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Its the One thing…

This job is one of stamina, perserverence, sweat, tears, mental trauma, dilligence, long working hours, support, and MOST IMPORTANTLY….


I pray every night before i go to bed, i pray in the morning when i’m in the shower, i pray when things go wrong, i pray when things go smoothly…. i think i just have to TRUST and have FAITH…. When there’re lots of set backs, i start doubting that things would ever turn for the better. Now that it has, i do believe that its not because of my hard work, but because of him above.

Hmmm.. it is a good thing to have those daily devotionals sent to my office inbox.

i’m sick. ugh. but i cant wait for MJ session! 🙂


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I’m so tired and so stressed at work! gosh i’m falling sick… plus the situation at home is not really helping. Mum’s not worried but i am…. suffering from a Bout of sleepless nights and fiery temper these days.

NOT healthy. think i need “liang Teh” to cool me down for abit.

feels like CRAP to be loaded with work, and working so hard for stuff, and things dont go through. life sucks.. ugh. but i’m paid for such sucky work. so why not!? 😦

CHARLIE LOW… : can i meet u tomorrow night? i’m on leave on Wednesday
PRISCILLA KHOO… : Can i meet u on wednesday? kopi? anithing? i know u’re off. dont deny
KEY CHUA + Adel … : erm.. nevermind… i know u all are busy studying n all.. hehehee

Work’s never ending. ugh.

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The Candidate says…

I need to speak with my wife = It’s a no

I’m perfect for the role = You can’t afford me

Can you call me back in ten minutes….. so I have time to turn my phone off or call somebody else

The interview went well – they really liked me = I messed up

I answered all the questions at interview and could do everything on the job spec = I messed it up

Maybe I should have mentioned this before = I’ve messed you around

Can I have the weekend to think about it = Its a no and you’ll never to able to get me on the phone again

I’ve got specific industry experience = But what I haven’t said is it was 35 years ago

I would take a cut for the right role = Right up until the point they offer me less than I’m on

I took a career break to renovate property = I’m crap at what I do and no one would employ me

I would commute 60 miles each way – no problem = I will turn down any offer due to commute no matter how much it is at 5.30pm on a Friday and ruin your weekend

Can I let you know Monday AM? (said on Friday night) = It’s a no and there will be an email turning down the offer waiting for you in your inbox on Monday at 8.30

I’ve vaguely heard of that company but I haven’t been put forward = 15 companies have spoken to me about this vacancy and I have told them all that they can put me forward. I have also sent my CV direct just in case

The Recruiter says…

Research shows = I’ve made this up

To tell you the truth = I’m lying

Honestly speaking = I’m still lying

Most of our clients = One or two

This candidate is the best around = I’ve only got this one guy

I’ve had a lot of xxxx experience = I’m new to recruitment though

In a manner of speaking = I’m waffling

At the end of the day = You’re not going to go ahead are you?

Feel free to think about it = Now I know you aren’t going ahead!

I’ve spoken to him myself = I’ve emailed him

He’s interviewing elsewhere = He’s sat at home watching Trisha

I haven’t got my notes in front of me = I’ve never asked the candidate that query but will do

I’ve had a message from him indicating he enjoyed the interview = Haven’t spoken to him yet but now that it may be an offer you bet I will

They’ve filled the job internally = You’re not good enough but I don’t have the strength or patience to argue this point with you.

I’m on the phone / in a meeting = I’m eating breakfast

You look an extremely good match for the role I’m recruiting for = There must be something wrong with you, what is it?

This role offers significant professional development opportunities for you = Just take the darn job

You can apply internally for any other role after 6 months = I know this job is rubbish but keep trying and you’ll find a good one there…

You can work flexitime = The traffic is a nightmare, this at least means you have a change to get there on time

I’ve been meaning to call you / you were next on my list = I’ve been trying to avoid speaking to you

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Pre Monday Blues

The weekend just wheezed by.

After Timbre on Friday with the ladies, i slept till 3pm on sat (gosh)
Sat was…. (wait, let me try and recall)… oh! yes! Fantabulous home made prawn noodles, computer games, DVD, and Geylang Frog leg porridge….
As for today, its sleeping till 1, then Channel 55 + Long John, Manhattan Fish market for dinner, then movies and Gelare!

That’s life. That’s a Freggin good life which i never want it to end! sigh. it’s monday soon… 😦 totally dredding it. why cant i not go to work????

Guess the grass on the otherside’s always greener…. some may think that i’m having a good life cuz of the $$$ i’m able to make now… others think it’s nice to work at the CBD area and wear suits and pretty stuff… I do admit that those are the “finer” things in life and i am enjoying myself from time to time…. The convenience of having a train station near my home and working at raffles place.. wearing OL clothings… blah blah blah…..

Then i think back… I’m growing up too fast for what i can handle i guess. Im getting a little too complicated for my own liking. But i’ve always been a complicated person!!! i’m only simpler to those around me. I wanna be like prisc where she flies around, and see the world, and wear nice clothes made for 4 seasons… i wanna be like key (going to) be in a world where it’s complicated yet simple, might be a little dry but yet stable… I also wanna be like charlie where i stay so near work, and is already very used to the environment and setting, and knows she can thrive in there…

u see… i’m already getting the pre monday blues syndrome. lol.
Life’s really a give and take. I get paid for the stress, trauma, emotional roller coaster, long hours etc… In turn, i pay it with my lack of sleep, lack of social life, lousy complexion, unmanicured toes (ugh! i MUST get it done this week).

Maybe life’s fair after all.
we just have to make it work… despite all the shit that’s thrown on you everyday. I will survive… And do VERY WELL in whatever i do.

yes i will.

Have a great week everyone!

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Random one for now

I’m very very angry!!! and pissed!!!! 😦

because someBODY meddled with my game and now i cant play it anymore! boohoohoooooo!!!! it’s something money cant buy and i’m so maaaaadddd.. so what am i gonna do on a sat night?? 😦 i really really badly wanted to play “fairygod mother tycoon” **Pouts*


oh well~……

went out with the girls to timbre last night. long story.. 🙂 to cut the story short (Because there’s someONE staring at me while i type this).. I had a great night, and i wish i had MORE such nights.

Miss ya ladies~


Back to pouting cuz i cant play my game!

LIFE SUCKS! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

**Big loves* 🙂

p/s: i think i should start blogging more and put up more pictures. but working life’s qutie a bore. hmm. what’s there to blog about anyway. tho those that’s stil reading despite my infrequent posts. a biGGG thank u. lets go for lunch someday. mmm.. maybe not. hahaha


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