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monday.. no blues. supprisingly.
maybe its because i had a great weekend.. fun, enjoyable, and FULL of sleeeeeepppp!!!! worked till bout 8ish, then headed down for a quick dinner at my usual duck shop. haha. think the others feel “forced” that they have to eat DUCK.

there’s this new girl frm SIA that joined the coy.. Prisc, wana consider joining us next time?? 🙂 she’s quite a looker, has the style i guess… when we just randomly asked them go guess our age, she and another new girl guessed that i’m like 26/27… DEFINATELY not less than 25! !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*() OF cuz i dont hold it 2 heart.. i mean.. its a compliment. isnt it????

but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need to do something about it… honestly. is it my height? the way i behave? they the way i walk/talk? or is it just because they were not like that when they were 22???? or am i really old? sigh…. what happen?? just when i thought i was tracking welll…. looking great.. and WHAM! i realize i was benchmarking myself to ppl 4-5 years older than myself. wrong wrong wrong. really something wrong! maybe my face has lost its “glow”… maybe…. i DONT KNOW LARRRRR how can i look that old!!!! when i was 12, ppl say i look 14…. when i’m 14.. ppl say i look 18 (cuz of my height).. still at 168 btw…. when im 18, ppl say i look 21… (and they say its a good sign).. cuz when im 21, id still look 21.. now that im 22.. ppl say i look 27?????? WHAT I BIG JUMP!!!!!!!!! its no longer + 2-3 years.. its like a whopping + 5 years CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no offence. really i dont dislike/hate them.they’re merely stating the truth. maybe even treating it like a compliment. but ME? 27?!! ok. enough whining.

time 2 put more MASK… people, if u want to buy me a gift, PLEASE, get me those anti aging stuff. i need it. badly. I STILL THINK IM PRETTY WATTTTT (tho those readers who cant tell that im just kidding, and strongly believe that i’ve got a ego of a gorilla, this is a figure of speech.. my ego’s just 1cm bigger than the avg human race)

Its tuesday……. tomorrow would be another day of “battle”…… i wana look young again! 😦 how? what make up shld i use? or shld i NOT use make up!?

All these while, ive never liked growing up….. not to mention growing old..


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its me agaaaiinnn. back to blog… but think that my blogs are really boring. full of whines. nothing else.

TGIF ppl!!! TGIF!!!

mum’s pissed with me today. for i dont know wat reason. but maybe its because my room’s in a mess and she ended up tidying it for me….. 😦

i love putting mask and blogging. feels good. feels relaxing. after that, i’d just plong into bed n sleeeeeeeeepppp..

Deal dint got tru again today. ugh.
its alrite.. id hang in there…. there’s so many ppl supporting me. im SURE i can do it.. SURE CAN!!!!.. even my colleages are supporting me! jeff’s rite, we ought to be glad that its a team based environment, whereby there’re no Knifes hidden behind everyone’s back.. probably a couple of daggers here n there.. haha

got kinda pissed with someone today. the person was kinda rude……. i hate it when im being teased bout the little actions i do. i.e. the way i laugh, the way i walk.. etc. everyone has their own habits wat!!! ugh. really not sure if u’re a pain in the ass at times.. or just immature. nevertheless, i guess i’d just have to tolerate your nonsense.. just like how you’re apparently tolerating mine.

New jobs today… makes me feel “indebted” to the person.. i wonder why i’m being sucha “failure” at work sometimes…. deals don go tru.. BD calls not exactly working.. maybe because i’m too YOUNG!??!?!?!?!?! ugh…. hate it. i MUST buck up!!!… i really DO feel indebted, now that you got me this deal…… you make it seem like its so “simple” to work on, but for obvious reasons its not……. i dont come WITH that back ground.. i dont KNOW people in there, of cuz its hard for me. if u wanna do it, by all means, just TAKE it k….. i just hate it when i am “beneath” someone. i do NOT like the feeling of being lousier than someone. i may be younger n all.. but it doenst mean im lousier in anyway. ugh. fine. you have the experience. i lose. ROAR!!! im so unhappy…. but nevertheless, im definately thankful to have you around.. to help me around the way.

I swear i’d work my way up…. Someday, when im looking back at this post, i’d know that everything’s merely a piece of cake. i’d laugh at all the trouble im having at work right now, because i’d know that i’ve SURVIVED all the crapshit.. and I MADE IT that far…. someday.. just someday….. i really will……. for now…. its back to the good ol’ hard work. I really am putting in the effort.

I promise to flood the board with my name and my placements. i will.

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i just dont like you!! why must you think that you’re so waaaayyyy above others. why must you always trample on me!!?!?

all id do is SMILE. honest. no matter how pissed i am. id just SMILE..

“val help me do this”
“val help me do that”
“eat eat eat… u still eat”….
“val have u done this”
“val have you done that”

so what if im young? im prettier than you! NEH-Neh-ni-PoOO-Poo… ugh.. so totally irks me off. Life is hell with you around. dont keep bossing me around. dont dont dont.

to hell with your fakeness and plastic smile. so hypocritical… if you can be so tactful with certain people.. i dont see why you’re so tactless towards me.. maybe its on purpose… mark my words….. i’d be better off than you…. why?

because im young. i’d work hard. (and im beautiful)- in a confident kind of way.

ugh. Fug off bitch. get off my bloody back!

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Met up with prisc n key for dinner.
FINALLY got my does of girlie laughter! hahaa..
tho it was (as usual), listening to key’s very-fast-talk, and constant interuption. haha.. i gave my way overdue “1st pay” treat to the girls at wheelock fish n co.. was so full that i could hardly walk after that…

Key bought me stuff frm the vanity fair at NUS… SWeEeeeeettt…. MAC blusher, MAC lipglass, MAC eye palette, Clinique highlighter! So inlove with all of it.. next up… i need addition to my pathetic “benefit” collection…. im having my own personal SPree-er.. i.e. Key Chua! WhooHoOoo…

After the very very full dinner, prisc had to head back to her 2nd home, i.e. safari. =) she’d be THERE NO MORE!!!!! she has OFFICIALLY Quit!!! so if u intend to see “HorSie-prisc” (insider’s joke), go find her else where. Key n i went to jalan-jalan… started off with Tangs, where we didnt buy anything, and then we headed to Fareast. Total damage? 1 top, 2 necklace, 1 fake hair, 1 bag, and ALMOST 1 pair of shoe too!! hehee… i will STOP. Al was sweet enough 2 buy drinks, n hlp me carry my shopping bags, bicker with key chua, and walk around with the both of us! 🙂

KL trip’s this Thursday! im looking forward to the days of walking around without worrying about work. at least for afew days. work’s getting a lil stressful these days… been having trouble sleeping.. ugh.. toss n turn.. n officially get bout 3 odd hours of slp!? sigh….

to make things worst, i left my hp in the office on friday, and had 2 head back there today (sat) to get it…. ugh.. my phone’s my alarm, my clock, my lifesaver, my entertainment, my communication device. i canot b w/o it!!!

1st placement at work is underway… lets keep our finger’s crossed! its a love-hate relationship at work…. i only know 1 thing for now…. im getting stressed up with the neverending stuff to do.. at least i know im doing the right things these days… thank god.

Nites all!

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the Peeps at wrk

Here are the peeps who help make my day at work more bearable..

The ladies
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Patricia: My singing Diva, who never fails 2 bring a smile 2 my face by telling me to “F” it, and sleep tru my unhappiness at work, tomorrow’s a brand new day…the girl whom i canmsg in the morning and whine about how i dont want to go 2 work…

Audrey: THe ex teacher… never fails to put me in perspective.. and she’s SO Funny laa.. joker by nature.. but subtle. hah.. She drinks perrier when we drink margaritas or beer.. hahahaa… ONE DAY, id just douse her with a lychee martini, n she’d b HOOKED!

Tracy: When she laughs, the whole world laughs with her, cuz they’d be laughing at her laughter… she’s one helluva funny girl! talks realli fast, like bullet train…!!!! i guess she’s the most EXPERIENCED among the newbies. 🙂 without her, it feels like we’re “Missing” something. haha

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together with the other 2 Jokers the girls call them the smurfs/smith:
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Kuan: the guy who plays soccer, really tanned by nature, but even tanner these days, great guy, joker. Loves to run the show by helping us do the leg work to genting, booking for ktv n stuff.. Great personality, interesting guy… but attached ladies!!!! so, dont even think about it
Jeff: the “beng”… he’s so damn bloody fierce… even to me that is! he’d answer calls with a “what!”? haha… typicall classical ah beng… but he’s nice. my Food buddy in the office… comparatively, i chat the MOST with him, cuz he sits diagonally opposite me! 🙂 . im constantly arguing with him.. but he always lets me have my ways! 😛

We’d get through the tough times… 🙂

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She’s a Darling
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GENTING! here we come!!!!!

Despite it all… its THEM i still miss… Maybe times as a lil “Fish”, and the Orange Co wasnt that bad either.. we can just F it all.. and go for a drink downstairs… now??? quite impossible to F anything at all… i dont talk bout bimbo stuff these days at work!!!! sighhhh
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Priscy, Key, =( shall we meet up this sat??? need a dose of the both of you. a lil laughter injection into my life please? Those were the days….. (where i was still TANNED), and “carefree”:(

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purposely got prisc 2 wait 4 my train 2day so that i she’d hop in at jurong, and get off at clementi! hehee at least i get 2 c her for ABIT mahhhh…. realli miss u guys… and hey! u dont look weird in ur “attire” laa… blueyy n all but still v pretty…. and to my ever blur and SueH key chua, hamsters do bite. thats why i hate them. and PLS tie ur keys around ur neck next time… ur unluckyness is rubing off poor barry. haha

Nites all. its midweek tomorrow yayness!

Darling, thanks for being so nice and understanding… n thanks for the BEAUUUUUtiful zara suit! 🙂 loveya!No hand-sum-fuL pic of urs lehhh… so cant post it up! hahahhahaha

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Brilliant mid week!

Praise the lord! today’s a great day!

i go to bed everynight with the same prayer, to pray that tomorrow would be a day where god would help me to be the best i can be! i walk to the mrt, with the believe that i can do all things through him that strengthens me…. i go to sleep at night thanking him for the otherwise un-eventful day (which i very much like)… maybe its because im young, maybe its because i believe, maybe its because im blessed…. but i seem to have the energy and drive to go on!!! $$ aside.. i truly am growing to love the job. its much more than an officie job now..

i feel the satisfaction when someone genuinely says “thank you”, and when you’re calling someone who happens to look out… 2 of my candidates are heading to the clients place nxt week for an interview..!! Pray that they get the job! maybe… just maybe… i could break my personal record of having a placement within such a short time… nevertheless, im already feeling the satisfaction. It isnt rocket science! its manageable… and with good help. i MAY actually make it…!!! it just takes alil more effort and hard work on my part, since im not in that line of job previously.

went for my 1st client meeting today. didnt do much talking. but it was an experience nevertheless. client was really nice. something unexpected, (and uncommon)… working on a couple more jobs, hopefully it bears fruits! i guess nothing’s smooth sailing all the time… its just how we manage things, how we take things in our stride, and how we look to him above. well, having the Heart n Effort to do things does play a part too… but i trust that my life is in good hands!

People always say that when things are good, no one looks to god. its only when things are on the down side, and at the pits, where people cry out for help… It use to be the case for me..now however, when something Good happens, or especially when something GREAT comes along, id be hell greatful! because its not by my own effort, but by his works! hey.. im a lil preachy today… but its truly how i feel…. not everyone would understand i guess…. (or are u already feeling that im a bore!?!?!? ) hahahahahaa… ehhh.. mmm…. just let me rattle k… if im boring u.. just dont read. dont complain that im too boring, n force me 2 password all my entries.. hhaaa..

al cameby tis evening!! so sweet of him! came 2 pass me chinese songs tt dayao sent to him.. SO SWEET!!! but i know its all a lie…. he didnt come 2 pass me stuff.. he came 2 c meeeeee!!! (and harold of cuz)… aww. thanks darl.. so sweet of u.. i love u!

good nite all! my mid week blues aint that blue after all…. im at my peak as yet…. and i believe things will only go up from here. some may call me confident…. but i really dont think so… dont have that much confidence in myself most of the time… its in him i trust..

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