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My day

Kinda lazy now.. My day in a nutshell…

Date: 24 Feb
PMS stage: Moody
Financial health: Slightly rich due to pay day and CNY
Heart stopping moment: Steping into Al’s house for the 1st time
Biggest splurge: Eu Yan Seng BIRDspit. (i dont like birds nest)
Biggest Gift Recepient: Al’s mum (the birds nest)
BEST Meal of the day: Home cooked hongkong “you mian” (with chicken broth, CPwanton n meatball)
Biggest event: Chingay (which restricted me to one side of orchard)
Biggest Phobia: to look like that Resputia in Norbit
Happiest buy: new “wallet”. bronze reptile skin lookalike/mini clutch/blinks in the center. Atas looking. (i like!!!)
Unhappiest moment: getting my pazzion pumps in the rain (ditzy i know)
Ditziest moment: Discussing cry’z bday plans for the longest time with no conclusion n more suggestions.
Blissful moment: Sleeping in, Being in al’s arms, al driving for a day
Biggest fear: Failing a module (and lengthening my education for 6mths!)
Biggest worry: Not having a job in future
Biggest contemplation: How much $$ shld i give my parents when i start work?
Biggest technological use: Using VIDEO CALL to help prisc decide which present to buy
Shiokest feeling: having Someon carry my handbag/shoppingbag (without worrying where scatterbrain val left her things… and eating Uzumaki icecream)
Looking 4ward to: Seein Prisc, BBQ, cryz bday, lunch with al tomorrow (eating the super spicy tomyum ban mian) Bday celebration (dad/mum/mine)
Biggest BooBoo: There’s work tomorrow
Newest Appliance: SCV DIGITAL SET TOPBOX! (i know im slow)
Biggest Relief: Eyes aint rejecting contact lenses anymore! =)
Craving for: Fish n Co, the fish platter, their soup, and mussles!!!


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Friendster Updates

Dear Friendster Users. Should you decide to BLOG on friendster, or UPDATE your pictures. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not NOTIFY every single one on ur FRIENDSTER list. its really annoying. Why dont i turn the notification OFF?? its because i wanna see who’s bday is up next… the Ocassional 1 or 2 notification is OK.. i repeat OKAE. if its once a day from the same person, its getting on my nerves. i DONT KNOW WHAT”S WRONG, but yesterday, i received bloody 17 from that particular “friend”… nt sure if friendster Hangged/jammed/effed up or what, but i DELETED that friend. we’re Friends no more.. ugh. Jac shld know who she is… i cant even remember that girls’ real name. BaHhh…

can i not go to work??

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my Vday 07

My Vday 07

Dinner at Olio Dome.. it felt great to see others being turned down w/o a reservation, where all i had to do was walk strrraiiiinght in. Nice cushy seat… Nice ambience… no, i prolly wont go there very often. haha

DINNER’s served…

I had “LOBSTER” (or so they say) linguine in spicy sauce….. more like cray fish…. and al had his steak with portabellos… (prisc wld love this)… that silly guy just simply ORDER…. and he hates mushrooms.. i ended up eating most of his portabellos…

Prisc n key usually wld take glam shots of the food n all.. i made a mental note to do so… but i only realized after having 1 or 2 bites.. (that explains the messy display of food).. we tried to patch it back as much as we could.

Us for the nite…..

We headed down to our fave esplanade soon after…they were having some cny decor… paper cuttings n all… very nice..

Then it was slacking at starbucks with an oreo cheese cake! al looks like he’s meditating over his vanilla frap.

We even managed to catch the last train back! yay! To end the wonderful night, look wat’s on singapore’s DURIAN!

My Fave pic of the nite…

Happy Valenties Day Darling… I love u!…

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happy CNY to all!! hope ur Ang pow collection has been good. haha.
Ive been eating and eating these days.. it seems like when im around my family or al, i cant seem 2 stop eating… Take earlier on for instance, i just had tom yum ban mian, and soon after we proceed to buy 3 sotong stick, 1 curry puff 1 pepper puff, 2 zhu chang fen, 4 zhui gueh… (if u noe what i mean)….. i so full… feel like puking now that im thiinking bout it.

bought 12 mask for 9 bucks….. damn cheap ( i know ) lets just hope tt i wont get pimples out of it…. the one im puting on now is TOMATO flav… eugh…

ciaoz… discov chan starting..

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Marie and Me

The more i cant see my blog, the MORE i seem to be blogging…. because everytime i blog, id see the PREVIOUS entry not the LATEST. boo…
This post is gona be all about my MARIE!!!
p/s: im never to old for plush toy.. esp cute ones… no matter what prisc says! hehe..
Marie wif mummy val while trying out my LBD (little black dress)..

Marie in an Xmas box! With all the other dresses…

Marie and ME… late at nite after dinner… I think marie’s welcoming me home..hahahaa

Al obviously man-handles marie.. he’s pretendign 2 look serene n sleepy n all.. but Marie’s looking unconcerned… infact she’s worried her WHITE fur wld get dirty.. hahaha

Val in the new baby doll/skirt/pregnant woman looking dress al bought her, with MARIE and her best friend ELE

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Just came back from the doc.
He told me to avoid contacts totally for a week.
Ive gotta go back n see him in a weeks time… (there goes my $$$)

Condition in my left eye became worst, and the initial drops he told me to apply didnt work. He said that instead of tearing, the left eye has thick mucus kinda thing. eugh. sounds disgusting. AND because of that, my eyesight’s getting worst (esp in d left eye)… gave some mild steroid kinda drop, additional ointment… and we’d see how things go in a week..

which means ive gotta wear specs for CNY
ahhh FUGG…

He did this test to check the moisture of the eye. its called the “Schimmer test” (i peeped). its like 2 longish strip of slim paper, bout 3 cm long by 0.5cm wide. A little folded end…. it looked delicate, like tracing paper… he took it out with much caution… he took the little folded end….


imagine having a foreign object sticking into each eye… how not to tear!? full of moisture.. ugh… its a biased test.. bleah..

i hate being a specky!

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a Riddle

Lotsa Pics for today.. but for some reasons, i wont be posting them so soon, neither would i be talking bout the events for today.. Think its time to SELL STUFF on LJ… i just might get rich even if i sell my clothes at a discount…

Here’s a riddle for entertainment sake, (and) to Determine who are the intellegent ones..
Dont ask me if i got the answer, i dont know.. haha
i dont have it either…
If ur answer makes sense, its correct. If it doesnt, its wrong.
i can barely fill in 1 blank, (that shows my iq level.. hahahahha).

At a recent Pets Anonymous reunion, the attendees were discussing which pets they had recently owned. John use to have a dog. The person who used to own a mouse now owns a cat, but the person who used to have a cat does not have a mouse. Kevin has now or used to have a dog, I can’t remember which. Becky has never owned a mouse. Only one person now owns the pet they previously had. Rebecca said very little throughout the meeting and nobody mentioned the hamster.
Can you determine who owns which pet and what they used to own?

i change my mind.
i think im quite smart after all.

my ans:
Becky- old pet: hamster. New: Hamster
Kevin- old pet: cat. New: dog
John- old pet: dog. New: mouse
Rebecca- old pet: mouse. New: cat

am i right am i right am i right!??!?!?!
its killing me..

=) nites all…. got a doc appt tmr.. =( i wonder if he’d POKE my eye again… haha

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