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Its been a long long lonnnnggg time since ive been to the KTV. and SOON i will go again. was supposed to head down with charlie n my other colleagues a few days after my bday but was cancelled due 2 unforseen circumstances… and ive never “shouted” my lungs out ever since. heh

what a better time to do so than after exams! =) went to kbox with prisc, lingz and gerald… to the 3 of you,and all other ppl who happen 2 read our blogs, IM SORRY! i ripped off the pics! hahaha.. becuz prisc is in msia already.. and for the benefit of those who dont… There u go! 🙂

p/s: the sleeve is an attempt to cover up my flabsy arms…
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its obvious who’s got the “meatiest” face now.. and HUILING, pls!!! i wonder what’s ur definition of SQUEEZE!!!! hahaha
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Monkey acts….
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my Dearrrrest Priscy and me!!! **Hearts** .. note our “winter” attire… it was raining heavily tt morning, and exam hall was like artic!! so we both brought our thickest jackets! =)
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US! and spidey…. (Wenjun.. pls cut ur body n paste it in.. its like our ONLY “group” photo! …)
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Slept till bout 10 plus, and then it was “operation pack-val’s-sty”… i Dumped all notes into the cupboards and study room, mopped my floor, dusted and shined my carket, wiped my table, packed my stationary, al even washed my fan!! its finally spanking clean and fit for sleeping once again. heh.. Then it was s-h-o-p-p-i-n-gggggggg!!! Bugis-Heeren-Metro-Fareast-Goodwoodpark =) PheWw..

i will not will not will not will not shop for the rest of this month. (and maybe event he next).. **doubtful look**

total damage:
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1.Addidas ibizza tank (to match my white addidas 3/4 sweat pants tt i’ve bought and yet to wear)

2.Junk food top from queens at heeren. its not a regular tee, the back’s lower and it fits real good!

3.NUM flash way urban. changed my white pair to a black one… and the person there didnt wana let me change it because i didnt have a receipt. even after al said he works there they were like #$%^&*() no no no no no no… arghh… rigid bunch of XXXXXXXXs… at the end, tis nice guy called kelvin at NUM main helped us do the task. bleahh..

4. 2 short shorts (dont ask why i bought 2. id be very sad)

5. Clinique super cityblock (to keep my face fair)… those who’ve been tanning with me would know. and they ALL say im weird! *hmph*… i want my body black, and face fair! hahaha… since my sunblock’s almost finished.. time for a new tube 🙂 and tis sunblock’s realli good..

5. Diva Necklace- list price, 36.90. Val’s price.. $9bucks! cheapo. yes. i know.

6. Accesorize Clutch/wallet- its white, its bigg, its a beauty.. at least to me! heh..

7. CK Boxers- for al of cuz… cant be me rite! tho i feel tt the turtle boxers at num’s soo much cuter. haha.

**Beams** ive been confined to home, w/o physical retail therapy for bout? 1.5 to 2 whole months.. shopping makes me a happy girl…
then, it was dinner time at spagdeggies. (how do u spell that!?!?)
i had cheese ravioli. which was not as nice as i thought it would be. and al had very very very delicious hehpoh spag!!! FwoaHhh tts like reali reali reali good!

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Check the HaYpoHh out!! haha… (according to al)…. the spag contains white wine as well.. (which i absolutely cant tell the difference).. okae.. try my hand at making that for u nxt time ya!? 🙂
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i know both looks tomato-ish, and.. yeah. pasta-ish.. but his is deeelicious!

Thank god for self timer =)
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I never look pretty in nice decent shots… ugh… ive got a looking down shot, a monkey grin, a face slimming shot, and a my-tube-top-is-dropping-i-need-bigger-boobs shot. heh
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Do we look alike??? hahaha
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Happy mother’s day to all mummies!!!
love ur mothers… or your family members for that matter… cuz they love u too!!! hehee..
glad mum loved the durian stuff frm goodwoodpark 🙂
i love you mummy! you’re the most beautiful mum in my heart!


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Des into NS….

lil bro’s going to NS today.. not that he’s REALLY little….
when i was 18, i had a bf already….. my bf was 18 too!!! but somehow… My bro still seem so YOUNG!!!

Since he’s an acjc canoist… shouldnt be much of a prob for him…physically. BUT what if he meets some ah beng!? those that teaches him the wrong stuff n all!? Sigh. Woes of a sister…

Shall pray for his safety… and that he’d get along with other ppl… How he’s like??? he’s quite the opposite of me… he’s not the chatterbox that i am! hhahaa.. But he’s a great guy… He even passed his K750i to me… and along with his “departure” comes his tv/dvd/desktop/room, and everything else that comes tgt with it!!! No more burning of laptop.. at least for the next 2 weeks…

tk care lil bro…

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