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Ditzy posts.

Been surfing around quite abit these days.. and im having serious thoughts.

Maybe i should have more intellectual posts instead of some bimbsy/ditzy posts bout my day or my make up or photos.

If some ppl’s blog can survive with words alone. I dont see why mine cant! i recall getting A for essay in pri sch?? hahahahaha…

leave the updates for another time. Having like 4-5 ulcers in my mouth. ***OUCH***

DO NOT piss me off. i may just use charlie’s rusty primary school scissors to do something nasty. heh.



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Forgive me….
Im bored…

You Don't Hold a Grudge

You're willing to give almost anyone a second chance, even if they've really wronged you.
Incredibly forgiving and compassionate, you understand that people sometimes change for the better.

You Are 73% Real

You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself.
Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great...
But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults.
As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

You are a Total Romantic

For you, love is like a fairy tale.
Or magic. Or a Meg Ryan movie.
Problem is, you sort of want all three.

You bring the spark in the relationship
In turn, you expect your guy to keep the fire burning
Not a bad deal, as long as you find the right Prince.

Your Scholastic Strength Is Innovating

You are the master of new ideas, techniques, and ways of looking at things.
You are talented at structuring thoughts, decision making, clarifying, and making deadlines.

You should major in:

Cognitive Science

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