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OPI Polishes

Im so backdated with blog entries… i wana blog..but everytime i wana do tt, id remember prev pix which ive yet 2 post.. n EVERY TIME i attempt to host the pix, it either hangs or takes damn slow… sigh.. i wana blog bout my pokie party, and cs’s 21st day with the vball gal. =( Given my very limited time… please make do. hah

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Here’s what came into my mailbox tdy! This pic does not do justice to them i swear… L-R: Lincoln Park after dark, Beyond Pink, mrs O’Leary, Veryberry, and reved up Red-y!! wOoHooo!!! Mrs oleary was quite a disappointment tho. Reved up(the one on the far right) is BEAUuuutiful! it belongs to the mustang series of OPI… =) Enough of shopping/online shopping tis month. Time to focus on projs n the importants. hah

Along with tis package, i rcved a package from al… =) thank you darling! would read it tonight! i love u!


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stpid old man

Why I refuse to stand up for old mans anymore!!! I tell u…. These old man r full of shit! Or rather THIS old man! Was on the train towards cityhall and all od a sudden tis old man crossed my path and his pants ruffled against my toes… Naturally.. Being the nice val I always am, I stood up n offered him my seat… (right.. Go ahead n puke ur guts out.. Haha) he looked at me… Seemingly bashful, n said… “no no…” I was like… Ok… “u don’t want the seat?” I had to chk since he didn’t seem quite proficient in english. He had the guts to say tt IT WAS MY CROSSED FEET THAT WAS IN HIS WAY!! For gods sake!! The train was not packed at all! (at tis point… Most of u wld prolly tink tt my legs stick out while I’m crossing it) but alas! The wonders of a cam phone!

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There u go… U see! He’s on the right, my legs r here.. It aint crossed till it can trip someone… And that man dare to say tt its my feet! Look at the available space for him to walk arnd!! Even if ur legs r crampish you’d still haf space to walk larhz! Rahhh…. Unreasonable old poke… All you egoistic young punks wld end up being like him!….

I think tt old man… OoPs… I mean kor kor doesn’t wana b known as an old man… He doesn’t need n don’t like ppl to stand up n offer him a seat… I must haf hurt his prideeeeee…. Grrrr

I’d still offer nice old ladies my seat lah! haha


Really random pic… JU On!!!

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Still waiting for pix frm chiesing’s bday party…. hahaa… they look great!! and i had great fun!! =) hehehe… Girls!! Missed u all!!! and i feel tt we havent aged a day! hahahhaa… dont 4get our 10th aniversary nxt year 🙂

sighh…. back to Projects…. after getting a HD for the finance paper.. there’s still EG essay, LM test… and 4 exam paper. WHICH would all b over in 7 weeks!? woW! that’s really scary… :S Wont be blogging for sometime (not as if ive been blogging alot these days)… NO TIME lahhh. 🙂


Sorry Al.. been in a really bad mood these days.. thanks for tolerating.. i love u…

Prisc.. tried 2 call u 2dae.. no ans tho.. miss nappy pig.. =) hope things are doing good for u! (K)

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DC Proj

huiling just told me tt prisc n my part have to add another 500 words. i mean.. WHERE to add 500 words when we’re already done!?!??!?! i tot we just needed 1000???? GOSH!!! to make things worst.. prisc has already done william’s part.. AND she’s not around.. she’s in msia.. which makes me the sole “respondee” (i know there’s no such word) of adding the additional 500 words, at the same time “cooking”up stories for additional parts which i never knew exists!!!…

to add on.. test is in afew days… i am really panicky bout it… wont be able to do as well as i want to due to time constrain….. and exams are up real soon. gosh.. so is 2 more projs and 1 more test. ohhh man man man… jialat this time. to make things worst.. ive still gotta work.. and i miss al!.. hardly have time to chat with him these days. he misses me too! ohhhh gosh gosh gosh….

despite all the tiresome troublesome problemsome stuff….. i know that things would be fine. =) hehe… all things would be good. okae okae.. some may say im getting a lil preachy.. but im sure god will see me through. william wld prolly say “screw it”…. or others may think otherwise. HOWEVER i do believe that he’d see me through. and that’s all tt matters! haaha.. im a lil jittery and panicky.. but. can la! i know it’ll work out! 😀

k la k la.. nuff of blogging. heh… gota go write more words. or i REALLY dont need 2 slp already! PRISCY I WANA EAT SEAFOOD TOOO!!!!!!

p/s: i love the poem darling. thank you =) **HuGgz**

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These days.. I’m really starting to wonder if females in general can truly have a platonic relationship with the masculine-egoistic-Iamsogreat- gender.. Maybe its just me.. My closer friends are ALL female.. Haha. Those whom I can really talk to, n share a nice conversation with, without feeling self conscious.. They’re all female. Girlie girls. Who happen to b on the better looking side! Haha. Nope, I don’t choose friends..I just happen to get along better with them.

Afew regrets in this short 21 years would b not constantly keeping in touch with these people who left an impact in my life. Am I dying!?!? I’ve been meeting up with people whom I’ve not met in ages.. N I feel the need to meet up with more of them.. Enjoy each other’s company, maybe even catch up on the goof old times. Haha.. A lil sentimental huh..my point exactly! Am I really dying!? Hahaha. Irregardless.. Life is really short. Too short to nurse grudges.. Too short to waste.. Too short to keep things to yourseld. There’s so much to do, with so little time.. You never know when anyone may leave this world completely. So? Just be happy with whatever we do. So that IF we don’t die so soon… At least we won’t b regreting 10 20 years from now.. Thinking what we should have, could have, or would have done.

Afew girlies in my life.. Whom I hold close to my heart. For some, we’ve been through things together.. Had our fun.. Arguments.. I treasure them. I always have. May not have explicitly shown them, but they’ve always had a special place in my heart.

Firstly there’s always prisc, my siti nuraliza lookalike.. No need for too much mention bout her.. Cuz her name’s always popping up on my blog very often. And key chua.. Who goes mia at times, but I’m meeting up with her next wed! *I’ve no idea what a roomwarming gift should b, hope you’d like what I got u.

Poly mates whom I’ve shared a special friendship with includes xinhui.. Jac.. They’re voth as good looking as b4. Xinhui’s this long haired babe, while prettier now! Haha.. Jac’s this attitudinal girl, who doesn’t give a damn bout how others may think of her as long as she feels right bout things.. That’s what I call self confidence. Haha. *if you’re reading this jac, its a compliment for sure*

Sec sch? None played a greater role than my vball mates.. If you’ve never been a jss vball player, you’d never know what its like.. Haha. From the never ending sweeping of courts, booking of the few pathetic shower rooms, leave forms which allows us to ‘rest’ instead of attending classes.. The very 1st time we took off our skirts n wore our 3jiao ku, the 1st time we got trashed so bad by primary school kids.. (Our very first opening match…man… Were we bad). To our 1st west zone championship, nationals… Where the whole sch would b wishing us luck.. Cheering 4 us at our match…. Jurong… The school where sports people rule… N the lians n bengs don’t call the shots.. However.. During matches.. Even the ‘paikias’ root for us! Haha.. The 12 of us took teamwork very literally… When laoshi told us tt we need teamwork.. We bought similar bags n waterbottles… We had lunch together despite having our own clique of friends.. We made sure not 1 of the 12 of us got left behind… Even the best player.. N the lousiest player were friends.. We sang like nobody’s biz in the bus on our way to matches.. From the latest 933 songs back then, to our traditional vball song.. Had boyfriends… Most of them assholic bball players.. Had crushes… Where jinwen likes bingwen n the whole world knows… Haha.. (oh pls don’t c this jinz haha)… Much more memories.. But given the fact tt I’m typing this on d train… Girls… If anyone of u happens to c tis right now.. I’m sure u share my sentiments..

There’s also my dotter iris n lydia.. Whom I’ve got to know after getting tgt with eric.. The guy may b gone… Gut girlie friendship stays… =) met up with lyd on sat… Had a niceeee chat =) hang in there girl…

There’s june whom I can really relate to… N I wish she’ get a good guy… =)

Lastly Shimin n celin… I wish nothing went wrong between us back then… My greatest regret… Why? Cuz its not something I can get back after spending time tgt again… I can meet up with friends I miss… Catch up after years… But for the both of them.. I noe I lost them.. I saw them on the streets, but didn’t say hi… I hid.. Why? Cuz I know that could have been me… Shopping happily tgt with them… My pride.. Doesn’t allow me to ask why… Or what went wrong… They don’t want me arnd either..

Some pix for the weekend:

THAT”S PRISC!! on her car.. so cute 😛 (she’s gona kill me)
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Jieqin, Myself, and Leeying =)
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FLOWERS!!! which never fail 2 brighten up my day… thankyou al.. your suprise would be coming right up..
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and……… ME! 🙂 i swear im not naked.. sigh.. bored in the cab again mahh..

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Thank god i typed all that on the train.. now im back to PROJECT! arghhh

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