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i back at stuttgart at al’s place.. where Internet connection doesnt go at 50cents euro / 10mins.. unlike back at berlin.

its freeeezing here…. soo gona make it a quick post… since ive gota help al with cooking.. *or he’d grumble and complain tt his gf cant cook*

enjoying my lil chat with key chua now… she makes me miss sg… argh!!! AND i wish i went to priscy’s xmas lunchie.. sigh… sooooo here’s my biggest biggest huggs 2 key chua and priscy!! miss ya!

and charlie, (if u’re reading this), leonard… miss y’all too!!!

pix up soon… i hope… munich tmr… SKIING TIMEEEE!!!



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pix germannnyyy

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ok.. too tired… load them tmr! gonna head to the birkies place tmr. hahaa.. =) hope i get some nice stuff.. and PRISC!!! I FORGOT WHICH U WANT AGAIN! PLEASE MSG ME!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! the exact name, n try to describe!!!

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I’ve made 3 failed attempt to blog.. raHhh.. ytd as i was loading up the pix…. photobucket and the internet connection effed up on me.. Sooo i ended up heading to bed instead..

weather here’s great for sleeping. that’s bout it. it went from 4 Deg, to 2 Deg, and its about 1 Deg today… i am Sooo lousy larrrr.. **i admit** was freezing up.. and al had 2 get me hot drinks every so often!… ive got undergarmen, long john, 1 top, jacket, outer jacket scarf and STILL COLD.. haha..

lets keep it up 2date… went to europa park today.. and there was SO MUCH STATIC!!! whenever i got a peck on the lips, it Hurts.. Literally.. Also, when he used his finger and pointed at my face, there was a “tiak!” sound!!! dont think i should go near him. hee.. =)

ok ok.. id try n load up some pix.. =)

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today is the DAY!!

One last post before i head off!! In 12 hours, id be off to GermsMany! YaYY!! cant wait! the D-A-Y has finally arrived.. a really really reallllyyy long wait i must say. Thanks for waiting darl.. =)… And many thanks for those well wishes, lending of luggage, winterwear etc. thankewwwss!!!

BBQ with prisc mark (pigs), kingkey, tadely was great!! we had Too many prawns…. too tough beef…. leftover chicken wings.. (I TOLD U NOT TO BUY ALREADY!! SEE LA!) hahaha… nxt bbq, we’d strictly ENFORCE the chicken wing ban! wish i could blog more bout it.. but id leave it to adeline, key n prisc.. cuz im Sooo tired after packing my stuff… thanks 4 the xmas pressies girls. and i promise u’d get it once im back! cant believe i left it at the door!!!

Check in luggage’s about 17.6kg.. hand carry 6.1kg.. i wonder HOW im gona bring more stuff back frm Germs.. kinda worried bout not being able to shop there.. and i really realli cut down alot already larrr…

Met up with lyd n ris tis afternoon b4 work.. ahh… we named ourselves the EX club.. hahahaa .. Iris is kenneth’s ex, lyd is josh’s ex, im eric’s ex… kenneth josh n eric are good friends.. hahaa.. was nice meeting them having our usual “best friend/god sister” jester about a particular someone… catching up.. sympathyzing, sharing of joy.. etc..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my face is like damn fat already… i cant imagine how id look like after i come back frm Germs.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this was how my room look IN THE PROCESS of packing.. WhOops.. dont mind the “bright blue bottom right conner item”…

nites all.. my last sleep in SG before i see al… miss u darl..

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ah beng chants!


ppl from Jurong… ALL of u wld find these familiar.. (i guess..) or was i mixing arnd the wrong crowd??

frm the movie 15. (according to al… i wonder how an SA boy knows all these..) and banned by our gahh-men.. hahah.. ENJOY!!!

aHbengs to the max!

THIS made my day! aahaha… along with lot n lotts n looottttts of consolation.. frm al =)

ok.. this is part 2… SPECIALLY FOR JAC!!! after a long day of hardwork n no $$.. this would make u laugh i guess… hahaa.. and i know u’re familiar with some lines… the techno part i mean..

ahbengs are so cool! so farrrrnnneeeee hahahaha…

after hearing all these “chants” im like laughing all the way! 😛 hahaa
scrawny skinny lil bengs… i thought they were “cool” in sec sch.. ahh.. rem tis guy by the name of koon wei… looks just like one of them! baHhh! =P

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No MORE igLooooo!!!!

i hate it when people just dont listen.. tell u once, tell u twice, warn u thrice… but STILL!!!

told my bro to get anti virus software Loooongggg ago!..
“dont need la dont need lar..”
SEE! see wat happen!

told al not to do some things which i really dislike, tell him once tell him two times three times sumore… listen cannnnnnnnn…. if there really are things i dont like u doing, stop doing it… doing such things will only irritate me furthur. prooving that You Dont LISTEN.. Listening is one thing, learning n remembering is another. ugh.

CUSTOMERS!!! will u S.T.F.U and LISTEN to me speak. effed up i tell u…

(im entittled to… )

WHY!? cuz im not gona stay in the igloo anymore. they called al, telling him that it aint as cold as expected so they cant built the igloo. who am i to blame.. *sigh* Damn disappointed now larrrr **ROARRR***. The highlight of my entire trip is to STAY THERE!!! and now i cant!?

Feels like a wasted trip! w/o the igloo stay.. its something ive been looking forward to for So LONG! i know there’re other stuff we can do, or save the $$ for other stuff, nice xmas shopping… blah blah blah..

but i DONT WANT.. i wanna stay in an igloo… wat are my chances of goin back to germany!? Considering the fact that al doesnt wana go to germany anytime soon… my chances are near ZiLch!

So…. he says tt i must understand that the igloo thing in the beginning is very much dependent on the weather… YES!! i know but im upset that i cant go lar k!! an experience of a lifetime. GONE!

i dont even feel like packing my luggage anymore… THIS has screwed up my trip my mood…… and everything else planned. To think i was looking 4ward to it all

its NOT gona be the same and i wont have a chance to go anymore. DAMN IT. Damn.. Damn.. DAMN.

piss me off now and u’re dead..

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