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a big thank you mr alvin teo!!!!!!!!!
tq 4 approving my unpaid leave!!

Thank YoU bern… for undertaking the task of hlping me approach the OM…

“Bimbsy club” peeps… aka athiah, steph, charlie, ash etc etc… thankewwwww 4 ur best wishes.

tq mummy 4 the delicious soup

(i hope…) and p.s. the NTU comp’s right click mouse button is not working.. so no pics..


Ive been having terrible headache for days…. the back of my head keeps throbbing, and i cant walk too quickly, or “bounce” up n down when i prance around… any sudden movement, would make my head hurttt…. think my brain’s dislocating itself. ughh..

I want to shop shop shop too!!! but as the name goes.. UNPAID leave.. = no income. this mth’s pay cheque is gonna be sOoooo pathetic.

back 2 books… taas peeps.


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More time for me??

I spent my wed thur fri sat and sun being a good girl.. doing what i must.

Time seems to be runing short….
Exams are in…??? less than a month?
its the last of my exams… i cant afford to do badly…

i MUST do well!!!

Im gona try and apply more leave….. pls pls pls let it be approved…. i promise to work real hard. Only eat 3 meals a day… and only watch 2 channel 55 shows!!!! oh pls pls pls.. give me more time 2 study…

i will not stay online!!! i swear!!!! =)
at least id try! haha

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No Me Ames

To gerald/ling/prisc…..

(((ok. its not appearing..)))

As to why Agnes B is pronounced this it’s supposed to (i think so larr)… tis song wld prolly CONFIRM that it’s corect!

No Me AMES.. the AMES.. soo.. A = H?? hahaa.. anyone knows spanish!? =)

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I had an argument with Al last night..
U wont exactly call that an argument, because its him being accomodating as usual…

In short, GUYS!!!


When you talk i listen, when i wana talk bout something, you listen. You can have your point of view, but dont impose it on me. I dont need to be in the same paradigm as u are. In the worst case…. i wont talk.

Thanks for understanding darling =) im sure ive gotten my point accross… I LOVE U! hehee..

Unlike some other guys… who never knew how 2 listen.. bleah.

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I dont think getting along with one another’s easy.. In fact…. Getting along with GIRLS seems to be one of the hardest things. ONE lousy move, one stinking word, and THATS it. I know how it feels to be ostracized by one whole clique. I know how its like when everyone’s gossiping behind your back… you can feel it… but u cant hear it. i remember the bAoc days… ugh.. disgusting piece of shit.

Girls call it chit chat. Guys call it gossiping, or even BiTcHing. Its a matter of perspective.. heh… Im sure everyone does chat/gossip/bitch/talk bout some sensitive stuff at some point of time.

Not that there’s supposed to be any “Morals” bout that… but i make it a point to cut things back, and talk only bout the truth without exaggaration. When someone tells you bout Something/someone. you comment, you give your one cent wort, AND you dont falsify and go around telling ppl what you’ve heard…. at least that’s what id do…

If u dont go yakking bout ppl… it doesnt mean they wont go arnd talking bout u behind your back… Sigh. I try to get along… But it aint that easy. Girls and petty guys alike. Keep a clear conscience i say…. and SMILE your day away…. Good or bad, it takes a thick skin to carry on… Look up, and SMILE! even if the world disapproves of you. u can either do that…… or ask that person to fug off.. heh… I primarily choose the former. But in certain instances… it’ll be the latter…


(anyone knows how i can resize my pics!?!? ive got 1001 pix on my cam and i cant seem 2 get it in the right size!)

P/S: condolence to prisc’s cam.. you’ve served us well… May you gain your “eyesight” soon??? 🙂

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Des into NS….

lil bro’s going to NS today.. not that he’s REALLY little….
when i was 18, i had a bf already….. my bf was 18 too!!! but somehow… My bro still seem so YOUNG!!!

Since he’s an acjc canoist… shouldnt be much of a prob for him…physically. BUT what if he meets some ah beng!? those that teaches him the wrong stuff n all!? Sigh. Woes of a sister…

Shall pray for his safety… and that he’d get along with other ppl… How he’s like??? he’s quite the opposite of me… he’s not the chatterbox that i am! hhahaa.. But he’s a great guy… He even passed his K750i to me… and along with his “departure” comes his tv/dvd/desktop/room, and everything else that comes tgt with it!!! No more burning of laptop.. at least for the next 2 weeks…

tk care lil bro…

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