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a loser must do what a loser must…

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SMELLY MELLY KEY CHUa made me do this!!! because i lost to her in the “black sesame white sesame” game…. but she SMELLY!!!!!!!! she lost on 1st attempt and she say play sumore till i lost! hmph!! (im a sore loser) hehehehhee… love tt game!

Its gona b a short post. cuz ive got work at 8am.. sentosa in the afternoon, bbq at night, and a full sunday worth of stress n work.

Barry Eng’s gona be so unhappy with my blog. He’s gonna call me unoriginal and he’s never ever gona read my blog again.. because he said my krabi post was boring and prisc’s was interesting!!! ***Jealous***
havent got the time to edit the photos, and its so so so hard to select nice pics and ignore those “flawed” ones… so i simply i ripped key’s pics…
i PROMISE i wont do it again barry!!!!!!! (time constrains laa…) please dont stop browsing my blog! hahaha.. **kidding**

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zouk was one hell of a night!!!!!! hell PACKED i mean!!!
if i knew it was vesak the nxt day id never have went! roarrrr who’s fault!?!?!? **raise your hands**

was glad for the great company tho. key, adel, al…. and the others….. like barry who got us drinks etc etc etc.
=) love yas!

*Not a flattering pic of al and he wont like this pic* but im sure key likes it 🙂
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How does my very very black hair look??? hehe.. less split ends??? =)

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Its gona b a long weekend. and i pray that it’ll be a smooth sailing one. UNLIKE today. Pray id have the energy to do what i set out to.. and id glow and sparkle at every possible ocassion =)


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No Me Ames

To gerald/ling/prisc…..

(((ok. its not appearing..)))

As to why Agnes B is pronounced this it’s supposed to (i think so larr)… tis song wld prolly CONFIRM that it’s corect!

No Me AMES.. the AMES.. soo.. A = H?? hahaa.. anyone knows spanish!? =)

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