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Sentosa day..

im back to blog….. its because its sat.. and its my REST DAY! ive been working hard, and keeping myself bz, to the point where i feel sick at times.

i havent been blogging, for a couple of days and it seems like a HELL LONG TIME!!! ive already received complains rgd my lack of updates. In short. ive been broke. and trying to make more $$ for my next pay cheque and the one after.

My offdays have been fun tho… =)

Al applied for his island card, and i renewed mine.. *STARES at prisc* u better get urs renewed the nxt time… u can run but u cannntttt hiddeeee.. hahaha
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i love photo whoring there. and when the girls are not with me, i have to do it myself!! im waiting for key’s bday at delmar… cuz im sure there wld be MANY pictures!! Here’s the estimated break down
adel: 70
val: 100 (a little more photowhorish than her i think)
prisc: 300 (VERY much more than me n adel combined)
key: 4000!!! (10 X more than 3 of us combined!! cuz its her bday!!! and shes the queen of photowhoring) hahahahha..
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Gota make do with al, since the others arent around… he’s already complaining that i take too many of the same shots!! i mean.. what do u expect.. 2 person n the beach. the beach and 2 person… SAME WHAT…
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the sun was good last sat, and we left there happier, tanner, and hungrier…
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oh oh OOhhhh…. i forgot!!! we packed super hotdogs to sentosa! yummm they taste great!! i had the erm.. bacon with chilli dog sauce (im not sure if its the right name)and cheese.. with EXTRA bacon. their chilli dog sauce really un-chilli-ish… its american spicy. not asian spicy. heh.
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AND, i met a primary school friend! Vivien KhoO… wow… 10 years ago, we parted at our pri sch graduation, and its only the 2nd time ive met her since… time flies… ive known her for 16 years…. at 16 years of age…. i just graduated frm sec sch… WTF… im OLD!!!!!
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al and i went for tian tian huo guo at tan quee lan street!! al’s treat! because ive been a good girl!! hahahaha.. not many pictures.. sorry… its the FOOD that matters… n i spent most of the time gobbling it up!
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Now that im done with my 1st blog post…. it feels as tho i lift a rock off my chest! i feel queasy at the fact that i havent blog in AGES!!! but its okae… i will try try try to blog more… tho my life’s pretty mundane as yet..

big loves for all…
(p.s. im sickly, and tired, and hungry)


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