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Yes i know i havent been blogging…
and my bday pics are long overdue…
my bad..

Ive been preoccupied with everything else…. I shallnt use projs and studies and exams as an excuse… cuz real arcade games and channel 55 are doing more harm than ever…

Dad’s back frm china!! YAY!! really miss him.. and good riddance of the car!!! *looks at burnt pockets*

Id be blog shifting… a private space maybe?? maaaayyybe laahs…

Here’s my GOAL…. : im gona Start Studying, Saving, Stop Sleeping, Slacking, Shopping AND Snacking!!!!


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Happy 22nd Bday to ME!!!!

it isnt a very happy one… cuz ive got a test on Tues… totally not prepared for it..

Had a mini celeb with key n prisc… at chong qing hotpot…
n adel came for drinks at clinic too!!
then we had supper at al ameen with driver al =)

Shall leave the pix to the talking on the nxt post.. cuz i think there’s ALOT ALOT ALOT of pix.. its the debut of my T100!!! as key puts it.. “it’s first major event”. hah.. =) Think adel’s 1/2 in love with my cam.. =)

Good luck to those having tests n interviews!!!
I hope this wont b a terrible year… cuz i cried the moment the clock struck 12.. cuz its my bday and i haf 2 study… damn… stupid reason 2 cry.. i know… but crying has no reason n IM A GIRL… (so……. win liao lor… anithing also can).

had a great weekend all in all…. with constant company with Al… Key say’s he’d only be nice to me for 2 years…. maybe that’s why al likes bickering with key….

Sidenote: i wana get more “HAIR” soon…. argh… cant wait for exams to be over….. then again… id haf to work… haha.

Ok… super random.
Promise 2 haf a better post of my bdae soon! for now… its bed time… cuz tmr its studying FuLL force…

Bloody test.

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crapshit day

just got back from supper with steph and charlie at cjade HV..

had my “pi dan shou rou zhou” without “Pi dan”.
Century egg + lean meat porridge without century egg.
there’s no lean meat porridge on the menu…

“Dont try too hard to be nice… Ok?”
—–> do i ???

Wait. am i even a nice person to start with!?
Relatively id say… only to selected few.

Im sorry if i gave anyone the impression i was trying to be nice…
when i treat u nice, i really mean it. Without pretense.

when i dislike someone. Its full fledge. its WARRR! haha…

with an exception of those assholic customers… i feel that im a relatively happy and ReaL person…

But im very tired. very weary… im kinda in a state of dillusion where i REFUSE to do work… i just wanna sleep. going to work every evening seems like some form of a release…

val’s a smart girl. she can do it

I seek solace… and mental comfort…

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I think Hell week officially starts NOW.
With deadlines all packed so close to each other… i can hardly take a breather.
I cant even make use of those birthday month Perks where i can go shopping!!! =(

Ditzy val says:
My Nails are screaming for nice manicure, My hair needs a trim and a dye, my need 2 do something bout the brow that’s bushier by the day, pimples are blooming n needs some popping…

Supper Night:
As i was heading home, Steph’s OT was shortened so we decided 2 head for supper… Ashley came along despite not drawing her brows.. hehee.. but she wore her missy Elliot Respect white addidas cap instead. Then we msged charlie, who’s work ends at 12, and YES she’s coming along too!! lastly, drina came after she got off work at 12.30.. FwoaHh… Prata at alameen was filling… there were lots of funny chatter… and yeah.. it was HELL noisy!!! When the 5 of us were in the car on the way back, i can hardly hear myself! it was THAT bad….

Tho i was graded AAAA class bimbo… i wish to reiterate that this this bimbo facade, or in mandarin “38-ness”… is ONLY a the MERELY a trademark… *ahem* there’s so much more to me! dont you think!? hahaha.. although i always do dumb things such as sticking my locker key into the wrong locker… but im not the only one. so many ppl *esp charlie* would be shaking her head in profusely

I went for supper at the expense of AL.. and for that im really sorry… after i agreed to go for supper with steph, and called al to inform him….. he was already on the way to my place to “SUPRISE” me… =( im so sorrry dear…………… sighh.. make it up 2 u.. Lets go 4 a movie today!! STOMP THE YARD!!

BiG thanks to keY:
You’re a champion seller.. and THANKYOU for saving me…. thank you for preventing my mum frm evicting me from the house as im taking up too much shoe space… ThanK you for the nice lobangs…. and NEXT UP!!! selling off my WARDROBE!!!

On the downside…:
Looking at charlie convert to Fulltime…. n all the nice ppl at work… im really growing to like that place.. despite some weird smell, or weird behaviour by those minority few… If i ever leave… its the people id miss… Can i not leave??? May i always be a part timer???

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I Think i look so much healthier back then!
when i was tanned, and fit, n thin, and i dont need much make up!! what happened to me!?!?!?!

Signs of aging..
On the brighter side, i can still wear that same jeans, AND ive altered it =) EVIDENCE of over wearing….. AND not putting on much weight. hah
There’s Desmond, Jeremy, Keong, Kev, and Sam… hahahaa.. ahhh all these sec sch boys have grown up! =) and val has grown old.. damn.
Went to the ITfair on sat with al….
it was time to join the photowhoring club and get my hands on a decent cam!
was contemplating cannon, nikon, even sony.
despite prisc n key telling me NOT to get a sony, the T100 completely won me ove…
$699!!!! Its val’s bday on 26 march.. soo. thank you Dad, Thank you Mum, Thank you AL for sucha wonderful present! hehehe

Guess which color i bought!?
RED?? yeah.. most girls say the red’s nice and I AGREE!!
it IS nice….
but this red aint exactly BRIGHT BLOOD RED but the “dull” kinda red.
i got the black instead…
i dont expect al or my bro or dad to use the red cam when they borrow it do they!?

Yep! so i got the black T100… its Fantabulous! WooOo
.. breath taking 8.1megapixle to show all ur open pores….
Had supper with KEY at 651…
AND got lost while sending her back……
if al wasnt around… id haf reached home at 5pm…
i even went pass priscy’s place! hahaha

Ohh.. mum said that key looked small size in pictures,
and she didnt realize she’s as tall as i am…
she said her voice didnt match her size….
hahahahahahaa.. those who know key. u prolly know wat i mean!
Hehehehheee… key said my voice could match hers…
NO WAYYY!! u beat me hands down. 😀

Service level at work was a piece of crap today…
for obvious reasons, 1/3rd of singaporeans suddenly went pmssy and had to call to complain their heads off….
on the brighter side, work was entertaining with mates round me….
there was geeta on my right, mund yu on my left, azmi, jason, pra, ben behind, derek somewhre at the side, becky, n oshin in front…

Crappiness sets in after 1130.. hah..

Oh.. Someone mentioned tt my boobs werent as big as this guy’s… damn.
My response:

“you better admit that you’re checking me out in order to know how BIG/SMALL i am”
“you apologize for insulting me”… haha..
Its meant as a joke for obvious reasons.

BIG loves to work!!!
Love it when things are stress free.. Even tho charlie says shes still gona be around… its different… she’s no longer part timing like me… =( feel so alone suddenly… like the “lao jiao” at work… but part timing… =(

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Cryz bdae

haiya.. i dont know at 2 say lar… !!!! and im too tired 2 type either…. in short.. just know that i care… and…. yar. take care of urself… id cya later!! =)

i always thought things end with a break up… guess im wrong. Somethings can be WORST than a break up… sigh…


Here’re the pics while goofing around at stJames during cry’s bdae.

im still awaitingmore pix frm cryz.. 🙂 i love that happy couple!!!!! hahahaa

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in a nutshell

I dont like the feeling of not being able to blog wat i feel like blogging.

I hate the feeling of wanting to blog something but no “mood” to blog bout things.
I hate procrastinating. esp when i said YES YES YES i WILL blog tonight” and i dont.
most of all. I HATE BLOGGER CRASHING ON ME!!!.. n eating up my post.

So! here’s my 2nd attempt.
Mas and i got bored, and we found this pic of leonard…. we decided to MMS him our “memorial”. Mas even chanted buddist prayers for him! (mas’s malay by the way.. if u havent already figured)

and many more have left… Waising and Lityi… after getting PR.. they left for their prefered I work industry, my Big son n Small son are holding back their resignation letters, Hanyi’s in Corporate cust contact center. KennTan went to another telco, meryl n mya just graduated and Charlie’s converting Full time. many more resignations to go i reckon. I just realized, Custer D’s original part timers.. NONE left… cept me?? hah.

Id miss going home with charlie… Thankfully she’s working permanent Midshift, so id still see her around very often!! she never fails to make me laugh, always crapping, and teasing my bimbo moves, making me embarassed by telling my embarassing moments to everyone… hahahaa..
Im constantly bored at work… heh.. WHO’s THIS!?!?? no prizes for guessing correctly.. i masked ur “eye”s off… so dont complain.. hehee… i sure this person would tho.. remember the time when i went wakeboarding with prisc, she had some unglam shots where i masked off her EYES.. but she is obviously not happy with my artwork. hehhee

Starting 2 like cluster B more n more… felt kinda foreign when i just got there.. but as time passes.. i like the ppl there MORE.. they’re nice.. Drina, steph, mas, ash, mundyu, andrew, becky, cheryl, boss alz, newer part timers… guess im getting used 2 having them around.. n liking their presense too… and the bitching, whining, emailing, online chatting, ahh not to mention CHARLIE …. =) how can i forget.. if u’re seeing this charlie… stop stalking me…. 😛

I went uni hopping that day.. from classes in SIM, to NUS with key, and finally NTU with al.. heh.. There was this vanity fair there. and i totally busted $$$ big time… but it was a steal! Clinique duo eye shadow at $18, eyecream at $18, Lippies at $8! Biggest (and most ex) buy was Al’s clinique for men pack.. with 4 items inside costing $$XX Secret. heh.. He’s worth it laaa.. 😀

There we are photo whoring in the lib, toilet, stairs.. u name it.. Lovely Puckers!? no!? How does specky val look!?

One for me, One for Key, One for prisc.. (unopened) how can we ever leave u out in such juicy deals!?

This is “NICOLE RICHIE” with val. why!? cuz the guy in the middle looks like richie ren, and the girl on the right is a faux nicole. haha.

Gonna head to the ITfair with Al tomorrow. HOPEFULLY id get a new cam… one that i can truly call MY OWN! =) im gona start photowhoring too!! suddenly… i wish i could head for supper/mambo/ktv/mahjong/movies/even working OTs!!! anything but projects n studies…
im looking 4ward too is a nice time at krabi. Having a nice time basking in the sun with nice company..
i cant wait to get bk 2 work on sunday.. =) beats having 2 do projects. so weary already..

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