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Someone pissed me off real bad yesterday…. I’m like that… If I do like u, any shit u throw down my way, I can tolerate to a certain extend…. But when I do NOT like you… Every little bit counts n grows…. xxx… U pissed me off real bad… Yes, I am ostrasizing you. Wriggle your way in if u must. But I dislike the way you walk talk behave, your attitude your face and your unbelievable ability to pretend…

They say dislike is to a certain extend some form of jealousy, but trust me. For this instance, of really isn’t.

Stay clear of my path xxx… Don’t piss me off more than u already have. Unlike others who are more forgiving and tend to close 1 eye… I can’t because I never liked you from the start.. LOL…

Wanna know what xxx did? Ask me in private! Ughhh…

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!! The week flew past… And now it was month end yesterday… Wonder if i can even hit targets this quarter… Arghhhh… March is gonna be a stressful month for me…

Have a good trip key!!!!! 🙂 muakz!

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Here’s the new definition of sueh-ness…

Its when you’re seldom late for work, and when u finnally are late for once in a "golden" moon, your boss’s boss’s boss’s boss ( to count the hierarchy on your own) has to sit beside you, and he doesn’t come to sg every month. What luck.

Seriously. Its a bad start to a long day (and night) today’s client event is gonna be one hell of a night, and an eye-opener too.

Nope, I do not intend to drink on the job. Haha…


Realized I haven’t met Charlie. N ash for a long time… Meryl n steph too. Mas n alba as well? Gerald n lingz n junnie?? Must make it a point to fix a meet up date by this week.. Must stop procrastinating!!!

Ok. I’m 3 stops away from work, and its 820… You’re so dead val…

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.. Wonder if it works! LOL… **test test test**

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work. ugh

the world’s small.. really small. a candidate of mine just told me that she saw my blog. and she know it through a friend who knows a friend of mine. hmmm..i wonder who’s that friend or friend’s friend friend.. heh.. wonder if its for the better or worst. am i that well hated? lol!!~ dont quite care really.

if its anyone more disliked on the “blogosphere”, there’s my dear Key, who gets 1001 spams and nasty comments. (dont mean to tease u dear!). well at least i know i havent done anything against my conscience, and i’ve always tried my best at work.

which brings me to my next point. maybe i really shouldnt be trying so hard and working myself to my bones. it just doesnt pay off that well. be it materially, or emotionally. i reach home everyday feeling drained. i know i should pace myself, and i should go slow etc etc. but it really isnt ME. maybe i’m to rash and hasty at things. maybe im pushing myself too hard and having too high targets/expectations of myself… when i fall short of those expectations, i push the blame on myself… it really is qutie a fairbit of stress right now.. really isnt something a “young” little girl like me can take.

its YOUNG with the “” because my candidate said i look young in photos! haha.. i AM young wat! its just that alot of people conveniently assume that im old. ugh.

i’m unhappy at work. so much’s happening. I still love recruitment, and i do have passion for the job. I love it when i have names at my fingertips and know who to call for a particular role. i love it even more when i can memorize where’s the person from, how much salary, and how’s he or she like. i love it most when i put revenue on the board (Tho i dont know how much of it i’d be getting)….. but still…. too much is happening. i dont see things the way i do when they were here… now that they’re gone, i feel like a lost floating sheep… there really isnt anyone whom i can turn to for REAL support. not gossipy ones…. steer me clear of those gossipy channels… it kills my morale. ugh.

i may seem unaffected with their departure. but honestly. reality bites. dont quite care wats going on in the surrounding, and i’m only concerned with issues which would affect me directly. I’m taking a big big hit right now… still suffering the repercussions. yet to be back in full force. wonder when i’d be fully recharged..

it’s hard not having a stable buffer in life… in such instances. $$ speaks. show me the $$$!!!!!

p/s: maybe its time to change my blog.. it just might be over exposed.

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Happy Vday 08

I really did try to blog on Tuesday! (The day after the previous post).. but the GPRS connection got cut off and i had to retype everything. so what’s the point……. my point being… im HERE to blog! 2 X in 4 days! wow. thats quite an accomplishment on its own given my lousy track record.

Only afew ppl noticed my blog posts. key, prisc, charlie. awww thank u ladies!! for the rest who remained anonymous, and still read my post, please remain anonnymous, unless you’re really sure that you know that i want to know that you know. in short, u better make sure i’m not avoiding you or disliking you.

It’s valentines day, 14th Feb 2008, and im home typing this post. it’s a really sad day. not because im home (it’s a thursday! come on.. i’ve got work tomorrow), but because of some other factors.

My team manager left the company, and today’s her last day. arghhh!!! i’m depressingly upset, thats like wat? how many managers in how many months again?? pls remind me, cuz i havent been in this company for the longest time, and its chaotic enough. I’m struggling, and keeping my head above the water already. Every company needs good heads… i lost my 2 strongest suport. how to survive!

But life goes on doesnt it? I’ve got a colleague who loves whining and complaining, (dont get me wrong, i still love them), just that, i’ve kinda “SAW THROUGH” the whole thing. in such instances, i use my 8 step mantra…

1. Should i leave
2. Can i leave
3. what good will it do if i leave?
4. cant leave?
5. No choices?
6. work stil has to be done and u realized u wasted time entertaining weird thoughts?
7. Complain for F*Ck!
8. DO WORK LAR!!!!

hahahaaha. but seriously. work still has to be done, and we have to work doubly hard, by complaining n whining, yes it reduces stress, but efficiency is reduced by half! gosh. nobody’s indispensible in this world, and life goes on. I must find my way to survive and go on in this business. I’d be left swimming in the “big ocean” for now… with lots of sharks, pirhanas, whales in it… but i’m a small little floatsam and no matter how small, will still stay on top.

Oh, its valentines day. yes. the tittle of this blog post. ahhh hah. no date? yes. ehh well.. not sure how you define a date. lol. went for dinner with pat ed n jeff. chinese food.. ahh.. 🙂 not quite use to taking dinner these days.. feel so bloated. ugh. It’s a nice vday i must say, despite unpleasant suprises. I received a hand made card and a beautiful watch! 😀 love the present, as it’s gonna be something i can wear everyday, and it’ll be on my wrist always! :)love it. no flowers? guess that’s just it… not everyone gets to receive flowers rite?

I signned for a gym membership…. a premium one summore… will make sure i head down 3 X a week! at least iknow pat is going with me… maybe there’d b rach / karen too? ahah… healthy life here i come!! gona shed the 5 bloody KGs i put on since i joined 7months ago.

to my 2 besties, thank you for support and unconditional love. after i see your tags, i really wana sob already. really really… i’m like so stressed at work sometimes.. its so good that you girls would be supporting me through thick n thin, and even in my decisions. such great pals are hard to come by!! you girls dont critisize me, and you stand by me….. 🙂 such a relief to know you girls feel this way.. because at the end of everything.. although i always say that it’s my actions and my way of doing things n my life, your thoughts are valued very very very much too!!! i hold u ladies in extremely high regard…. huggs!!! you’re give me great comfort…

Vday’s not only bout lovers. you’re right.. its also about friends. you girls just made me the luckiest girl friend of yours! i love you!

May everyone have an equally great vday.

– what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger-
you can do it val. Hang in there. you’d do great. pray for me everyone…

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Im back to blog!! Know its loke the 1001th tine im saying this, n i’ve prolly lost my credibility… But yes. I really am quite serious bout blogging. Id do it every morning on my way to work that is… Guess it serves as a form of update between me n my girlfriends since they’re such avid blog whores… LOL. Guess I used to be one too? But work life really ain’t conducive for such a hobby… Guess anyone’s reading gotta get used to the all text no picture kinds posts

Stopped blogging for some time as I know that there’s some people reading… More people botching… And others just plain irritating! Some changes took place in my life… N I’m not even sure its for the better… Not even sure if my girlfriends n family support me on this matter. They prolly don’t think its a right choice… But didn’t wanna say it to my face.. But I truly am happy the way I am now. Life is good, tho work is stressful. guess ive gotta find my drive to wake up every morning. And that would b money? Lol..

Gonna sign up for a gym membership real soon… The OL lifestyle’s really condusive for a growing bum!!! Believe it or not… I put on 5 kg already!!!! Boohoo!!

Reaching in a giffy… Blog tomorrow… (i hope)…

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