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Happy bday AL

im contemplating M1’s broadband. connection at home’s killing me.. my blog takes awhile 2 load.. so does other blog (but mine slowest larrhhs)…

ahh im seein my dearest sick priscy tomorrow! yayy!! its like a big thing 4 me cuz i havent seen her in ages. 😦 it feels as tho im goin on a date with her tomorrow (despite havin work at night).. for our “date” tomorrow, ive repainted my toenails, and painted my fingernails in the “bimbotic-est” (if there’s such a word) PINK ever!! hah.. id take pix using prisc’s cam. mine sucks. Also did a mask, used my passion fruit scrub… hahaha.. Im making it seem as tho we’re “TOGETHER” hah. i do love her!! but meeting her’s one excuse for pampering myself. hahs. i cant wait 2 c u in afew hours babe. **huggs**

Gonna go Shopping with her tomorrow.. yays!!! for today, i went “shopping” with KEY! thanks to her, i got a good buy! (she’s saying im a bad influence… but tis time round i swear it wasnt me! she influenced me!! ROaRRR!!!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

guess who bought which??? no prizes…. hahaha she bought the 1st one… i got the 2nd =) ahhh cute.. mine’s like a mini wedge! =)

Events coming up next:
1st Dec: Darling Al’s bday! YaY!!!!
1st Dec: shoppie wif prisc
6th Dec: Clubbing / Msia trip with the girls (not forgetting their bfs) *to be cfm*
16th Dec: (as prisc puts it) bbq cum pre-x’mas celebration cum farewell to vaL. (as key puts it) bbq cum jaccuzzi session after bbq at barry’s place. (as val puts it) HIGH CLASS BBQ TIME!! yay!!! i still remember the last bbq we had.. food was so so so superbbbly gooood!!! right prisc.
31st Dec: Back in SG

It sucks not being able to spent al’s bday with him.. 😦 when we’re back in sg… im gona meet up with the girls again, since key said she’d want to know al better, as for prisc… she knows im in good hands.. hahaa.. Key, id make al laugh at ur jokes and our jokes k?? id step on his toe if necessary! heheehehe.. ahhhh!!! our silly lame jokes. no one laughs. bahh!! like u said.. esp when we think we’re damn funny.. they give a straight poker face. hahaa.. our jokes are to entertain ourselves! yay! =)

Bed time everyone… im gona sleep like a vampire tonight. arms straight out, fingers sticking out. haha.. 5 hours to wake up time!


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18days and counting

Attempt to change blog skin

sigh… do bear with this current skin and its long loading time..
To Those having exams… “Mugg hard!!”
Party times are near…
good night =)
(Count down starts…. Its Just another 18 days…..)

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Guess what was in the mail today?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ahhh.. MAKE UP!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(This picture does not do justice to the colors at all!) blame in on the lack of a good cam.

in it came 20 different mineral samples. 1 shine control, 1 lose powder, 4 blush colors, and 14 eye colors!! yays!!! considering the fact that mac retails each eye shadow for a hefty 25 over bucks. My entire purchase is cost almost the same price as ONE mac eye shadow! but in so many different shades of color… next challenge. To experiment the different colors, making sure they dont look gross on my face. ahhh… i so wana learn eye make up without looking like those blue eyed SIA girls. No offence.. but im sure they hate their eye make up too!… what can be better than Self experiment!? id start tomorrow..


more great Steals 🙂 and pretties for visual pleasure….
THESE explains why im always surfing arnd in the wee hours..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aint this sweeeet!! Ive gota try bargaining and finding the bet deal for it… =(
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Plain.. i know.. but VERY cheap.. i like the gold ones..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ignore the electric blue… it looks offensive to the eye… bah… val likes choc brown jellies… these jellies look cuteee 🙂 no harm getting 1 and testing to see how it’ll turn out… very comfy. that’s for sure.. fashion wise… it’ll die off.. sooner or later. haha… which fashion doesnt?? morover i aint exactly a fashion mama… bahhh…. cant wait to lay hands on them 🙂 hehe
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Got ris a pair of kitten heels… i MMSed her which she’d rather have… i personally prefer the one on the left.. that’s more “VAL”.. but i knew she’d rather have the one on the right…. a very very very belated bday presie ris….. or rather.. an early bday present for 2007! 🙂 **loves**

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
jurong point’s decor this year.. not bad aye?? haha… which reminds me.. xmas presies are not done… what am i doin online.. i will do them NOWWWWWW


my voice is a mere croak now.. my bod’s firmer and abs are developing due to my whopping cough.. hahaa… i need my voice back… by hoook or by crook… gona take honey drink/ pi pa gao/ etc…


off spelling and off key. rahhs..

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Just another day.2

Bahhh.. i am So coughing my lungs out. Dragged myself to work on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (ultra long day), and FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY. tonight, i can just cough all i want without fear of losing my voice. whaha… Cuz its my OFFDAY and i get to sleep in, chat on msn, sing to all those stupid songs while sounding like a frog without a care in the world. NO NEED to “preserve” my voice.. can “zhao xia” (go out of tune) allllll i want. Just have to be back in shape by thursday. where id go “Welcome to XX, this is Valerie, how may i assist you?” — In the sweeeeeeetest voice u can ever imagine. hahs. i dont sound like myself over the phone. thats why i sound sweet. bahh..

Unabashed Val:

a friendly and easy goin colleague by the name of valent came over and said: “HEY! both of u look alike… are you sistes???” (Refering to me and charlie, as we sit tgt at work)
i replied.. “Pls lar! no way… in what way do we look alike!? IM PRETTIER!”
I told charlie what valent said to me.. her reply.. “Please lor!!! im prettier!” haha.. great answer. Just exactly how i would give an answer. 😛
ahhhh… life… its never the battle of the prettiest, nor the most best dressed, nor the richest, or biggest boobs, etc.. haha..

Somethings in life are better taken with a pinch of salt. When valent said that, i could have felt unhappy that i wasnt differentiated, or charlie could have been mad with what i said vice versa… but we just shoke it off as a joke… Whats the point of being so serious sometimes… ahhh… i sense tension building up at work… With leonard unhappy with a particular “CHaractEr”… and that person constantly stepping on all our toes… every day at work simply adds to the 101 stupid things which people of authority can do.


Wanted to post a couple of old random pix like what key did… lucky for her, her photowhoring has a theme…. my HDD and pix, are just like my room and wardrobe. MESSY.. so no pix 4 now. haha..

Havent seen prisc in a looong while… at least im goin shoppie with her on fri… 1st to get her new handphone (which she was contemplating for the longest ever time), then to lunch, beauty treats, mango tango at far east, body shop 20% discount, and Crabtree and Evelyn 30% discount!!! this comes with a price i tell u…. gona help a colleague buy her supplies. AND pay first… bahhh…


Resolution for the week:

i will stop surfing aimlessly only to find things i like and make impulse purchases online.
i will always bargain and bargain, and be as cheapo as possible.
i will check for better deals before commiting to any
i will get details of the product before buying
i will always look at my bank account as a detterent for shopping
i will get my xmas presents done
i will pack my wardrobe
i will get well
i will drink less yakult and coke, and eat less yoghurt n kit kat
i will exercise (honestly the slimest and fittest part of my body is my FINGERS cuz they work out v often)

i will go to bed early. 6 am is early… isnt it? haha

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Im sick again. ugh.. hate it. The sensation of havin ur throat burning, head thumping, nose dripping really sucks. At least i didnt fall sick when i was havin my exams. or WORST, when im in germany.

Had family dinner with mum’s-side-relatives today. Drove there and back without a glitch… WoOo.. well, thats because i spent 1 hour the night before staring at the only physical street directory i had at home. (and its in chinese!!!) tough luck. aniway… i made it and thats what matters! hah.

LOVE the food there! they’re all such great cook!! and can i also mention that they’re also such nice people!!?? haha.. knowing i was goin 2 germany, they voluneered to lend me stuff, etc… they asked bout school, my work, even al! haha.. 2nd aunt passed me some stuff she got frm HK too! They even passed me medication knowing i was sick… ***Sweet!***ahhh…. i love them.. love the food too! haha..

its 22days to germany!!! yay!!! im broke this month… and ive got the longest list of stuff ive gotta get

1. LARGE Luggage (cuz dad’s gona be away)
2. Thermal wear
3. winter wear
4. Snow wear
5. Boots
6. Euros
7. Al’s xmas & Bday present

8. Priscy’s bday present
9. xmas presents for the girls

To make things worst, ive got 20% off for crabtree n Evelyn as well as body shop! RAHHH!!! this is terrible. how can i not buy when there’s such great discounts!? haha.

I remember reading in one of my marketing text that a discount should be 40%, followed by 60% then 80%. We singaporeans, jump at a mere 5% discount! (not to mention 20%).. guess it aint in SG retailer’s culture to slash their prices to clear stock. If only they did. then we kiasu singaporeans would never buy stuff at the original price. we’d just wait till 40% or even 80% discounts! hah. Who wouldnt! 🙂

Passed my lil cousins stickers! those cute stickers with their name.. :)glad they liked it. Guess all lil girls like receiving cute gifts.. hmmm ive got something prepared for them for xmas!! lemme find it on ebay! haha..


Aint they sweet?? ahhh..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some help needed here.. which should i get:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These 3 fleece frm AF looks great. but which shld i get!? the 1st 2 are slightly thicker…. hmm.. Sugessions??

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u know its TRUELOVE if u still love it after a year… (fine.. 6mths-1yr)…

my “100% authentic Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bags! Limited Edition”

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saw it sometime back… and i can NEVER EVER justify the purchase (thats why im still WITHOUT it)…. now its retailing for SGD990. and that’s cuz its black. other cols wld prolly cost MUCHHH more.

There’s always an alternative tho…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

a FAKE ONE!!!! but.. fake ones are retailing for SGD190. STILL ex for a fake rite!?!?! ugh.. disgusting…

i noe this design of bag is like passe and its over pirated. but i still like it very very much. it goes v well with casual or formal wear… ahhhh…. **drools** the authentic one would be nice.. 🙂

Id get it when i can justify the cost.. or else.. id just blog abt it 1 year frm now… JUST to remind myself that i still HAVE NOT gotten it. hahaa

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Go play this game! its dumb-ly funny.. addictive too.. Stress buster??

try gettin the blobs over! 🙂

Miniclip Games - ScribbleScribble

Help the Ink Blots get to the finish flags.

Play this free game now!!

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