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Happy 1 year darl…. i love you!! =)

Tho we’re both officially near bankruptcy… I STILL LOVE U! hehehehe… today is a very special day.. however, it didnt feel SUPER DUPER special… because since you’re back frm germsmany, every day has been this great!!! hahaha

Thank you for the pressies! AND the flowers of cuz..!!!

mmm wat im feeling now… its a kind of quiet knowing happiness that’s brewing in my heart, that’s irreplacable… where no photograph can ever represent how i feel. There’s no need for any photos. because this day, and the many more to come, wld always be imprinted deep in my heart.

Once again. I love u. =)


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my Present!

I got my 1 year aniversary present alreadyyyyyyy!!!



apart frm my shopping spree which ive yet 2 claim, he bought me a BeaUUUUUUUUtiful Lspace bikini frm NUM. =) the one ive been EYING for some time…. AND AND AND AND one big tub of Crabtree’s evelyn rose body cream!! woOooHOooOOo!!!! big loves!!

what touches me most, was not the present, but the fact that he came 2 my house while im still at work. and he was tying the ribbon on the box! he asked mum if it was nice, and mum told him dunid 2 tie until soooo nice… but he was there adjusting n adjusting the ribbon, AND he placed the present on my bed. he took a damn long time 2 “perfect” the ribbon… (the above scenario described by mum)

when i saw the present in my room, the both of them were still in the living room… within a min of admiring the present, i PULLED, and the ribbon came apart!!!!!!

hahahaha…. when i went out to the living room with the ribon n present, the both of them were “WHAT!?” u saw the present already!? u OPENED IT!?!?!? so Fast!?? and mum said… “see alvin, told u dunid 2 tie till so nice” hahahah

awww… thanks!!! i know they’re expensive ribbons.. id keep them ya! 🙂

Big loves!

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Why i love AL.

there are 101 reasons why i love al to bits…

ONE reason, is that he orders my PuRRRRRFect tom yum ban mian for me.
(the one at jurong point basement)

i want

tom yum ban mian
without seafood just the meat
no egg
no vege
tom yum sauce not too much not too little
mushroom more
ikan billis more.

ordering is ENOUGH trouble. not to mention the embarassment that comes along with it when there are 5 other ppl in the queue waiting for their turn 2 order.

yes. i love him, cuz he orders my ban mian for me.. along with 2 cans of lemon barley… Of cuz, once we’re home. he’d b left alone with the TV. becuase id b running to n fro frm the toilet. hahaha

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Sentosa day..

im back to blog….. its because its sat.. and its my REST DAY! ive been working hard, and keeping myself bz, to the point where i feel sick at times.

i havent been blogging, for a couple of days and it seems like a HELL LONG TIME!!! ive already received complains rgd my lack of updates. In short. ive been broke. and trying to make more $$ for my next pay cheque and the one after.

My offdays have been fun tho… =)

Al applied for his island card, and i renewed mine.. *STARES at prisc* u better get urs renewed the nxt time… u can run but u cannntttt hiddeeee.. hahaha
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i love photo whoring there. and when the girls are not with me, i have to do it myself!! im waiting for key’s bday at delmar… cuz im sure there wld be MANY pictures!! Here’s the estimated break down
adel: 70
val: 100 (a little more photowhorish than her i think)
prisc: 300 (VERY much more than me n adel combined)
key: 4000!!! (10 X more than 3 of us combined!! cuz its her bday!!! and shes the queen of photowhoring) hahahahha..
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Gota make do with al, since the others arent around… he’s already complaining that i take too many of the same shots!! i mean.. what do u expect.. 2 person n the beach. the beach and 2 person… SAME WHAT…
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the sun was good last sat, and we left there happier, tanner, and hungrier…
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oh oh OOhhhh…. i forgot!!! we packed super hotdogs to sentosa! yummm they taste great!! i had the erm.. bacon with chilli dog sauce (im not sure if its the right name)and cheese.. with EXTRA bacon. their chilli dog sauce really un-chilli-ish… its american spicy. not asian spicy. heh.
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AND, i met a primary school friend! Vivien KhoO… wow… 10 years ago, we parted at our pri sch graduation, and its only the 2nd time ive met her since… time flies… ive known her for 16 years…. at 16 years of age…. i just graduated frm sec sch… WTF… im OLD!!!!!
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al and i went for tian tian huo guo at tan quee lan street!! al’s treat! because ive been a good girl!! hahahaha.. not many pictures.. sorry… its the FOOD that matters… n i spent most of the time gobbling it up!
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Now that im done with my 1st blog post…. it feels as tho i lift a rock off my chest! i feel queasy at the fact that i havent blog in AGES!!! but its okae… i will try try try to blog more… tho my life’s pretty mundane as yet..

big loves for all…
(p.s. im sickly, and tired, and hungry)

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aloooooha!!!!! 1 paper down.. and 2 to go! **beams**
Im gona relax, and load the PICS! this new blog is heavily lacking in pictures. ugh. gona b really random. =)

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to start off, these were taken wayy before exams started, where we were still wonder when exams wld end…. and now, it’s 1/2 over! 😀
we’ve got huiling, in an amature redbull model shot (she’s gona kill me),
my pen in hair stint, prisc’s ultra-sueh day, where she’s complaining on the phone, and my BDAY PRESENT frm prisc 2 things i need very much… to put my hp and my keys..

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Ive been studying at NTU for the past weeks… and 8-830 am is where the hungry ghost reign…. LOOOOOKKK at the queue even b4 the library opens… *PhoOo** and everyone would just dash in, throw their books all around, and “chope” the table. the bunch of us usually take up 3 long tables.. which = *count fingers* 8 X 3 = 24 seats?? such big asses we’ve got.

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here’s the view ive got every day.. charming??? there’re better views… (where unfortunately i left cammie home)

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where we mugg.. and stone… and stare..

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yes.. and sleep even… (that’s the emperor with his yellow cloak.. haha)

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i really realli really will miss ah nam larrrr (lee wee nam lib)

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we “vandalized” and wrote our own “reserve” tags…

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the only person ive managed 2 get a pic with.. that’s Lidia (with an i, not y)… she looks like somebody i know.. tho i dont know who.. (not tryin 2 b funny here..) cant recall.. ahh.. love those peeps… wonder how they’re slacking now… 😦

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ohhh…. this is ONE horrible night…. there were NO MALE in the vicinity! no dad, no bro, no al. 2 damsel in distress (myself n mum), and we’re terrified of lizards, esp when the lizards are sooo humongous!!!! hero of the day? my 7th floor neighbour. haha…

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army daze… bro’s booking in.. **awww** smirks… his psp and his room n his comp.. THEY’RE MINE!!! hahaa.. im kidin.. id missya lil bro…

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happy harold with his momma!!

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happy US! happy 10mths darl. =) **big loves**

(TV TIME!!!) i mean… backto books….
ok. tv comes 1st. hahaha

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a poem of Hope

To the sweetheart of my life

I hope to always be the one,
That takes your breath away ,
I hope to always fill your thoughts,
As you go about your beautiful day,
I hope to always be the one ,
That you dream of at in your sweet slumber,
I hope it’s still my face you see,
When you close your eyes so tight,
I hope you always feel the love,
That I have for only you,
I hope that you know,
Everything I feel for you is true.
I pray that what we share,
Will last for timeless eternity,
And when you need someone so bad,
Know you can always turn to me,
I pray that the hurt,
We sometimes feel inside,
Will one day come to an end,
Along with tears we’ve cried,
I hope to always have this wonderful feeling,
That you bring to me inside,
Take another look into my heart…
I love you…honestly.

a beautiful poem.. amidst the chaos… from a special someone… =)

Updates: 8sept 2007.
just found out that this poem is a rip off of its original author Mr. Terry Biscamp, with afew words changed here and there.

to mr biscamp, my sincere apologies. This poem was posted, as a special someone sent it to me. little did i know he took it was largely modified from someone elses poem. Thank you for highlighting it to me from your comments. However, i will not take it down. firstly because it still does have sentimental reasons. and secondly, id love to acknowledge u as the original writer.


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I had an argument with Al last night..
U wont exactly call that an argument, because its him being accomodating as usual…

In short, GUYS!!!


When you talk i listen, when i wana talk bout something, you listen. You can have your point of view, but dont impose it on me. I dont need to be in the same paradigm as u are. In the worst case…. i wont talk.

Thanks for understanding darling =) im sure ive gotten my point accross… I LOVE U! hehee..

Unlike some other guys… who never knew how 2 listen.. bleah.

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