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monday.. no blues. supprisingly.
maybe its because i had a great weekend.. fun, enjoyable, and FULL of sleeeeeepppp!!!! worked till bout 8ish, then headed down for a quick dinner at my usual duck shop. haha. think the others feel “forced” that they have to eat DUCK.

there’s this new girl frm SIA that joined the coy.. Prisc, wana consider joining us next time?? 🙂 she’s quite a looker, has the style i guess… when we just randomly asked them go guess our age, she and another new girl guessed that i’m like 26/27… DEFINATELY not less than 25! !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*() OF cuz i dont hold it 2 heart.. i mean.. its a compliment. isnt it????

but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need to do something about it… honestly. is it my height? the way i behave? they the way i walk/talk? or is it just because they were not like that when they were 22???? or am i really old? sigh…. what happen?? just when i thought i was tracking welll…. looking great.. and WHAM! i realize i was benchmarking myself to ppl 4-5 years older than myself. wrong wrong wrong. really something wrong! maybe my face has lost its “glow”… maybe…. i DONT KNOW LARRRRR how can i look that old!!!! when i was 12, ppl say i look 14…. when i’m 14.. ppl say i look 18 (cuz of my height).. still at 168 btw…. when im 18, ppl say i look 21… (and they say its a good sign).. cuz when im 21, id still look 21.. now that im 22.. ppl say i look 27?????? WHAT I BIG JUMP!!!!!!!!! its no longer + 2-3 years.. its like a whopping + 5 years CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no offence. really i dont dislike/hate them.they’re merely stating the truth. maybe even treating it like a compliment. but ME? 27?!! ok. enough whining.

time 2 put more MASK… people, if u want to buy me a gift, PLEASE, get me those anti aging stuff. i need it. badly. I STILL THINK IM PRETTY WATTTTT (tho those readers who cant tell that im just kidding, and strongly believe that i’ve got a ego of a gorilla, this is a figure of speech.. my ego’s just 1cm bigger than the avg human race)

Its tuesday……. tomorrow would be another day of “battle”…… i wana look young again! 😦 how? what make up shld i use? or shld i NOT use make up!?

All these while, ive never liked growing up….. not to mention growing old..


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Saw THIS at JP….

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and mum psyched me to buy it… only difference? I PAID…….. mum doesnt pay for stuff anymore.. or rather, i wld volunteer to pay, and buy her meals etc. Guess it comes along with the liabilities of “growing up” and “getting a job”.

nevertheless, its GOOD STUFF! 400ml of it! discounted too…
with astringent, and all those sh*t, hope it’ll truly “mattify” my face.

its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it. its worth it.

i will stop spending $$.
“id only spent it on necessities..” (thats steph’s fave phrase) and she says it with such conviction!! somehow, everything nice IS a necessity.. heh.

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a Pretty val is a happy val!!!

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Stash from the US (thanks to steph)!
Bobbi brown gel liner, lipstick, nude eye shadow, and brush… (worth it. FOR SURE!)
and a couple of handy spritz bottle (at only 2bucks frm daiso)

Here’s my NEW LOVEssss
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SWEET PEA body splash and ultimate silk lotion from bath and body works!!!!

the ultimate silk lotion is FWOAHhhh.. power! true to the name indeed…

anyone going to the states soon?? i think this scent smells nicer than most VS scents…

and Sun Extender lotion!!! not sure if its a present from steph or frm the girls… nevertheless.. I LOVE IT… i will be needing it since i wont have much tanning chances in future…

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Stashes from clinique.. They sell such stuff in the super mart! cant believe it… and its much cheaper there too!

i’ve got..

1 true khaki quickliner frm clinique (its really pretty! and not avail in SG)
2 dark choc quick liner frm clinique (Up for grabs! leme noe if u wana buy it)
1 airbrush concealer
1 sheer pressed powderfrm clinique as well…

since dark choc is always sold out in DFS, i usually settle for smokey brown. but now with my gel liner…. shall give up one dark choc quickliner… cuz the gel one’s gona b really lasting… Lemme noe if you’d like it..

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THE $5 sale and MORE MORE MORE


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Found this AWSOME top. its truly love at first sight even before trying it out!!! =) *just like getting to know al?* hehee

found this totally amazing top!!!
somebody find it for me please???
topshop. size 6

no discount nevermind!! id pay full price for it!!

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the one at vivo only had size 8 and 4… no 6… =(
size 8 looks frumpy, and i had to be a contortionist to get into size 4…


Side track.

to those who are highly dependent on EYE LINERS (i.e. myself)
i just discovered the WONDER of GEL EYE LINERS!!! (is it just me that’s slow or what?)

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1. long lasting
2.more vibrant
3. easy application as compared to liquid liners
4. nice tailends
5.easily removed
6.no need to “stretch”/pull open the eye
7. goes well over eye shadow 8. CHEAP! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAPP!!.. it costs like 30-40 bucks for a bottle, and it lasts say… 9mths tops? an average stick of clinique quickliner costing $30bucks at retail store $19bucks at DFS lasts me only 1.5mths max…
8. 1 less item in ur make up bag! cuz u wont need to touch up for the whole day..

great brands inc bobbi brown, and mac… not to sure bout others tho. p/s. really random. but im boycotting shu uemura

Frm bobbibrown, its 1 gel liner pot, 1 brush, 1 nude eye shadow color, 1 matt lipstick.
Frm G2K, 1 pants and 1 jacket BOTH AT HALF PRICE.
Frm Bysi, 1 LIMEgreen top, 1 dress. 23Bucks each + 15% discount.
Frm Lasenza, 1 technolite bra in nude col 50% off, 1 corset 50%off (which im so tempted to post the pic), 5Gstrings for 35bucks!!!!

im 1 happy girl.


welcome back steph!!!!! thanks for dragging that 26kg worth of goodies for us! 🙂

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my Present!

I got my 1 year aniversary present alreadyyyyyyy!!!



apart frm my shopping spree which ive yet 2 claim, he bought me a BeaUUUUUUUUtiful Lspace bikini frm NUM. =) the one ive been EYING for some time…. AND AND AND AND one big tub of Crabtree’s evelyn rose body cream!! woOooHOooOOo!!!! big loves!!

what touches me most, was not the present, but the fact that he came 2 my house while im still at work. and he was tying the ribbon on the box! he asked mum if it was nice, and mum told him dunid 2 tie until soooo nice… but he was there adjusting n adjusting the ribbon, AND he placed the present on my bed. he took a damn long time 2 “perfect” the ribbon… (the above scenario described by mum)

when i saw the present in my room, the both of them were still in the living room… within a min of admiring the present, i PULLED, and the ribbon came apart!!!!!!

hahahaha…. when i went out to the living room with the ribon n present, the both of them were “WHAT!?” u saw the present already!? u OPENED IT!?!?!? so Fast!?? and mum said… “see alvin, told u dunid 2 tie till so nice” hahahah

awww… thanks!!! i know they’re expensive ribbons.. id keep them ya! 🙂

Big loves!

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i totally hate hate hate HATE office wear to the MAX!!!

in pri sch and sec sch.. ive been the kid with the weird wear and limited clothing.

My fave outfit in primary school was a betty boob teeshirt (of cuz i had no boobs then, not to mention now).. **ok. very cold**

and in sec sch… it was 3/4 pants or bball shorts, with 37 degrees teeshirt… My attempt to be “hip” and “cool” includes a baby blue long pants, with spag strap top, and 3.5 inch wedges…..

Had my 1st ever levis jeans in poly, its been a staple ever since…… it started with tees n jeans, then, polo n jeans, to spag + tank tops n jeans……. its basically DENIM… i love it!! cuz it sits nicely on my hips (unfortuntately it accentuates my love handles), and it allows me to run and prance around…

in uni, i shld say my dressing’s above the average girls… why? because i started having income of my OWN, and i can spent/ (splurge) on myself without being guilty, or being a burden to my parents…. and so!!!! i can proudly boast a wardrobe full of clothes that would look good on me! they’re not the nicest/most up to fashion/branded (of cuz not).. but at least i feel good in them, and more importantly, i feel prettttyyyy!!!! **pouts**

the thing bout girls (or maybe just me), i have to try and look my best before i head out.. or my day wld b spoilt! i can try 10,000 set of clothes (an exaggaration of cuz), only to end up with the first outfit, and FEEL good bout it! and id leave home, being able to lift my head high… if i leave home with something less than perfect (to me at least)… the day wld stink to the max…

THAT brings me to my point…. I HAVE NO OFFICE WEAR!!! or rather… i have laaaa… but i dont feel comfy in it! i dont like wearing it! i dont look good in it! i feel “ruined” in it! ROARRRRR!!!!! thank god for the black jacket at work… its big, it keeps me warm, and i can hide any embarassment…

**PHOooO** bed time… im feeling sick all over again…

-to iris (if you’re seeing this): So Sorry tt i wasnt able to meet up with you.. felt totally DEAD that day 😦

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