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we should never forget that we’re young, be it in years.. or at heart.

we should never forget that we’re beautiful in someone’s eyes

we should never forget that there’s someone else fatter that we are

we should never forget that mum’s cooking is tastes the best

we should never forget that laughter is the root to happiness

we should never forget that money comes after happiness not the other way round

we should never forget that girlfriends are here to stay

we should never forget that some friends are merely aquaintances

we should never forget that shopping is merely a reflection of certain inadequacy

we should never forget that to rest, and trust that things would be ok.

we should never forget that someone loves us for who we are

we should never forget that everything we possess, are transient. Focus on the process.

we should never forget that nobody likes to be taken forgranted

we should never forget that all girls are vain. just to varying extend.

we should never forget that if nobody loves you, love yourself. if someone loves you, love them back

we should never forget that we treat our worst enemy with most Love, and TLC.

we should never forget that first impression never lasts

we should never forget that a beautiful heart comensurates with a beautiful face.

we should never forget that no one loves us.. like he does.


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Bimbsy’s Back!!! im so ever ever ever glad. but, i just crashed my bro’s comp. ugh. ive got “un-techie-Fingers”… Al fixed it nevertheless. but everything’s wiped out. n i feel so bad! Sorry bro..

**skip this part if u’re bored** Dont fall asleep on me..

The week’s a breeze.. literally. It was so fast paced that things seem to take place in a whirl! But ever since wednesday, ever morning at 6am, id start having dillusions that its sat already n i should slp in! hah. It can almost be considered a 4 day work week. since i was out most of friday. It was the CPA forum at Swissotel, where we were one of the Gold sponsors there. Hence we had a booth, where we could do “networking”. Its the FIRST doing such stuff. The last time i had such events, i was the waitress. hahahaha. This time, having a different status, i get to pinch on food whenever i want, (there’s bfast, coffee, lunch, and coffee again) food’s good. i ate alot. that explains the increasing weight. ugh..

the “networking” was easily tough. or toughly easy.. hmm. it took some picking up at first. approaching people, letting know where we’re from. well most of them already do. its more like getting some name cards for future contacts n giving out name cards so you’d be “remembered”. heh. Nicer ones would ask things like “hows the job market”, “hows the industry doing”. nastier ones say “any jobs for me?” .. “arent u a head hunting coy, why are u recruiting”.. **DuHhh** OF COURSE LAAA!!! then where do we get the people!?!?!

The MD from hongkong came down that day, as he was one of the panel speakers at the forum. I truly truly learnt my mistake that day… and just as a note to all… culture really matters. ugh.. i made a couple of fatalmistake.. and i hope whoever’s reading this never ever does the same…

The HK MD’s australian…. we were chatting about some stuff, and i said *Crap* and *Bullshit* in his face. ugh….. guess i got too comfortable.

An English colleague was nearby.. i was chatting with someone else… n i asked how much things cost.. She said it was rude. well, in her culture at least… i totally respect, and thank her for the highlight, because without it, i prolly wont ever know. Guess there really is a Gap between Singaporeans, and Non asians which id never get to bridge. ugh. Im trying at least. I cant chat with them casually these days (previously, i dont even want to have any conversation with them..)

Over the past week. ive learnt alot. Confidence level took a little plunge tho… id work it out. id try. At least im not TOO alone now.. theres another new girl in the office. surviving on the same megre pay as mine (i think), asian, and english speaking, and pretty. But i need more than a friend….. i need KNOWLEDGE!!! (and a payrise of cuz). hah…

weekends are so precious now…. somehow… i wish i was at sentosa with the girls… on the oher hand, i know if i were to pop by, id prolly last only 5mins, and id concuss. imaging acting professional, and talking for the whole day and having walk around in heels for the whole fuggin day!! and not normal heels, the 2.5 inch covered, pointy heels. ugh.

CONGRATS PRISC!! well. not really. it shld b GOOD LUCK… hope u survive the DISTANCE! literally. hah. if its any consolation, i get up early too!! 🙂 **Big Loves** and key, you’re missed! hehee.. *huggz**

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Week 2 starts now…

Feel damn shag after work… its a different kind of tiredness i guess.. back in the good ol bimbsy days at work with my bimBoooos… its hell fun, but u feel physically weary.. because of all the calls n stuff. and time seem to tick slowly, prolly cuz of the 12 calls per hr thing…

Now, time passes REAL quick! im in the office by 8ish, i go off at 7, thats a whopping 11 hours! but it seems to pass in a breeze… guess its because im enjoying my work there. learning new stuff, sitting in to interviews, calling candidates, its really kinda foreign… but at least ive got my trusty headset with me.

i walked around the office in it today.. and my colleague thought i was nuts! hah.. guess its pretty much a norm previously. did it un-knowingly…

Did some really cool training stuff today. erm. lessons content was relatively boring… its bout outlook and “profile”. some system we use.. its like back in the sunshine co, using outlook and proxi.. but way way wayyyyy simpler. so. as usual.. i space out, and stone. :S Oh, why its interesting? there were 6 ppl attending the training, the trainer’s in australia, 3 of us in Singapore, and a couple others in hong kong! HOW COOL!!!! (maybe i suaku la)… but we dialed in to a number, and we could all talk at the same time, and there was this web meeting interface, where we could raise our hands, type qns, do polls, etc etc etc… wow. im impressed! i cant believe it…. 7 ppl talking on 1 conference, and it isnt as noisy as the time where prisc, key, n i conferenced. hahahaa..

There’s a new girl at work tdy… her name’s patricia.. she’s a malaysian, but she came frm melbourne… (ive got a thing with malaysians…. i seem to like all of them, or rather, they like me… hmm wait… at least i know prisc is malaysian and i love her! hehee).. she’s really pretty!! maybe i shld take a pic of her.. hehe…

it sucks to be new in a company with NO ONE to talk to, or feeling akward etc.. but im glad i joined the coy, same time as miranda, and ppl in the commerce team’s really nice. we aint the “best-of-pals”, like back in the sunshine co type.. but i guess we do share a cordial working relationship. They’re really helpful when it comes to helping me, and they’re kinda like my “da-jie”s there… im just grateful for all the help and training im given. Could have been much worst.. ugh… with bitches around??? or maybe even no one to talk to??? thank god… thank thank thannnkkk god….. really. thank you lord…

despite liking it all…. i still think im underpaid.

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day 3

Its been 3 days at work…
There’re 2 other new girls joining about the same time as me… Audrey in the HR team, myself and Miranda joining the 2 Commerce team…. Its good and bad having someone joining the company tgt with you. THe good: you have company and someone who shares your woes.. the BAD: she’s prolly used as a benchmark for comparison in terms of performance. which isnt exactly the best of things for me, because she’s got prior experience (not in commerce), but still, it IS considered experience… FULL TIME experience. +++, shes and ang moh. tsk! whereby her english wins me hands down already laaaaa…..

my team consists of my manager, myself (newbie), Carol (who i associate very much with, cuz she used to be frm NP tourism and SIM wayyyy back), May (who’s very very good at helping me see the “big picture” of things), and Telli (whom i thought was rather aggresive and unapproachable at first, but she’s really nice i guess)! so that’s 5 of us, and there wld be another guy joining month end. on the other team, there’s Diana the manager, and Lynette (the beautiful pregnant mother with Flawless transucent skin), Michelle (the very bubbly and funny girl), Tracy (the “just join 1mth but very zai” girl), and Miranda (my “batchmate)

to sum it up, thats 10 (or is it 11 of us??) for now…. and……… they’re really nice! but i need a lil getting used to i guess. Of cuz im not as comfy around them as compared to my peeps back at the orange co….. but, it’ll work out.. i hope… im still feeling a lil lost during lunch. i dont wana be without a lunch mate! 😦 so far i havent, but i dont wana be in THAT SITUATION!!!!

day 1 was team lunch
day 2 Newbies lunch, but the rest had appoinment, so scott frm sales and marketing dept went off with myself and miranda for jap food
day 3 Carol gave a delicious treat to MEEPOK!!

thank god there’s national day… im already dying frm the lack of sleep… Its 8am everyday, (where i wake up at 6), and i knock off at 7ish??

Kinda like the life there tho… after work, a couple of them head downstairs for drinks n all… ohhh,, just to add, there are quite a couple of angmohs there!! hahaha… not THAT used to it for now, but getting the hang of it.

i dont like the fact that im the YOUNGEST there… they’d be like “WOW! thats VERY YOUNG!” i prolly gave myself away when i said i worked at a call center, n they asked the hours, followed by questions like “what do you do in the day”…. once i said STUDY, thats it……. BINGO…. they got my age………… and i reply by saying.. “i take that as a compliment”… =) hah…. duh… i wana LOOK older! because……. i wont be taken as an amature, or someone gulible…

ok. long enough an email……. worddy n all… thanks for reading…. and dont complain.. because its for MY records purposes.. not your entertainment pleasure..

cya key adel n prisc.. cya guys tmr. big loves.

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Farewell M1..

Desmond… (one of the most creative people ive ever met, but please dont let him know) wrote this for me…. He’s prolly one of the only reccomm member who has the adequate dry humor to tickle me silly…

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Its really touching to receive something so funny and nice.. and its FOR ME!!! thank you des… (tho i know he did it cuz he’s part of reccom) =) but still… thank you.


My last day at work was good…. why? because those who potentially had the ability to make me cry were not around… either off or RD…. BUT! im not forgotten!!! we met up at walas for drinks! im embarassed, but i must say, its the biggest party ive ever had! not that it was a real party kinda party… ive never had a birthday PARTY or such big gatherings. because, i never felt that THAT many ppl wld give me “face”….. thanks guys!

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there’s so many other pictures!!!! but for the fact that im using my bro’s pc… i dont have fireworks nor picasa nor anything… soo.. erm………. i wont be resizing it? sooooooo i wont be posting it up??? heh….

guess leaving M1 marks a new chapter of my life. One of less fun, hopefully more experiential… But definately more tiring.

Hang in there val. you can do it.

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Saw THIS at JP….

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and mum psyched me to buy it… only difference? I PAID…….. mum doesnt pay for stuff anymore.. or rather, i wld volunteer to pay, and buy her meals etc. Guess it comes along with the liabilities of “growing up” and “getting a job”.

nevertheless, its GOOD STUFF! 400ml of it! discounted too…
with astringent, and all those sh*t, hope it’ll truly “mattify” my face.

its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.

i will stop spending $$.
“id only spent it on necessities..” (thats steph’s fave phrase) and she says it with such conviction!! somehow, everything nice IS a necessity.. heh.

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