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Back.. without a vengence

Im back to blog… (I hope)
havent had the time and energy to read other people’s blog.. not to mention post an entry on my own! Im quite a procrastinator huh… yet to even read my bestie(s) blogs… Once i read them, i prolly gotta scroll wayyyyy back.

Blog’s prolly gona be boring. filled with crap shit work stuff, philosophical thoughts that ran tru my mind, whines… nothing too fantabulous and flambuoyant!~ Read it if you want to. Give it a miss if you must. If you wana read, and have nothing nice to say, Dont.

Guess i’m pretty much having a good new lease of life right now. Trying to focus focus focus on my work, and minimize distractions.

someone said i wasnt as smart….
someone said i wasnt as good…
You said im your biggest ally and i need yoour backing…

beg to differ.

You’d see how good i can be.. why? because its not you im dependent on… i rely on him above.


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