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i totally hate hate hate HATE office wear to the MAX!!!

in pri sch and sec sch.. ive been the kid with the weird wear and limited clothing.

My fave outfit in primary school was a betty boob teeshirt (of cuz i had no boobs then, not to mention now).. **ok. very cold**

and in sec sch… it was 3/4 pants or bball shorts, with 37 degrees teeshirt… My attempt to be “hip” and “cool” includes a baby blue long pants, with spag strap top, and 3.5 inch wedges…..

Had my 1st ever levis jeans in poly, its been a staple ever since…… it started with tees n jeans, then, polo n jeans, to spag + tank tops n jeans……. its basically DENIM… i love it!! cuz it sits nicely on my hips (unfortuntately it accentuates my love handles), and it allows me to run and prance around…

in uni, i shld say my dressing’s above the average girls… why? because i started having income of my OWN, and i can spent/ (splurge) on myself without being guilty, or being a burden to my parents…. and so!!!! i can proudly boast a wardrobe full of clothes that would look good on me! they’re not the nicest/most up to fashion/branded (of cuz not).. but at least i feel good in them, and more importantly, i feel prettttyyyy!!!! **pouts**

the thing bout girls (or maybe just me), i have to try and look my best before i head out.. or my day wld b spoilt! i can try 10,000 set of clothes (an exaggaration of cuz), only to end up with the first outfit, and FEEL good bout it! and id leave home, being able to lift my head high… if i leave home with something less than perfect (to me at least)… the day wld stink to the max…

THAT brings me to my point…. I HAVE NO OFFICE WEAR!!! or rather… i have laaaa… but i dont feel comfy in it! i dont like wearing it! i dont look good in it! i feel “ruined” in it! ROARRRRR!!!!! thank god for the black jacket at work… its big, it keeps me warm, and i can hide any embarassment…

**PHOooO** bed time… im feeling sick all over again…

-to iris (if you’re seeing this): So Sorry tt i wasnt able to meet up with you.. felt totally DEAD that day 😦


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lousy sleep

i had the WORST WORST WORST night of slp ever!!!!!

i got up at bout 5am.. tossing n turning! despite my aircon at a whopping 18deg, it felt warm under the blanket…but yet, cold without it… RaHhhhHHHh!!! and i felt so itchy scratchy all over!~~ damn laa…

weather’s great….. think id head for sentosa!~ =)

Ciaoz peeps…

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yaHooos!!!! in less than 24 hours it’ll be OVER! =)!!!! good riddance with exams and the shits..

i take back my words bout taking a 2nd degree.
(at least for the moment..)
prisc is mocking me for saying i wana STUDY again…
i reall do wana study… it beats working.. or looking for a job.

Now that im broke and in need of a full time job, i guess id spent my time pia-ing OT after exams. Miss my colleagues! haaha. i feel so dense with all the books and theories n such. i need of bimbsy-ness.

Think my lappy’s old… n slowing down.. PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME!!!!!! **Screams**

im bored. Lotsa pics 2 upload!! gona get photoshop frm key 1st! hehee..
ciaoz peeps..
my very very last bit of studying to be done…
screw the results.
i cant change it anyway.. hahahas.

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New earing stashes.. =)
Love them!
thanks cordi!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

im a “hoops” or “Dangles” person…
seldom a “stud” person..
occupational habit. hah.
it Pokes my head when i wear my earpiece…
speaking of which…. i wonder if my earpiece has MouLds in it already.. heh..

can i not study??
im feeling sick. pukish. ugh…
time seem to Zooom pass these few days… 7days to liberation!

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I declare tonight a DRINKING NIGHT!!!
Mum didnt make soup….
Ive drank enough water + fruit juice.

its ALCOHOL NIGHT!!!!!!!

gone are the days of chionging…. it use to be bourbon coke, vodka ribena, whisky dry and the sorts… then came the hoegarden, kilkenny, stella artois….

and lots n lots of puking there after. worst’s the bourbon. eughh…

Ive MENDED my ways.. now its just Margaritas, martinis, Wine, and CHOYA!!!

Ive saved my 2 of my precious stash for the last… 1 redwine (which i bought at an extorbitant price)… and another Ice wine.. (bdae presie frm KK) which he saved it for a few yrs 🙂 … Drinks? anyone!?

I like to drink. be it alone, or as a group… Why!? Drinking as a group make EVERYONE a lil tipsy and HIGH.. and ppl who are HIGH get happy very easily!!

I like drinking when im alone as well.. no beer tho.. it’ll either be wine, or choya… it aids in having a good night. i wont dream as much after i drink… id just lie on my bed, and K.O.! its my 3rd glass of choya… heart’s pumping a lil quickly now.. blood rush… great.. just what i wanted.. Yawns.. a lil groggy..

Apart from that a good nights rest, i guess other ppl drink for other reasons as well. drinking takes ur mind off things.. makes you happy.. casts your worries away…

the pursuit of happiness doesnt come easy.
if only everyday was like its first.

Its hard to verbalize some things. In short.. Some things are better left unsaid. Isnt it?
the role of a fe-MALE doesnt come easy….
at times, we wish to vocalize how we feel. but we’ve learnt that a girl is better off holding her tongue, or not speaking at all.. in fear that we’d say the wrong things, or make the wrong moves.

being pro-active… chasing after what you want.. your dreams.. etc… it never helps… it never works….. lets just be reactive creatures… theres no point in working hard… or for showing interest, lets just let the other party do the work… we’d just sit down and be waited on..

if only that’s the way…

it isnt in my blood… i like to pursue what i like… what i want.
i like to say what i feel. i dont like to be restricted or confined.

i wish i could say what i want to say.. feel what want to feel. settle what i must. do what i want to do…

But i knwo what’s best for me… urgh…

its gona be a looonnnggg day.

KO. tipsified….
i use to be able 2 hold my liquor…. for obvious reasons.. i cant now. haha
to make things worst….. i get RED all over….
as tho ive got some allergy or smth…

nah.. just the blood circulation. heh…

gambatte val!


i think peggy shld be in the top 3 of MSU!!! damn.

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I had an argument with Al last night..
U wont exactly call that an argument, because its him being accomodating as usual…

In short, GUYS!!!


When you talk i listen, when i wana talk bout something, you listen. You can have your point of view, but dont impose it on me. I dont need to be in the same paradigm as u are. In the worst case…. i wont talk.

Thanks for understanding darling =) im sure ive gotten my point accross… I LOVE U! hehee..

Unlike some other guys… who never knew how 2 listen.. bleah.

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I dont think getting along with one another’s easy.. In fact…. Getting along with GIRLS seems to be one of the hardest things. ONE lousy move, one stinking word, and THATS it. I know how it feels to be ostracized by one whole clique. I know how its like when everyone’s gossiping behind your back… you can feel it… but u cant hear it. i remember the bAoc days… ugh.. disgusting piece of shit.

Girls call it chit chat. Guys call it gossiping, or even BiTcHing. Its a matter of perspective.. heh… Im sure everyone does chat/gossip/bitch/talk bout some sensitive stuff at some point of time.

Not that there’s supposed to be any “Morals” bout that… but i make it a point to cut things back, and talk only bout the truth without exaggaration. When someone tells you bout Something/someone. you comment, you give your one cent wort, AND you dont falsify and go around telling ppl what you’ve heard…. at least that’s what id do…

If u dont go yakking bout ppl… it doesnt mean they wont go arnd talking bout u behind your back… Sigh. I try to get along… But it aint that easy. Girls and petty guys alike. Keep a clear conscience i say…. and SMILE your day away…. Good or bad, it takes a thick skin to carry on… Look up, and SMILE! even if the world disapproves of you. u can either do that…… or ask that person to fug off.. heh… I primarily choose the former. But in certain instances… it’ll be the latter…


(anyone knows how i can resize my pics!?!? ive got 1001 pix on my cam and i cant seem 2 get it in the right size!)

P/S: condolence to prisc’s cam.. you’ve served us well… May you gain your “eyesight” soon??? 🙂

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