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Went back to the dentist today. He filled a couple of teeth and it hurt like crazy! It was too deep to the point where it almost reached my nerves. if it did, id have to do a root canal (which would cost alot more)

Thank god a filling alone wld b sufficient.. 🙂
hows the pain like? its like having sensitive teeth whenever you drink a cold drink? so whenever he touched/scraped/drilled… it felt like that… i started out cursing n swearing at the pain… it only ended in prayers hoping that it’ll end!!

the anasthetic’s wearing off… and im beginning to feel the aftermath…. a bad throat, and a throbbing headache.


Your Toes Should Be Red

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time for a pedicure!!! (and a manicure)


My new manager called today… she asked if i could go down (again) to meet another manager, where we can chat up over “coffee”… **jitters again**… it’s my XXX (lost count) times going down there.. and morover, ive already signed the offer letter!

Since this manager’s gona b heading the commerce team as well, i need to meet up with her.. good for me! since im having pre work jitters already… but….. what if she doesnt like me? the offer letter’s gona be null and void?? probably not. since the MD has already given the thumbs up.

13days till my new work life!!


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