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Happy 2x Bday!

I refuse to say how old u are… as i know its a secret u wana keep! 🙂
i just hope the day where i change it to 3X will never come! 😛 lol



Not sure how this day will turn out for u… But i’d try my bestest best to make it an enjoyable and absolutely FAN-TaS-TIC one!

I’m pretty excited bout tmr… If no one gives u suprises I WILL, and if no one picks u up.. I WILL TOO!~~ hehehe.. Dont u just love me?

*HuGs & KisseS*

cya in awhile…


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Friends… BaHh!!

in some shittily-pissifying mood today. or rather, its just the 2nd half of the day maybe. It prolly isnt gona b the first time i blog about Friends, (or the lack of it) … Im not gonna act like petty loser and say stuff like “who gives a shit bout having heaps of friends” and i dont give a shit even if i lose all my friends in this world…

Its just that… I feel that i’m living in a world where i’m constantly disappointed with people. People whom i call friends… People whom i think are my friends or even best friends… I dont want my life to revolve around just my boyfriend or even family. i need friends too! The more the merrier really…

These days, i’m losing friends quicker than i can say “Hi, my name is Val…err..i…eee…..” .. and WHAM! there goes another lost friendship. like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!? Am I not there for you when you’re down? Do i not lend a listening ear to you when you’re sad? Am i not the one who cheer u up n have fun with you? or go shopping or chit chat with you when i’m fuckin bz? Why is it that i’m the one trying to be a friend a GOOD friend and it cant be reciprocated??

Its like i’m not askin for a 1001% 24/7 Best Friend, or someone who is “oh-So-Twin” n JUST LIKE ME… Everyone’s entittled to their own views n differences. i just want someone to talk sense, and speak sense, and just listen maybe? And not treat me like i’m wayyyy below priority to their bf! or dont even call for ages, and only “make use” of me when they’re free n have no one else to meet!?!?! what the Fuck do u think i am and treat me for??? Just want u to treat me with a little more respect at times… like listening when i talk to you, and believe me when i tell u that some things are good for you…. or even stupid things like CALL BACK when you promise that you’d call back,and stuff like that…

I dont need to be your number 1 person … just dont make me feel like number 5th (just a random number) person in your life when i’m supposedly to be your “BEST FRIEND”… Come to me when you need to speak or whine… i’d be there if you ever need a “shoulder”… just dont make it seem like i’m so distant from you and we can only have “fun times”…. and when i talk… Please at least listen??? dont take my advises for granted??

Great… i’m incoherent.. why? prolly because i’m talkin about 2 different ppl.. I’m disappointed in the both of you.. Maybe .. once again i’m just disappointed in myself for not being able to keep up a frienship… I’ve lost so many friends. what’s 2 more right?

I’ve just got 1 more to go…. promise i’d b a really nice friend…. as for the others… eric’s right… maybe if we talk it out, things would b fine. I’m not that confrontational. i choose to run… i choose to hide.

Blogging is truly a good avenue for stress relief… type a whole lot of bullshit, tear abit… and i’m feeling much better n not so pent up now.

Had a small chat with a friend… things r back to norm i guess? hmm.. 🙂


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Ohhhhh My!

I thought it was gonna be a vampire show, and it turned out to be a romantic flick… hah.. i like it!!! 🙂

the guy Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter). I didnt cast an eye on him when he was in harry potter, but now in THIS show its different! his pale ghostly white complexion, red lips, and styled hair just captured me into the entire movie. It really was very romantic when he tried holding back from the girl he like, but succumbed to it all at the end of the day… And the girl had a kind of slapstick humor tt was edgy n quirky, not “off the rack” kinda next door girl.

All in all, i think it’s a wonderful show by my standards (i like predictable shows, without too much fight/gore/nonsensical dialogues/draggy lousy twists in it).

Only drawback is that there doesnt seem to be too much plot and depth in the whole show, with bits n pieces being too lenghy n long winded (tho i like it, cuz its the part on their romance that’s long)… I went into the movie with an expectation of having part 2 3 n 4 coming up really soon, and that sorta made up for the lack of intensity despite the show being slightly over 2 hours long (i think).. or maybe its because i’m @ golden village, and the 20-25mins wait for shows to start are notorious.. Cathay’s more on time. heh.

Cant wait for more… infact.. i just purchased the box set from kino online! PURRRRRRFECT! it cost almost 150, but think it’s gona be a good read. Dont bother asking. i’m not lending it out. call me a selfish prick, but i love having my books in good condition, w/o folded corners, widely opened binds, or even nose-picks inbetween. EugHhh…

Work tmr.. hmm..
That’s life?

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Oh my.. sometimes you really wont know what’s your limit till you test yourself wont u??

Worked till 130am on thurs night, and had to be in the office bloody freggin 9am!!! i was tossing even tho its already 3plusAM, and i gave up officially at 615. What better way to start a day than spending to have enough time to make up dress up n moisturize rite!?!?! (bimbo! i know).

Mum just came home from Israel! bought me a set of hand feet body cream n bath salt. *aww* mum knows me well! 🙂 I’ve missed her.. my home w/o mum, and just with dad being the househusband is simply WRONG…..

he’s OVER neat, n OVER tidy (at the wrong things), and he insists that some of my clothes look better CrumPled n wont need any Ironing!!! *HUH!* …

So, the day started off with a tripleshot caramel latte from Spinelli n my beloved cheese bun from Mirana… That explains why im gaining weight.. I was very very very hyper the whole morning, and feeling simply “Uppity”.. (if u know what i mean) which i think you prolly dont. Had to make a mental check to tone down… strange… for a Non-regular coffee drinker. the triple shot worked wonders!

i shall NOT be a coffee addict!!! i do have a secret deep dark addiction to GOOD coffee tho.. I.e. YES to starbucks, YES to Spinelli, YES to Leos, NO to coffeebean, NO to coffee club. and on the more Local end, its YES to Mr. TehTarik, YES to AhMei (only the chinese aunty), YES to Golden Shoe, NO to Coffee&Toast … THERE U GO! Best of raffles’s kopi n TeH places. 🙂

After a NOT SO smooth sailing day at work, didnt manage to meet M for dinner tho 😦 Went for a hair treatment with PP to a salon @ Circular road + Burger king for dinner. ehh… she is… still the same. hah…

On my way back, (once again), had the good fortune of having PK on the phone with me.. aWwww.. all the JuiCy updates n gossips…. sighh..

V: Dont u think its easiest to cheat on your bf n b wif a girl? just say u’re BEST FRIENDS!
PK: The guy would be damn sad…
V: If im gonna cheat, do u think id even give a shit!?

PK: Ehhh… next time if we cannot get married, we be “Together” la! (as in BI)
V: Tho the chances are REALLY slim, i doubt i wanna risk it. NO! we will not…. *ScOwLs*
PK: hummm.. How bout Stay together??
V : I want a dog.. Can?
PK: CAN! but i thought u always wan dog n cat?
V: U REMEMBER! *Touched* OSO can la!
PK : CAN! u take care la!~~~
V: NO! F*K off
PK: Dont want.. SUAH…
V: FINE!!!! im home… BYEEE!!!

i.e. M better maaaarrrreeeeeyyyy mee! cuz i just blew my chances of being BI with my best pal.
PK: If we cant get

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Ahh. Ive probably said it a million times that i’d (RE)start blogging. Many atimes I did, and subsequently stopped blogging for the longest time.

Now.. THIS TIME.. its for real. Trust me… (No wait. Dont… Now how many times have i lied about rebloging and i’m still asking that you trust i’d start blogging one more time, only to have u find out that i’m just asking so that you’d believe me this once and soon you’d find out that this once would never be the last?) Right…. mind boggling? GREAT NEWS! i’m still having the ability to blog crap! hah. Mental Checklist: 1 criteria down.

The header of my blog was (until 5mins ago) “Its so if val says so” … I’ve rename it. Why? Realized that world really really really isnt how it seems. It never fails to suprises me most of the times.

Why i’ve decided to blog again? Maybe because i’m less tied down and stressed with work. Or maybe its because i’ve had people telling me “HEY VAL! u dont blog any more!” That only goes to show that they’ve been checking back. Thank you, and i hope to consistantly entertain with my otherwise boring life. You’d soon find that im not as quirky, equally whiny, and even more naggy. A blog is my engine and mechanism for venting anger and sharing thoughts.

I’ve been employed and with a steady income for what? close to 4 years? Its only through these few months which i’ve experienced extreme low point where I had to switch jobs out of desperation.. Maybe you were right all along, why am i puting so much effort and my “life” into work, when at the end of the day, that’s not what life is all about. Too bad i didnt see things this way back then exbf.

Blogging is like little footprints of my life… It seems like the more i work, the less time i have to blog, and the stress caused the words to be Blocked out of my fingers (yes stupid i know but i TYPE wat!!)… does it mean that work has gradually made me lose my Zest and enthusiasm for life? Have i lost my ability to voice and air my toughts, but merely supress them just like we have to inthe working world??


QuickFacts 101 (Cheatsheet to catching up)
– I’ve changed Job. Lets call the place B
– I have a boyfriend. Lets call him M
– I work shift hours at times. DONT CALL ME in the morn
– I love MJ, and I want Kaki-s
– I dont club anymore since 2 years ago. (dont act suprised)
– I’ve grown fat. Its a fact, so dont point it out
– I’ve lost friends along the way. Please be my friend?
– I still stay in Boon-Freggin-LAY
– I hate uploading pictures. Want photos? Go to GettyImages.
– I’m a Beauty (makeup/skincare) Junkie as always
– I want plastic surgery. My boobs are fine in a small way. Want my eyes done!
– I want to get married, and have the ability to NOT WORK by 30.

Evil Traits of mine
-I’m still a crybaby, a jealous cat, a posessive freak, a domineering wanabe, Bitch obviously, oversensitive twig, TOO rational thinker, over impulsive worrier, shrewd calculator, petty fella, fake pretender. (i really must expand this list, but what’s the point of putting myself down on MY blog??) I will have a dedicated post of how good i am and WHY…. (Im really kidding. aint as narcissic)

My laptop cant hook on to the net, so it’s in the hospital for now. Hijacked my dad’s Ubersmall laptop, so small, it makes my fingers feel like Dumbo the elephant using his stumps n trying to type. I NEED a PC… I’ve got my bro’s old CPU, Old Speaker… letssee… any doners please? “M” is donating a monitor i think…. The thing is i never use “hand-me-downs”, but im just unwilling to fork out that $ on a PC!! (to be honest, i rather buy an LV bag)… or gucci, or katespade for that matter…. heh.

Its been a horid day at work for me….. Damn bloody fuckin horrible. argh… i just wanna SCREAM! ARGHHHH!!!!! FUCK! Damn the bloody autocratic hierarchial ways! **PUIEeee!!**

However, i Shall end off with this phrase i got off a friendly chain mail…

“Be kinder than necessary. ‘Cause everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. “

Okayyyyyyyyy… If only everyone feels this way. Everything starts small.

Good night world. Good morning rather…

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