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my Present!

I got my 1 year aniversary present alreadyyyyyyy!!!



apart frm my shopping spree which ive yet 2 claim, he bought me a BeaUUUUUUUUtiful Lspace bikini frm NUM. =) the one ive been EYING for some time…. AND AND AND AND one big tub of Crabtree’s evelyn rose body cream!! woOooHOooOOo!!!! big loves!!

what touches me most, was not the present, but the fact that he came 2 my house while im still at work. and he was tying the ribbon on the box! he asked mum if it was nice, and mum told him dunid 2 tie until soooo nice… but he was there adjusting n adjusting the ribbon, AND he placed the present on my bed. he took a damn long time 2 “perfect” the ribbon… (the above scenario described by mum)

when i saw the present in my room, the both of them were still in the living room… within a min of admiring the present, i PULLED, and the ribbon came apart!!!!!!

hahahaha…. when i went out to the living room with the ribon n present, the both of them were “WHAT!?” u saw the present already!? u OPENED IT!?!?!? so Fast!?? and mum said… “see alvin, told u dunid 2 tie till so nice” hahahah

awww… thanks!!! i know they’re expensive ribbons.. id keep them ya! 🙂

Big loves!


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Why i love AL.

there are 101 reasons why i love al to bits…

ONE reason, is that he orders my PuRRRRRFect tom yum ban mian for me.
(the one at jurong point basement)

i want

tom yum ban mian
without seafood just the meat
no egg
no vege
tom yum sauce not too much not too little
mushroom more
ikan billis more.

ordering is ENOUGH trouble. not to mention the embarassment that comes along with it when there are 5 other ppl in the queue waiting for their turn 2 order.

yes. i love him, cuz he orders my ban mian for me.. along with 2 cans of lemon barley… Of cuz, once we’re home. he’d b left alone with the TV. becuase id b running to n fro frm the toilet. hahaha

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Yeah right…

U just like to win dont u? Cant u back down n admit that u r wrong? Or not as right as u think u are? 
Your behaviour makes me sick.. Wish u could c urself tru the eyes of another. maybe then u’d feel equally disgusted at ur juvenile behaviour. 

– This blog was updated through my M1 mobile phone.

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i totally hate hate hate HATE office wear to the MAX!!!

in pri sch and sec sch.. ive been the kid with the weird wear and limited clothing.

My fave outfit in primary school was a betty boob teeshirt (of cuz i had no boobs then, not to mention now).. **ok. very cold**

and in sec sch… it was 3/4 pants or bball shorts, with 37 degrees teeshirt… My attempt to be “hip” and “cool” includes a baby blue long pants, with spag strap top, and 3.5 inch wedges…..

Had my 1st ever levis jeans in poly, its been a staple ever since…… it started with tees n jeans, then, polo n jeans, to spag + tank tops n jeans……. its basically DENIM… i love it!! cuz it sits nicely on my hips (unfortuntately it accentuates my love handles), and it allows me to run and prance around…

in uni, i shld say my dressing’s above the average girls… why? because i started having income of my OWN, and i can spent/ (splurge) on myself without being guilty, or being a burden to my parents…. and so!!!! i can proudly boast a wardrobe full of clothes that would look good on me! they’re not the nicest/most up to fashion/branded (of cuz not).. but at least i feel good in them, and more importantly, i feel prettttyyyy!!!! **pouts**

the thing bout girls (or maybe just me), i have to try and look my best before i head out.. or my day wld b spoilt! i can try 10,000 set of clothes (an exaggaration of cuz), only to end up with the first outfit, and FEEL good bout it! and id leave home, being able to lift my head high… if i leave home with something less than perfect (to me at least)… the day wld stink to the max…

THAT brings me to my point…. I HAVE NO OFFICE WEAR!!! or rather… i have laaaa… but i dont feel comfy in it! i dont like wearing it! i dont look good in it! i feel “ruined” in it! ROARRRRR!!!!! thank god for the black jacket at work… its big, it keeps me warm, and i can hide any embarassment…

**PHOooO** bed time… im feeling sick all over again…

-to iris (if you’re seeing this): So Sorry tt i wasnt able to meet up with you.. felt totally DEAD that day 😦

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