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Met up with prisc n key for dinner.
FINALLY got my does of girlie laughter! hahaa..
tho it was (as usual), listening to key’s very-fast-talk, and constant interuption. haha.. i gave my way overdue “1st pay” treat to the girls at wheelock fish n co.. was so full that i could hardly walk after that…

Key bought me stuff frm the vanity fair at NUS… SWeEeeeeettt…. MAC blusher, MAC lipglass, MAC eye palette, Clinique highlighter! So inlove with all of it.. next up… i need addition to my pathetic “benefit” collection…. im having my own personal SPree-er.. i.e. Key Chua! WhooHoOoo…

After the very very full dinner, prisc had to head back to her 2nd home, i.e. safari. =) she’d be THERE NO MORE!!!!! she has OFFICIALLY Quit!!! so if u intend to see “HorSie-prisc” (insider’s joke), go find her else where. Key n i went to jalan-jalan… started off with Tangs, where we didnt buy anything, and then we headed to Fareast. Total damage? 1 top, 2 necklace, 1 fake hair, 1 bag, and ALMOST 1 pair of shoe too!! hehee… i will STOP. Al was sweet enough 2 buy drinks, n hlp me carry my shopping bags, bicker with key chua, and walk around with the both of us! 🙂

KL trip’s this Thursday! im looking forward to the days of walking around without worrying about work. at least for afew days. work’s getting a lil stressful these days… been having trouble sleeping.. ugh.. toss n turn.. n officially get bout 3 odd hours of slp!? sigh….

to make things worst, i left my hp in the office on friday, and had 2 head back there today (sat) to get it…. ugh.. my phone’s my alarm, my clock, my lifesaver, my entertainment, my communication device. i canot b w/o it!!!

1st placement at work is underway… lets keep our finger’s crossed! its a love-hate relationship at work…. i only know 1 thing for now…. im getting stressed up with the neverending stuff to do.. at least i know im doing the right things these days… thank god.

Nites all!


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the Peeps at wrk

Here are the peeps who help make my day at work more bearable..

The ladies
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Patricia: My singing Diva, who never fails 2 bring a smile 2 my face by telling me to “F” it, and sleep tru my unhappiness at work, tomorrow’s a brand new day…the girl whom i canmsg in the morning and whine about how i dont want to go 2 work…

Audrey: THe ex teacher… never fails to put me in perspective.. and she’s SO Funny laa.. joker by nature.. but subtle. hah.. She drinks perrier when we drink margaritas or beer.. hahahaa… ONE DAY, id just douse her with a lychee martini, n she’d b HOOKED!

Tracy: When she laughs, the whole world laughs with her, cuz they’d be laughing at her laughter… she’s one helluva funny girl! talks realli fast, like bullet train…!!!! i guess she’s the most EXPERIENCED among the newbies. 🙂 without her, it feels like we’re “Missing” something. haha

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together with the other 2 Jokers the girls call them the smurfs/smith:
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Kuan: the guy who plays soccer, really tanned by nature, but even tanner these days, great guy, joker. Loves to run the show by helping us do the leg work to genting, booking for ktv n stuff.. Great personality, interesting guy… but attached ladies!!!! so, dont even think about it
Jeff: the “beng”… he’s so damn bloody fierce… even to me that is! he’d answer calls with a “what!”? haha… typicall classical ah beng… but he’s nice. my Food buddy in the office… comparatively, i chat the MOST with him, cuz he sits diagonally opposite me! 🙂 . im constantly arguing with him.. but he always lets me have my ways! 😛

We’d get through the tough times… 🙂

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She’s a Darling
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GENTING! here we come!!!!!

Despite it all… its THEM i still miss… Maybe times as a lil “Fish”, and the Orange Co wasnt that bad either.. we can just F it all.. and go for a drink downstairs… now??? quite impossible to F anything at all… i dont talk bout bimbo stuff these days at work!!!! sighhhh
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Priscy, Key, =( shall we meet up this sat??? need a dose of the both of you. a lil laughter injection into my life please? Those were the days….. (where i was still TANNED), and “carefree”:(

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purposely got prisc 2 wait 4 my train 2day so that i she’d hop in at jurong, and get off at clementi! hehee at least i get 2 c her for ABIT mahhhh…. realli miss u guys… and hey! u dont look weird in ur “attire” laa… blueyy n all but still v pretty…. and to my ever blur and SueH key chua, hamsters do bite. thats why i hate them. and PLS tie ur keys around ur neck next time… ur unluckyness is rubing off poor barry. haha

Nites all. its midweek tomorrow yayness!

Darling, thanks for being so nice and understanding… n thanks for the BEAUUUUUtiful zara suit! 🙂 loveya!No hand-sum-fuL pic of urs lehhh… so cant post it up! hahahhahaha

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its 4.07am, and im DAMN SHAG!

The day went pass in a whEeze… and its 1st august already!

went down to Toshiba data dynamics this morning at kallang to get Bimbsy a.k.a. my laptop fixed… and GUESS WHAT!? its only 1 year waranty, not 3 years! so ive gotta spent $$ on bimbsy. 😦 ps. dont think she’s gona b a bimb anymore.. why? her 40GB HDD is only available in 60GB and 80GB now. (they phased 40GB out wayyy back)… AND AND AND, she’s upgradable to a 2Gig RAM. which makes her NOT SO bimbsy after all.. haha…

Servicing = $100
HDD= approx $200-$300 (size dependent)
RAM= $200-$300

EQUALS a very poor me.
maybe id just leave it as bimbotic as it is now…
Flat, high maintainance, look good, no function, low memory, high expense, slow speed. pretty.


Since it was early, al and i headed to his “niang jia”… where he had a change of clothes and WHILE i had a jolly good time with his mum! =) i like his momma!! she’s very….. ME! think, talkative, noisy, sweet, happy!

Then it was work in the evening, where prior to that i went to HR dept for my exit interview… Damn.. i shld have said more during the exit interview…. work was a total PAIN.

my mouth is so filled with ulcers, that i can barely speak properly. 1 at the throat, 2 on the right 2 on the left, and my tongue hurts like nobody’s business. i took a pic of the ulcer at the throat. NOT a very pleasant sight.


Despite it all…. i headed down to mustafa with al and prisc! its really great 2 spent some time with prisc again… she really makes me laugh…. when combined with al…. its a totally fun filled night!! best stash of the night? my MAGGI MEEssss and instant food!!!! =)

i miss u babe… lets go out again soon… Cant be w/o u girls for too long. =)

K.O. time…

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Found this AWSOME top. its truly love at first sight even before trying it out!!! =) *just like getting to know al?* hehee

found this totally amazing top!!!
somebody find it for me please???
topshop. size 6

no discount nevermind!! id pay full price for it!!

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the one at vivo only had size 8 and 4… no 6… =(
size 8 looks frumpy, and i had to be a contortionist to get into size 4…


Side track.

to those who are highly dependent on EYE LINERS (i.e. myself)
i just discovered the WONDER of GEL EYE LINERS!!! (is it just me that’s slow or what?)

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1. long lasting
2.more vibrant
3. easy application as compared to liquid liners
4. nice tailends
5.easily removed
6.no need to “stretch”/pull open the eye
7. goes well over eye shadow 8. CHEAP! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAPP!!.. it costs like 30-40 bucks for a bottle, and it lasts say… 9mths tops? an average stick of clinique quickliner costing $30bucks at retail store $19bucks at DFS lasts me only 1.5mths max…
8. 1 less item in ur make up bag! cuz u wont need to touch up for the whole day..

great brands inc bobbi brown, and mac… not to sure bout others tho. p/s. really random. but im boycotting shu uemura

Frm bobbibrown, its 1 gel liner pot, 1 brush, 1 nude eye shadow color, 1 matt lipstick.
Frm G2K, 1 pants and 1 jacket BOTH AT HALF PRICE.
Frm Bysi, 1 LIMEgreen top, 1 dress. 23Bucks each + 15% discount.
Frm Lasenza, 1 technolite bra in nude col 50% off, 1 corset 50%off (which im so tempted to post the pic), 5Gstrings for 35bucks!!!!

im 1 happy girl.


welcome back steph!!!!! thanks for dragging that 26kg worth of goodies for us! 🙂

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nite out

Met up with key barry n prisc last nite at bukit timah for supper and to pass key the islander card. ENJOY URSELF at ur penthouse with jaccuzi! dont forget your promise. MMS us ur naked pics! hah.

to barry: thank you thank you for being suchhhaaa gentleman and ending me back! buy u drink nxt day k? sorry tt u got lost….. :S

gg for my bbq now… hopefully i wont have to BBQ the stuff, and id just get to eat eat eat! hehehee.. =) which reminds me.. im awfully late. 😦

this week’s gona be a FUN FILLED week! ive got makeup shopping on monday. intended facial on tuesday. gg out with al on wednesday. $5sale on thursday. !!!

PROOOMIISSEEE Id have more pics up soon… doesnt hlp when my bro books out ount fri.. and i dont get to use the comp all weekend! =(


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