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Politking ugh…

work hasn’t been good. not one bit at all… sense lots of “Politik-ing” and stuff like that. and Yes, unfortunately im part of that whole stupid mess. back in school, i’ve always thought that, if i dont step on other people’s tail and genuinely try to be nice, things would work out… aparently not… defence is unfortunately not the best “policy”. and attacking would be the way to go at times. Feel so helpless and defenceless when acusations are thrown at me just like that…

personally, i’ve always felt that it’s harder to be nasty than to be nice…… guess i’m to a certain extend more NON confrontational, and harmonious… believe in being nice to everyone and not backstabbing. the most i do is complain n whine to people closer to me…. Pat, Jeff, Layhoon…. Prisc Key… thats bout all the people i complain to. Is it too much to ask for?? arghhhh!!! point being said is.. there really is NO point in being nice.

however…… at the end of the day… i prolly am just a Fierce tiger with a Tofu heart….. i still wish that she will change for the better, understand the team dynamics and work well with the rest of us…..

If i stop disliking you, will you stop disliking me??? No… But i do believe that you’d see the “light” someday… and understand that we’re not out to “DESTROY” you…. sigh….

silly girl….

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