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Embarassment 101

Its my BIRTHDAY!! And yup.. Thanks for all the well wishes!! Hehe.. Meeting my girlies tonight for seafood at vivo… Birthday cum promo treat…

I’m digressing cuz I’m so so so super super embarassed…. Wore my brown dutti dress today… And guess what… I had to get it ironed etc etc etc… When I left home, I just buttonned up n tied the ribbon… Happily walking along like I’m the prettiest girl for the day. After a long walk to the mrt and going up the escalator, someone tapped my shoulder… A guy somemore!!!!! Shit. He looks familiar, neighbour? Candidate?? Quite alright looking…. And he said…..

"miss, I think you forgot to zip"

WALAO EH!!!!!!! The zip is on my left, from my bust line all the way down to my underwear can!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!

I just said … "oh"… Zip abit and walk away. Reach 2 corner then faster pull!!!! Crap la!!!!! What a birthday present….. I’d Neva dare to go I work at this time anymore…. Don’t wanna c him…. Boo!!! He better not be my candiate… 😦 I’m embarassed to the max!! 😦

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.. Only??

Wish it was Thursday already! Cuz I’m on leave on Friday! LOL… I’m so bloody tired, cuz I slept at what? 130? 2??

Gonna hit the gym this afternoon with rach and Karen. I do hope my gumming enthusiasm will last. Know it sounds sick, but I like to feel my muscles aching. 🙂 feels like sec sch days in the vball team.. Where we’ve got lotsa weights n Cardio workouts. Feel so unfit now as compared to before.

Resolution for 2008. "get a HOT bod!!!" easy to say, really hard to attain. One thing for sure is that I’m not gonna b on a diet. After I expense off my energy, net of off my intake of calories, I think there’s still excess! LOL… Nvm la… I’d hit the gym 3x a week. Maybe it’ll work! Haha.

I’m gonna get alot of criticisms once I say this. But yes. I’ve set my eyes on a gucci bag!! I badly need a shoulder bag.. Preliminary evaluations sets it at a whopping 1350 bloody bucks. Errr… Maybe I should hold it off for abit. But its birthday month!!!! Sighhh.. Ok… I’d go look look again this weekend.

Sentosa this fri?? Anybody?? 🙂

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Yeaaappp… I’m feeling it. And it sucks!! Feels bitter n sour n revengeful and unhappy and stupid and uncontrollable and crazy and impulsive and ….. Yea. Jealous.


Where’s the sensitivity ?????

Or rather, what’s with my pretentious magnimouty (argh… I can’t even spell that word.. But u know what ok driving at right? LOL is there even such a word???)

What’s with your nonchalence and insensitivity. Ugh. Totally hate it.

If there comes a time where I’ve gotta see her on a constant basis, you’re dead…. No… She’s dead too. Ok not all nice and docile… Every jealous woman is a vicious woman….. ( can I use girl instead of woman?? Haha)

Argh!!! I’m bloody fucking pissed!!

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Test test


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Monday blues

Monday sucks!!!!! When the bloody alarm rang at 6, I reset it to 615.. Zzzzz when it rang at 615, I snoozed it a couple more time!

I was at The best place to be in the whole wide world!!! In bed, under my comfy comforter, soft pillow, huggable bolster..

"WAKEUP VAL!!!" reality bites.. It is time to get back to work…

Its gonna be a 4 day week for me… Life is good. 🙂 I’m just gonna stay home, slack, and watch tv the whole day.

Miss my girls. 🙂

P/s: I like competition…. 🙂

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