinks you’re fat? A boyfriend who doesnt know if he loves you? Ive been through enough sob stories, heard even more of them. The reason girls give for leaving are aplenty. Wanna know the biased truth!? you GUYS caused it. (fine. i know it takes two. but im pro-female and im biased get it!?)

When this happens, there’s nothing a guy can do. Cut the crap about wishing the person happiness. Mind your own business. Girls wanted happiness from YOU. YOU denied them THAT happiness. thats why they seeked external sources. It could have been you… but it’ll never be again.

Girls are emotional creatures. Just as they’re hard hearted creatures. If they say NO, it’s gona be a NO NO NO NO NO and a NO. ask 10 more times. it’ll still be a no. If you know who u are, you’ve got my best wishes. Pick urself up. Your brothers cant do it. Only you can.. Time, is your ally.

Things happen for a reason. Leaving for greener pastures is what everyone does. The love wasnt strong enough. So be it. It simply means it was never meant to be. You must have been through alot of hurt to come to that conclusion. You must have been hurting badly before you made up your mind. Again, If you know who u are… Im sorry it happened. You’re a big girl. Your happiness. Your choice my dear… =)

There’s always an ideal situation, an ideal relationship. However we dont live in an ideal world. I’ve faced the fact long ago. Im waaaayyy from an ideal relationship. There’s so many things i wish to change. So many things i wish didnt happen. So many things i wish remained the same. I tried changing it, leading by behaviour. Yet all i got was negative reinforcements. Beyond my control i should say. The weird thing is. Since some incident, I no longer wish to control anything. The more i want something, the more i dont get it. The more i wish things happened in one way, the more it happened in another. Ive became the kitten in the relationship again. But i dont mind. I feel perfectly fine this way. Why!? Cuz i feel different now. My feelings aint the same anymore. It kinda changed. Its a very mellow kind of feelin. Things that use to hurt hell lot, now only sting. Well that’s of cuz. Me of all person! =) im a creature of high adaptability. Its only natural.. if u change, ive gotta change to suit you. The reverse would never be true unfortunately. If i dont… id only b hurting myself. When im hurt, you aint sensitive enough to know. The pressure aint on you. its on myself now. When i feel all alone sometimes, I cant think of anybody i want by my side. We’re all bz with our own stuff, and we’re different. That’s what i chant to myself ever so often.

Im sorry. I wont be going to australia with you. I cant do it. Ive never said it, but you know why. I know you’d respect my decision. Im not sure if i even made the right choice tho. But right now, there isnt a choice. Going is equivalent to leaving. His feelings for me will never sustain if im not here. I use to we could pull through if im away for 6mths. I use to think his view of the relationship was strong. apparently 6monthis is enough for this relationship to start and almost come to an end. Im sorry.. You know i cannot do it. Its like breaking a promise to a best friend, vs treasuring a relationship (which you r not sure if the other party treasures). I cant risk breaking my heart and falling into depression again. My choice has to be to stay in SG. Because If i leave, he may cause the relationship to fail. If i stay… The relationship is still workable… and i’d always have you.

Im feeling god damnned irritated now. Not many things matter anymore. HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!! ALL OF YOU!!! I LOSE YOU WIN. SO WHAT THE FUCK DO U EXPECT ME TO DO!? Bloody customers. Fuckin irritating ppl around me. Damned things happening to me.

When i have to say that ive got cravings for famous amos cookies… tell you about it… wait for you to say you’d buy it… only to hear you say that im coughing and you ‘d buy it next time… there’s nothing wrong. When i have to walk pass the shop.. telling myself not to buy it or u wont buy it for me if u knew i had it… there’s something wrong. WHY!? becuz im a DIY girl. Not in a RA way thank you. If i want it… i get it. what’s wrong with me now!? I’d get some on sunday..

Oh Damn bloody mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apparently the dreamweaver disc that kelvin gave has a crack (crack as in crack code not cracked cd)….. yes yes… my fault that i didnt check. 😛 so once again. Thank you!!!

Was kinda enthu bout getting a new blog skin. and ive decided to do the entire skin ON MY OWN!! no ripping off other ppl’s blog, no editing of htmls from blogskins.com … I think my skin is gona turn out looking…………………….. t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e… ugh. Here’s a sneak peek.. (an understatement for sure):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well that’s juz a very smallll part of it larhz.

hey!! i surfed lots of site, ripped off lotsa pictures. did a hell lot of copying/editing/rotating/flipping/embossing/ and most importantly EXPERIMENTING Before i got something that i was somewhat satisfied with.

Any suggessions what color theme it shd be? Remember the days where we had to design web pages, and jac would whif out her color chart, and go like “This col goes with this col. that col dont go with this col, this is cool color,that’s warm color, pastel colors…………… etc…” I need that chart baaaaaaaaaaaaaaadly. Real bad. My col co-ordination is somewhat *ahem* abstract.

This pic somehow resembles my current pic doesnt it? Guess ive always got a thing for pics that are kinda: “anime” (not exactly)… gothic (a little)… Mysterious (yes cuz ive no idea what they’re doin)… Sad looking (guess that’s in all of us)… Sexy Looking (cuz i know i am…. HEY! enough with that face!! im kiddin!)

Im open to suggessions!!!! please… give me some ideas….. or better still. volunteer to make me a BRAND NEW SKIN! i cant pay tho. Ive got

“Your gratuity pay would come in with the June’s pay. For any questions please call me.”

loosely translated as:
Dont start the count down to your gratuity pay, dont even bother planning what you wanna buy, it isnt coming in this month together with the May’s salary, so you can wake up your idea and start answering more calls and saving the shitty service level that makes everyone wana break a leg and quit! Go ahead, Quit! and you’d never see your Gratuity EVER!Survive this period, id let you know if it’s REALLY gona come in during june.

QUESTIONS? dont go and ask your supervisors, dont email around to bitch, dont whine about not getting it this month. in short. Dont complain. anything CALL me and ask. My number is stated at the bottom. You know how to reach me… Why!? Cuz i’m from HR…. The only Department in the organization chart that says “HUMAN”… albeit with the least human touch, and definately lacking in “customer handling skills”

Im Just Jesting around. Dont go suing me for defaming the sunshine co.. No doubt i submitted the form 1 week before 9th of May (which is my official 1 year), No doubt the cut off date for pay day is mid month, no doubt pay is on the 26th. I STILL wont get my pathetic gratuity which ive slogged 6month for.. Because of accounting issues and HR processing. I so “totally understand.” Giving out the extra “kaching ching” is always hard right? *smirks*

Whoops.. overshot my bed time. In short. Got any ideas for a blog skin? id appreciate it if u pop me a mail at valeriechng@gmail.com .. Leave my hotmail account for junk mails, jokes, virus infested forwarded mails, notifications, friendster, WAYN, wholivesnearyou etc.

P/S: In the process of replying your mail jac-o… =P

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Logged into blogger and all I saw were a bunch of Chinese characters. WTF… I could barely get pass 1 line…. Decided to engage Rainny’s help… [that explains why I’m blogging on MS words first]

Right. Know ive been away for some time… been tru a rough patch and aint exactly out of it yet but getting better that’s for sure. Special thanks to a few ppl.. who happen to “catch” me when im in that that “weird” transition stage. Namely Prisc, Jac, Mark (the chen one), william.. and a few others of which i cant remember in that delirious state of mind.

Gona revamp my blog… Everyone’s changed skinns…. I WANA CHANGE MINE TOO! apart from ripping off ppl’s blog… i aint very good at those HTML shit. Lya cant blog, and she only knows html.. so guess im on my own. Special thanks to KELVIN YAN WEI WEI for passin me the CDs.. My Mamasan!!! i’d credit you IF my new skin gets done. alrighties??

Where was i…… swam 30laps, headed to IMM with Jess for shopping at daiso, settlers with prisc and boyfriend, key and boyfriend, val and no boyfriend. haha… then chatted a lil wif james. all in all…. a fruitful day! Miss u key!! lets all head out more often ya? yes yes… bring ur bf along. =)

Stay tuned….
I Promise to blog more….

(40mins later…..)
THE DISC CAME WITHOUT THE CD KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KELVIN YAN! IS THIS UR IDEA OF A PRANK!?!?!?

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