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Guys and Games

Look, im gona rant. Bugger off. Dont even bother reading it. Cuz my boyfriend doesnt even visit my blog anymore. So i can just rant all i want. not as if he’s gona see any of it. Ive got a VALID reason to be pissed. and no its not PMS.

Here’s why. Im working till 11 today, and he was supposed to pick me up.. i can understand if he’s tired after his gym, so i told him its ok, we can confirm on that later on. now.. that was YESTERDAY. So this boyfriend of mine… msged me in the evening saying he aint goin to the gym no more. he’s gona meet his friend for dinner. Coolness! so he can pick me up. Or so i assumed. Well.. if u and ur gf hardly spent time together.. and she’s like squeezing out every possible time to be with u, aint it only correct if u pick her up after work!? not to mention the fact that she stays 1 street from you and you drive! and her work place is a 15 min drive from home.

So i called him at bout 1030, cuz he havent even replied my msg ever since, and i called and called n called. mind u, im working. i called till the phone refused to ring for 3 times. AND i had to get back to work. FINALLY…… he replied my call. i asked where he was? playing LAN GAME… was he picking me up… ??? he asked the time. and he said he wont be able to make it. Sweet.

I can understand that he wants time for himself… But LAN GAME!? whats it with GUYS and GAMES!? i know.. its like GIRLS and SHOPPING……… i dont expect much already. im just wanting the basics. and i cant even get that. u cant provide for my shopping, living expense. Forget it. i happen to be able to do it ON MY OWN. but u cant even provide me with the warmth that i wana feel. then thats just too bad. cuz im feeling fucking pissed off right now. U wld rather PLAY GAME, which u already have at home, than to pick me up after work. YOU didnt even have the courtesy to msg me to tell me where u were… u had the cheek to make me call n call n call and not pick up, for the simple reason that u didnt hear it. True enough its really noisy there… and i shldnt be disturbing ur game. BUT. Isnt it YOUR duty to tell me if u are picking or not picking me up!?

Whats it with GUYS and GAME!? Here r some basic criterion for my NEXT boyfriend. if there is gona be any. HE must NOT smoke, and NO GAME!!!!! NO NO NO! understand!?!?!? no EXCESSIVE GAMING. PERIOD! FULLSTOP.

Fine. he isnt that into game. he’d definately say that. For sure. he doenst smoke alot. he’d say that too. but if u can play game, forget bout picking ur gf, and be a weekend smoker when ur weekends start on wednesday. i really wonder.

Cool . u apologized. I didnt wana pick a fight. U were wrong. u knew it. Im pissed. u know it too. U’d make it up to me tomorrow u say!~? like HOW!? flowers? cards? i havent received FLOWERS in a long time. u havent even given me my bday card. U said u were gona buy me a photo frame!? u were gona cut dwn smoking!? yea. right. Im sensitive, im emotional, your’re insensitve, you’re unemotional. So what am i gonna do bout it!? Im trying my best to be rational, and keep my cool most of the time.

But this time is just IT. I snapped. i cant help but feel the fury in my cheeks. i felt flushed up. even my parents asked why i looked so flushed. Ive got this ex bf.. Weisheng.. in secondary skool… he use to play games… and i was always left alone. i didnt mind. till he broke up with me cuz of another girl. That was one major flaw he had. i told myself NO GAME FREAK. Game freak by definition!? give up something more important for GAMEING.

Im fuggingly pissed! but i accept ur apology. Tomorrow wld be a better day. Know what im gona do now!? im gona do something i dont usually do. PUSH UPS and SIT UPS. Keep my fury at bay.

Go ahead people. tag all u want. sms me, talk to me. anything. He wont visit n see it either. Does he even know i changed skin!? he can watch soccer, bet soccer, play game,… anything but care about what’s goin on in his gf’s life, and what are his gf’s need.

50pushups 100 sit ups. HERE I COME!


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Credited to Mamasan.

here’s a BIGGGG thank YOU to Mamasan for lending burning me a copy of the pirated Dreamweaver, so that i could get this new skin up.

(now, i promised id credit him once my new blog skin’s up… so he’s been bugging me ever since for his “CREDITS”)

Here u go! this post is dedicated to you!!

It started with THIS:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This silly guy saw me in turquoise contact lenses, n at that time.. Memoirs of the Geisha was the hottest talk of the town. So apparently, he cant differentiate Chiyo from Choya… and that has been my “name” ever since. He cant even find VALERIE CHNG in his phone contacts.. its saved as CHOYA. That explains why he’s called Mamasan..

Opened my new bottle of Choya.. and decided to SHOW him how it looked like

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We started getting talking cock, and it got a lil hilarious:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wait… he decided to JOIN ME!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Saw him in his oakleys? i cant see with shades on. Had to PRINT SCREEN.. hah. hence the quizzical look..

Then came retard leg twisting act… Hmmm… he cant get his leg behind his neck.. BOoOooOooOoOOoo!!! (neither can i la..) which reminds me.. James said my legs look a lil deformed.. hmmmmmmmm. im starting to think it does too… haha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and someone was waiting for somebody else’s call, so he happily dozed off..

i sent nudges, winks everything… i even had to use the “play sound” function, to get him up! hah.. interesting…

oh.. and his screen was full of “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”s cuz while he was sleeping, he left his finger there… Smart boy! 😛

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

okaes.. its late. i fell a sleep too… (ya right! so how in the world did i print screen tis pic!?)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Crap time’s over. It was time for bed Shortly after =)

SEE KEL!!! i told u this post was gona be DEDICATED and CREDITED to you~ hahaha..

P/S: im still packing my room.. Been doing so for the whoooollleee holiday.. sigh. Its much neater now.. By val’s standards la. heh…

Time for work.. =)

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Genting pix

Here’re some pix i manage 2 dig up. Despite the fact tt they’re hosted in pam’s photobucket (and all ive gota do is copy the link) i STILL had a hard time finding pix where i Do look decent in. not too fat, not to chubby, no dbl chin, blah blah blah.

L-R: Pam, Jacelyn, Cat, Myself, KJ, with Edwin at the back. Yes yes. everyone’s havin good hair day… As for me… i couldnt bear dunking my head in the shower when its sooOooOo cold. hence swiping everything up lookin like a teenage ninja. haha..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The world’s like really really SMalll.. Why so?
cuz this 2 person in the photo..i havent met them for YEARS..*counts* since sec 2? yeah. make that 8 years. no. 9Years. (in a state of delusion where i hate to admit im 21 already) i saw this guy, and i thought he looked really familiar, he use 2 b kinda cute. then 2nd glance, i went “oh… he has a gf.. “.. nah.. shallnt bother to say hi… as i turned my head back, i saw his gf staring at me.. and i thougth “Shitez! his gf caught me bioing him… Damn!” and hurriedly turned back, only to hear them calling my name!

Her name’s Jessie.. she was something like the “Prefect” of my class when i was in sec 1 or 2… She was the hot stuff back then. and he was the “handsome” guy. hah.. They knew each other.. but i never thought that they’d END UP together!! wow. and of all things, we bump into each other in Genting. Hmm didnt get their email/number.. at least ive got a pic.. they’ve got mine too.. guess we’d always stay in each other’s memory.. Me, a sporty volleyballer… Them.. the “then” perfect couple. who so happen to be together years later.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ive no idea what’s her exact age.. but i sure do wana look as good as her when im HER age. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I told james… its hard to put up a pic with the BOTH of us in it. Why!? cuz u look bad in all of em… that’s only half the story… Those pics where he looks good, i suck in em.. haha. Shall decline putting pics of both of us for now.. Good looking ppl seldom look good in pix. now u understand why im havin sucha hard time finding nice pix of myself!?!?!? hahahahahhaha * ok im kiddin * go ahead puke ur supper allll out. =)

ohh.. pay’s in. So much more stuff ive gota purchase. they’re necessities mind you. not to mention school books. ugh… i hate having to work for $$!! But that’s life isnt it. Smirk all u want lucky bastards n bitches who dont have 2 wrk and u’d still get all the $$ in the world.*yes you wililam* But i still love u ~~ 😛

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Its a lil past 12, a HAPPY belated FATHERS DAY to all Daddies in this world, and to most of u reading this, may u not b daddies so soon. *ahem*

Had work tis evening, hence unable to join my family for dinner. =( miss having dinner with my family. So the family of 3 went to Fish n Co for dinner, while i went to work. Maybe next time.. id bring them out for dinner.

Watched the Italy-USA match at 3am on sunday morning, and my eyes couldnt take it. its wayyyy past my bedtime. Gave up slightly after half time. Next thing i know, the score’s set. Draw-Draw. What a disappointment. Lotsa Yellow/Red Cards nevertheless. Really appreciate watching it on a plasma TV. Despite my neverending complains about how my parents shld have gotten a PLASMA instead of an LCD tv. They never fail to insist its “THE SAME”…. right.. then why the price difference!?!? Well, dont think ive got the right to complain tho.. cuz.. im hardly home, i hardly watch TV… so.. what difference does it make!? baHhhh

Was doing some “data-tidying” earlier on.. Sync-ing my outlook with hotmail, gmail.. calender schedule with pda schedule, work schedule with ot schedules… photos on C: drive with Hard disc drive… YadaYadaYada

Feel much “neater” already. Despite prisc constantly telling me how Messy things still are even after i “pack”. =P it FEELSSS neater mah… Tho it doesnt “LOOK” neater.. **Whinges**

When school starts, id prolly NOT have time to do any more packing.
im SOOOooOoo Determined to do MORE packing tmr.
Busted bout $70 at ikea buying boxes and boxes and clothes shelving. (see!! THATS DETERMINATION! WITH $$ AS DENOMINATOR)

My motive for packing?? To Make Space for MORE Stuff. What a Good motivation. hah. Lookin round my room.. i guess ive got lots of stuff to tidy tmr. (Hope i wake up in time)

Goshh.. when’s pay day coming **counts fingers** in a weeks time =(
Gota clear my bills, study loan, Set aside $ for food, top up ezlink card… (these are the essentials) Shop, Facial, Mani Padi, (these are the super NON-essentials)

Here’s something that struck me whilst blog surfing:

Why look for 10%, when u’ve already got 90%!?!?

(Now i know im gona be “sued” by someone for plagarism) It made me think a lil nevertheless… But Being the usual ME, Here’s how id like to retort:

Maybe that’s Because the 10% MEANS alot.
Enough to make the 90% Feel insignificant.
Without the 10%, it’ll never be 100%.
and WHY settle for anything less!?

See!! Quarelsome by nature.. Damn.

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After approx 4 hrs, had to drag my ass to work. Met belle on my way, couldnt even stop to talk.. the bus was ALREADY there. as usual, im the LAST to rush up the bus. What’s new.. At least i MADE IT.

The wall board use to look like this

Where it shows the service leve, number of customers waiting, customer service officers *or well known as operators aka low level staff* by many customers. Things werent THAT bad back then.

In the morning.. bout 9plus. it became:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thought the wallboard malfunctioned.
Then i thought they wanted the customers to STOP calling.
Or maybe its tryin to imply that we shld STOP idling (or is it STOP answering calls!?)
MMSed a couple of colleagues who were not in the office.
Jasper’s reasoning!? “the digits are rising too quickly, n there’s not enough space on the board!
hahahaha… im so screwed.

Then the wallboard became:

am i supposed to smile!? try to smile? or just grinn? Why grin? cuz i wont be able to see how many idiots refuse……………………….

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The rotating thing on the RIGHT——————–>


First was problems with sizing. Then the hosting.
Same canvas size, same pix size, when i loaded up, it was of a DIFFERENT SIZE.

Then came the rotating.
It simply halted. Then it started showing older pix. Then none at all.

When i finally GaVe Up, and juz made a plain “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” pic to vent my frustration, and Hosted it up. it rotated.

Speak bout being irritating.


Bought 2 bottles of wine frm KK. there’s this thing bout me drinking before bed lately. Definately not the compulsive “william” drinking style. Just a couple of glass.. be it Choya, Wine.. etc. It helps me get to bed, and attain sound sleep. Now, all im lacking in is a drinking partner.. *smirks**

Work went fairly well today. Repetitious, nothing too difficult, nothing new, nothing too revolting. If only everyday went by like it was today. Despite having things go well, I barely hit my Calls / Hr. sickening thought. Where did all the time go to!?

Honestly speaking, im beginning to like my job and wonder if i shld even step out of the service line once i grad a year later. Its my forte. Or rather, its all ive ever been doing since.. 16!?!! Didnt get the chance to venture out, hence limited to only developing skills only in that field. Really do enjoy it at times..

By chance, our Op Manager once mentioned:

“Dont leave a company just because u feel that there are better prospects out there, and things are bad in here… Situations are the same everywhere, u’d only realize when u leave the place. Leave a company only when u feel that you’ve contributed enough to it, and you’re ready to move on, and contribute elsewhere

How true… What’s our contribution? To our family, our friends, our employers, even the very society?? What is it in us that makes us different and stand out from others (in a positive way) How do we attain it? Whats the difference between a successful person and a less successful one. Some call it EQ, X-factor, personality, alluring, people-person etc. Life’s a never ending Journey… And… I’ve Just enrolled, and started my course in the never-ending School of Life. **WHat a dred**

Yeah yeah.. life and the monotony of it. waking up at 7 goin to wrk at 9 everyday is a thorough dred. Liking the job and being proud of it is one thing. Waking up is always another issue… =) val needs her beauty slp.

its 2am, and ive gota wake up at… 715!? 5 hrs. Great. Make sure i add CONCEALER to my wishlist next.

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hey hey…
new skin’s up. =)
with updated links.. blah blah blah.
Do lemme know if i left anyone out yea.

More stuff to be added in, but im dead beat for now. Need that Beeaauuuuuuty sleep of mine.
oh. went for ear candling today. Never expect tt my ears could contain those “stuff”. *Dont go “Euuughhhh” now alrite, unless u’re positively certain ur ears are squeaky clean* had to lie on 1 ear, and they’d press n massage ur ear and neck area. The woman’s damn strong i telll u…. Felt really good.. But all good massages has its onwn side effects. i.e. Leaving a Bruised feeling. Ugh.. Neck feels busted now..

Original price is at $58/session. But they’re havin a promo at $20/session. Well, i got conned and bought a package of 5 subsequently. Did my Math before buyin tho. 1 more session for me, 1 for prisc, 1 for james. That leaves 2 more, maybe for mum, n 1 for myself! SEE!!! i saved quite abit =)

Left my HP at home tho. so wasnt able 2 take snapshots of it. **wasted**

Its bed time. Lets hope id get up early, and get some pix up on tis blog. Nitez for now

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