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its 4.07am, and im DAMN SHAG!

The day went pass in a whEeze… and its 1st august already!

went down to Toshiba data dynamics this morning at kallang to get Bimbsy a.k.a. my laptop fixed… and GUESS WHAT!? its only 1 year waranty, not 3 years! so ive gotta spent $$ on bimbsy. 😦 ps. dont think she’s gona b a bimb anymore.. why? her 40GB HDD is only available in 60GB and 80GB now. (they phased 40GB out wayyy back)… AND AND AND, she’s upgradable to a 2Gig RAM. which makes her NOT SO bimbsy after all.. haha…

Servicing = $100
HDD= approx $200-$300 (size dependent)
RAM= $200-$300

EQUALS a very poor me.
maybe id just leave it as bimbotic as it is now…
Flat, high maintainance, look good, no function, low memory, high expense, slow speed. pretty.


Since it was early, al and i headed to his “niang jia”… where he had a change of clothes and WHILE i had a jolly good time with his mum! =) i like his momma!! she’s very….. ME! think, talkative, noisy, sweet, happy!

Then it was work in the evening, where prior to that i went to HR dept for my exit interview… Damn.. i shld have said more during the exit interview…. work was a total PAIN.

my mouth is so filled with ulcers, that i can barely speak properly. 1 at the throat, 2 on the right 2 on the left, and my tongue hurts like nobody’s business. i took a pic of the ulcer at the throat. NOT a very pleasant sight.


Despite it all…. i headed down to mustafa with al and prisc! its really great 2 spent some time with prisc again… she really makes me laugh…. when combined with al…. its a totally fun filled night!! best stash of the night? my MAGGI MEEssss and instant food!!!! =)

i miss u babe… lets go out again soon… Cant be w/o u girls for too long. =)

K.O. time…


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Went back to the dentist today. He filled a couple of teeth and it hurt like crazy! It was too deep to the point where it almost reached my nerves. if it did, id have to do a root canal (which would cost alot more)

Thank god a filling alone wld b sufficient.. 🙂
hows the pain like? its like having sensitive teeth whenever you drink a cold drink? so whenever he touched/scraped/drilled… it felt like that… i started out cursing n swearing at the pain… it only ended in prayers hoping that it’ll end!!

the anasthetic’s wearing off… and im beginning to feel the aftermath…. a bad throat, and a throbbing headache.


Your Toes Should Be Red

You pretend to be an old fashioned girly girl, but you're secretly a naughty girl deep down.

Your ideal guy: Tall, strong, and handsome - with a devilish twinkle in his eye.

Stay away from: Nice, safe men. They won't really give you what you want!

time for a pedicure!!! (and a manicure)


My new manager called today… she asked if i could go down (again) to meet another manager, where we can chat up over “coffee”… **jitters again**… it’s my XXX (lost count) times going down there.. and morover, ive already signed the offer letter!

Since this manager’s gona b heading the commerce team as well, i need to meet up with her.. good for me! since im having pre work jitters already… but….. what if she doesnt like me? the offer letter’s gona be null and void?? probably not. since the MD has already given the thumbs up.

13days till my new work life!!

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Found this AWSOME top. its truly love at first sight even before trying it out!!! =) *just like getting to know al?* hehee

found this totally amazing top!!!
somebody find it for me please???
topshop. size 6

no discount nevermind!! id pay full price for it!!

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the one at vivo only had size 8 and 4… no 6… =(
size 8 looks frumpy, and i had to be a contortionist to get into size 4…


Side track.

to those who are highly dependent on EYE LINERS (i.e. myself)
i just discovered the WONDER of GEL EYE LINERS!!! (is it just me that’s slow or what?)

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1. long lasting
2.more vibrant
3. easy application as compared to liquid liners
4. nice tailends
5.easily removed
6.no need to “stretch”/pull open the eye
7. goes well over eye shadow 8. CHEAP! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAPP!!.. it costs like 30-40 bucks for a bottle, and it lasts say… 9mths tops? an average stick of clinique quickliner costing $30bucks at retail store $19bucks at DFS lasts me only 1.5mths max…
8. 1 less item in ur make up bag! cuz u wont need to touch up for the whole day..

great brands inc bobbi brown, and mac… not to sure bout others tho. p/s. really random. but im boycotting shu uemura

Frm bobbibrown, its 1 gel liner pot, 1 brush, 1 nude eye shadow color, 1 matt lipstick.
Frm G2K, 1 pants and 1 jacket BOTH AT HALF PRICE.
Frm Bysi, 1 LIMEgreen top, 1 dress. 23Bucks each + 15% discount.
Frm Lasenza, 1 technolite bra in nude col 50% off, 1 corset 50%off (which im so tempted to post the pic), 5Gstrings for 35bucks!!!!

im 1 happy girl.


welcome back steph!!!!! thanks for dragging that 26kg worth of goodies for us! 🙂

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Sentosa day..

im back to blog….. its because its sat.. and its my REST DAY! ive been working hard, and keeping myself bz, to the point where i feel sick at times.

i havent been blogging, for a couple of days and it seems like a HELL LONG TIME!!! ive already received complains rgd my lack of updates. In short. ive been broke. and trying to make more $$ for my next pay cheque and the one after.

My offdays have been fun tho… =)

Al applied for his island card, and i renewed mine.. *STARES at prisc* u better get urs renewed the nxt time… u can run but u cannntttt hiddeeee.. hahaha
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i love photo whoring there. and when the girls are not with me, i have to do it myself!! im waiting for key’s bday at delmar… cuz im sure there wld be MANY pictures!! Here’s the estimated break down
adel: 70
val: 100 (a little more photowhorish than her i think)
prisc: 300 (VERY much more than me n adel combined)
key: 4000!!! (10 X more than 3 of us combined!! cuz its her bday!!! and shes the queen of photowhoring) hahahahha..
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Gota make do with al, since the others arent around… he’s already complaining that i take too many of the same shots!! i mean.. what do u expect.. 2 person n the beach. the beach and 2 person… SAME WHAT…
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the sun was good last sat, and we left there happier, tanner, and hungrier…
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oh oh OOhhhh…. i forgot!!! we packed super hotdogs to sentosa! yummm they taste great!! i had the erm.. bacon with chilli dog sauce (im not sure if its the right name)and cheese.. with EXTRA bacon. their chilli dog sauce really un-chilli-ish… its american spicy. not asian spicy. heh.
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AND, i met a primary school friend! Vivien KhoO… wow… 10 years ago, we parted at our pri sch graduation, and its only the 2nd time ive met her since… time flies… ive known her for 16 years…. at 16 years of age…. i just graduated frm sec sch… WTF… im OLD!!!!!
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al and i went for tian tian huo guo at tan quee lan street!! al’s treat! because ive been a good girl!! hahahaha.. not many pictures.. sorry… its the FOOD that matters… n i spent most of the time gobbling it up!
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Now that im done with my 1st blog post…. it feels as tho i lift a rock off my chest! i feel queasy at the fact that i havent blog in AGES!!! but its okae… i will try try try to blog more… tho my life’s pretty mundane as yet..

big loves for all…
(p.s. im sickly, and tired, and hungry)

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Day Out

Went OUT OUT OUT today because its my OFF DAY (at long last).. its been a week since my last offday. Went with al to the beach (again).. Nope. its NOT a boring place, contrary to what many of you may think. Neither is it a place for people watching because the people there these days are really not worth watching. hahaa

Somehow. the sun there gives a nicer TAN!?!? and im TRYING to tan those scars away! WooHooo!!! even renewed my membership and made al apply for his too! so we’re gonna make use of every opportunity to bronZe-en (i know there’s no such word) up my skin.

Not much pictures… tink im demoralized.. dont feel like taking pics… cuz key say my pics r boring!!!!! hahaha..

Saw this top at TOPSHOP.. ahh.. i like the BACK! tink i tied it too tight i guess.. makes my butt big. Big butt val.

… n my legs look naked.. its in need of tights/skirt/pants…. ANYTHING…. but was kinda in a rush for ShReK3 =) sooo.. yeah. anyway. i like this! 😀

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gonna wait for a discount! hehe… (shit.. what’s the size??? i forgot!)… damn… 6?? or is it an 8?? =( please dont get sold out so soon…


Results are out tdy.. SM’s delayed. prolly cuz its in need of moderation?? a PAT on val’s back!! i tink i did well for the rest!! =)

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ivan tay’s blog has the same name as one of my post.

“the fool behind that plastered face”…..

ris just asked for hte pw to that post. it was a post of anger. not one worth reading.
and no jac, i dont have THAT much pent up anger. (still a friendly long bean with love handles)

ivan said he got it off readers digest….
i swear i gave alot of thought to the tittle. and i didnt rip it off…


the editor of reader’s digest reads my blog!?

ok. random.

had 13 long hrs of work.. 1 word. Shaggg..

big loves to all those who’re working hard out there….
and to those tt are gona get their results on wed… May we all just PASS (with or w/o flying cols).. and NOT dabao any subject.

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lousy sleep

i had the WORST WORST WORST night of slp ever!!!!!

i got up at bout 5am.. tossing n turning! despite my aircon at a whopping 18deg, it felt warm under the blanket…but yet, cold without it… RaHhhhHHHh!!! and i felt so itchy scratchy all over!~~ damn laa…

weather’s great….. think id head for sentosa!~ =)

Ciaoz peeps…

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