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Sentosa pix

Been stayin out of the sun for soooo long.. and sentosa changed so much. hah. some random pics of us near the coastline and at del mar…

The pic on the left looks kinda obscene. tho that’s my usual sitting post….. tried to “act gentle” on d 2nd pose. heh

US! yay!

Went dwn to nue to collect my wedges tdy… Totally BeaUtiful.. Its called terracotta… so in love with it. The lady promised 2 look out for more stuff tts suitable for me since she mentioned tt she kinda knows my “style” (and to push her sales of cuz) hah.

Went for dinner at KFC, and MORE snacking at home after dinner… my family eats lotsa rubbish!! “Rubbish” as in inproper meals. Al’s being influenced too… we tried making oureslfs feel betta by drinking chinese tea.. bleah.

back to PROJ!!!! Im so so so so tired.. on one hand i wish all these would end.. on the other hand.. i wish the student life never would.


hang in there val..


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New fishies at wrk

it feels like yesterday when i just started work at Sunshine Co.. prisc wld remember. hah. me mentioning bout my “fishtank” days etc.. Watching those newcomers, listening to their calls helping them with their queries brought a new POV (point of view) to my increasingly monotonous life… In this 2 years where i thought i didnt change and nothing’s changed… many things DID change. We’re just unaware of it. (i think there were much better than i was when i just started off..) i remember being “shouted” at.. by i forgot who. Should any of them ask me questions if im busy or on call or dont know how 2 answer… id be nice about it.

2 years seem to breeze pass.. Not a long frame of time for many.. but working part time and surviving there while juggling with studies, it takes lots of support from colleagues, understanding from friends, and love from my family…

in less than 6mths id be losing my job as a student. id make it a point to be early for classes… and attend ALL of it of cuz… id try try try try try larrr…

val’s feeling not so bright now.. im wondering how i can “survive” this sem. It seems tougher than the past 3… Its the last sem..i cant afford to fail. When time’s not on myside… working hard and sleeping less seem to be the only thing that can be done.

Gona trash the tagboard for now.
Should u feel an urge to say something. use the Comment function…. mail me.. msn me.. sms me.. knock on my door.. stalk me in school.. call me at work.. with such a predictable life, i doubt anything can go wrong.. can it!?

Sidenote: =) i love sentosa with al n prisc!! WHERE R THE PIX BABE! hehee.. =) shared folder k. =)

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think im gona remove my tagboard….
after bout 2.5 days ofputting up the stat counter, there’s like 300+ pageloads of which majority are unique users.. and YET… no one tags.. tsk!!… i feel “stalked”… then again, maybe there’s nothing much to tag bout… hah. so.. yeah.. gona remove the tagboard i guess.

im BURNT. wOohooO!! after a whooping 7-8 mths w/o tanning, im finally getting my appropriate color back. hah. went to cafe del mar at siloso with prisc n al today.. sun wasnt fantabulous… but the place was good. Key.. we miss photowhoring with u. hah.

prisc then went to meet mummy for her hotel stay… while val and al spent a very very wet day at orchard… Heavy downpour.. ugh… nxt was the LIVERPOOL match. (which ive very well predicted). hah.. =)

oh.. al’s vday present, wld b a contribution… to a pair of NUE wedges! WooHooOoo… im in love with it.. too bad i dont have the pic of it.. Its gona cost a whopping $152?? ive reserved it.. but nt sure if i should get it tho… oh.. bimsy pink (as seen in the prev post)… doesnt fit right. my toes pop out! **wails** or else id definately get that!… but then again, its suede.. its gonna b really hard to maintain.. id rather get my wedges.. leather’s always easier 2 maintain as compared to suede… dont u think!?

grandma’s death aniversary tmr… it seems like yesterday when she’s still around… I dont quite “know” her i guess… cuz of the language barrier?? In short, i suppose we should always cherish the living.. and not live to regret. say our parents.. siblings.. friends.. i love them all.

had a great day.. Good nite all.. =)

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nue nue

i just fell in love all over again….

Winter Autum 06 arts collection. its in bimbo pink! hahaahah.. i like… =P

check them out HERE
only 60pairs per collection if im nt wrong.. =(

somebody.. Get me this for vday/bday/xmas?!!? hahahahaha…

nevermind.. their shoes are for rich “tai tais” who prolly wont ever step out in the open.. Id never bear to let my suede shoes catch a cold in the rain…

**muaKKz**… id c u when im rich… id never spent this type of $$. not yet at least. hah. =)

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FINALLY!! Pictures from my germany trip!! phEww… So many many manny pictures. but i look fat in 99% of them. ugh.. reflecting upon the trip, i realized how FEW names i remember!! (al’s gona kill me) … ive got a memory of a dory fish at times.. so… yeah… fewer names, many pictures! hah..

Im ashamed to say this, but i got lost at frankfurt airport.. haha.. the SIGNS weren’t clear!! **protest** and i was prolly groggy after the long flight or something.. no pix at the airport.. guess i was too busy trying to make myself look “not so shag” and draging those huge luggage.

After taking the ICE (inter city express) all the way to esslingen, it was a culture shock for me.. the train stations are HUGE larrr… and its just a MAIN station in a particular “state” where we’ve gotta transfer to another smaller station where he stays. weather was ultra cold.. For someone who sleeps in a 23Deg aircon room with a thick comforter… 3Deg feels like the north pole..

When we reached Mettingen station, his place was a 20mins walk away (but according to him, its 10mins only. bleah) … his place is right beside the Merc institute.. Something like an ITE for merc. hah.. I walked into the room to my amazement, there were Xmas songs being played on his laptop! it must have been on for Ages! and his room is very very nicely decorated. Flower petals on the bed n floor, wall decor, clean floor, neat table top with more decor… nice sheets for me to snuggle in… He even made the most delicious Pasta!!! ahh.. im a happy girl. But the fun’s just beginning…

That’s the view outside his room… its some river.. *forgot the name* where ocasionally some boat/ship/barge wld go pass.. (OH! nectar river..!!) As u can see in the pic, im a very happy girl.. taking pictures after pictures after pictures! 1st day.. where else would we head but SHOPPING!!!! =)

There were Lotsa big brand names which includes esprit (which was in a super market style) but all XXXL sizes, and i need XS… key prolly needs XXXXS. haha.. There’s also escada, boss, puma, lacoste, some other big brand which ive never heard before.. and a big pants hanging out of nowhere.. hah.. On our way back.. we saw this crepe shop. What could be better than Fresh hot banana chocolate crepe on a COLD winter afternoon!?!!

Next up… my 1st ever christmas market…Travelling with al is never boring.. cuz he’s so full of crap and lame jokes, triggering peals of laughter! walking to my first ever xmas market was a gradual one.. starting from bits of lighting, nice evening sun (at 3pm), and when i finally reach, it seem to be an entirely different world.. There’s even a life Donkey! (and they stink).. was just basking in the atmosphere… Freshly baked bread, axe throwing… wine drinking..

There’s tis drink tts v famous there. its called Gluhwein. (glue wine). no idea why its called that tho.. it isnt sticky, dont taste like glue either! hah… its wine basically.. but very very hot wine, that wld definately heat ur body even in the nastiest winter. there were also glass blowers, axe makers, ppl selling LOTR lookalike clothes, ginger bread house… a very medieval sight.

Ohh the bottom left picture is something i CRAVE for even till nw. its bacon roasted on a very long satay stick. The bacon tastes soooo good! prolly cuz of the fats. but STILL! al n i shared one…. should have told him to get 1010110101001111991 of it.

It wasnt a white christmas.. but it’s definately a magical one..

It’s only 1 out of the 5 different folders of pix ive got.. hah.. will blog bout it real soon.. =)

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a cycle to supper

Tues night was a special night n FUN… i decided to have lead a Healthy lifestyle. what could be better than CYCLYING to 651 for supper and my beloved ice lemon tea.. ooPs. i mean. with my beloved al. hahahahhahahaa.. ok ok.. 2ILT, 2bike, 2 of us =) (p/s: i know my “healthy” lifestyle theory is crap.. so is my dieting plans) hah..
it was really fun to cycle even that short distance… i realize how lousy i am at cyclying now.. out of practice… rem the days where id cycle wif ruskie (my missing dog).. and we’d roam the neighbourhood.. meeting ppl at the bball court.. etc..
Been a good girl n did tutorials today!! YAY!!! but im always like tt in the beginning of the sem. lets hope i keep up with it. ugh..
OFFday tmr at last!! Prisc ask if its too late now, and maybe i should leave…. Nah… since ive made a decision, id stick to it… tho its gona be a tough one… with work getting …. …. … less impressive. (best word i can find).. even the ever enthu cso Charlie agrees… not to mention the “hua hua chao chao” computer science leonard…
Id just say that it takes lots of empathy n personal skill to be at the management level. And when u’re sandwiched between top level management, and operational staff… i guess i ought to empathize with u.. be it whether u have or do not have this personal skill. one day… when im in a less functional and more managerial role… i hope there’d b ppl understanding my actions and words too.. Hence to you my bosses … u’ve my obedience. but not my blind respect.
Earn it. (ad, vif, jenn, cheok, carene… they’ve got it… they always had. they didnt take long to earn it… too bad they’re EX bosses now… )

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my happy sat!

`my day started off with CP wan ton again!!!!! haha. for those who still dont know what they are, go try it… eat it wif spring onions, and vinegar + chopped ginger. even better! al and i shared 18 CP wantons! hah. that’s brunch for me.. and snack for him..

after deliberating for the having nt shopped there. TODAY! i walked EVERY WHERE!!!!! (as in walk pass lar..) that was tiring i tell u…
Despite a warning from mum (“DO NOT bring anything back!”) before we left home, we shopped at tis spanish shop with the stupidest name (pull and bear)… and since there’re lots of stuff on sale, i got myself a dress at 1/2 price! a retro looking tube dress! ahhh… i need a beady necklace to go with it.. hmm… Al got 2 tight fit muscle tees (which emphasizes the fact that his boobs are bigger than mine) at an even cheaper price! we each got a cutesie watch too! mine in green n his black!

Nice scenery.. nice weather.. and i decided 2 tk some pix with my canot make it cam… (tts another reason y i shld save up for an ixus)

Lousy poses contribution of AL. i dont like taking pix alone. and i dont realli like taking pix of myself. im my hardest critic! i wanna see that impossible 49 on my digital weighing machine! =( qutie impossible

here’s US! (again n again n again…) i never seem 2 find a shot tt i LOOK OK in.. 😦 n i need 2 do smth bout my eye bags. 😦
Im a sucker for DELICIOUS food… when coupled with AL, we’re like unstoppable eating machines! hahahaa… we passed by “no signboard seafood”… and the chilli crab seemed to be beckoning us. heh. AND we couldnt resist the temptation!

Heres my Declaration. id be eating FOOD COURT from now till 14 Feb.

i have table manners! and al’s the messiest eater ever! he uses his palms. nt fingers! total damage!? 35 each?? hahhaa… walao ehh…

next was more walking arnd… den we went to amk to collect his bicycle… went pass those little india etc etc… terrible traffic.. and i think ive got bad road manners… i tend 2 curse n swear n the car.. hahaha.. gosh..

in short. 2dae’s a nice and fulfilling day.. despite heading out late.. and havin some “accidents” here n there…. what accident? i got “shouldered” by al right smack on my front tooth! internal bleeding.. hah. upper lipps are a lil sore n swollen… and the insides are bruised… (trouble with big ppl..) haha..

nites all!!!

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