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it dawns on me that id be leaving the orange co soon… 7 more work days. not alot. Its merely 36 more hours.

Id be missing the people there, all the friendship and help ive gotten over the past 2 years. It’s nice to know that there truly are people who would go all out to help you.

To mention afew, there’s charlie who wld always absorb my “few cents” when we’re buying stuff, or even when she’s shopping today, she n steph wld hlp look out for the top tt i want…. n steph, even when she’s in US, she lugged afew kg of stuff back for us… that’s going beyond the “call” of the relationship between colleagues..

To the many who offered help when needed, smiles and encouragement, everyone will be missed.

The place isnt what it was when i first joined anymore. Many thing’s changed. When i was talking to meryl and hearing how she wished she was back in the orange co. it made me think bout the times we had during training. ALL our bosses have left, with an exception of adrian.. its a place where change is inevitable. 2 years is a short time, but yet a long period for a call center.

Meryl n me… a (not so) long time back
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wanted to post more pics…. but there’s no photoeditor in my bro’s comp for me to resize them =( i really have to fix bimbsy soon!!!


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i totally hate hate hate HATE office wear to the MAX!!!

in pri sch and sec sch.. ive been the kid with the weird wear and limited clothing.

My fave outfit in primary school was a betty boob teeshirt (of cuz i had no boobs then, not to mention now).. **ok. very cold**

and in sec sch… it was 3/4 pants or bball shorts, with 37 degrees teeshirt… My attempt to be “hip” and “cool” includes a baby blue long pants, with spag strap top, and 3.5 inch wedges…..

Had my 1st ever levis jeans in poly, its been a staple ever since…… it started with tees n jeans, then, polo n jeans, to spag + tank tops n jeans……. its basically DENIM… i love it!! cuz it sits nicely on my hips (unfortuntately it accentuates my love handles), and it allows me to run and prance around…

in uni, i shld say my dressing’s above the average girls… why? because i started having income of my OWN, and i can spent/ (splurge) on myself without being guilty, or being a burden to my parents…. and so!!!! i can proudly boast a wardrobe full of clothes that would look good on me! they’re not the nicest/most up to fashion/branded (of cuz not).. but at least i feel good in them, and more importantly, i feel prettttyyyy!!!! **pouts**

the thing bout girls (or maybe just me), i have to try and look my best before i head out.. or my day wld b spoilt! i can try 10,000 set of clothes (an exaggaration of cuz), only to end up with the first outfit, and FEEL good bout it! and id leave home, being able to lift my head high… if i leave home with something less than perfect (to me at least)… the day wld stink to the max…

THAT brings me to my point…. I HAVE NO OFFICE WEAR!!! or rather… i have laaaa… but i dont feel comfy in it! i dont like wearing it! i dont look good in it! i feel “ruined” in it! ROARRRRR!!!!! thank god for the black jacket at work… its big, it keeps me warm, and i can hide any embarassment…

**PHOooO** bed time… im feeling sick all over again…

-to iris (if you’re seeing this): So Sorry tt i wasnt able to meet up with you.. felt totally DEAD that day 😦

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its nice to know that those who hasnt visited my blog in a long time do pop by once in awhile.. its nice to know that i still can talk freely to some friends whom i havent spoken to in a long while. Maybe sometimes, its best not to know a person too personally or intimately (in an emotional way and nothing sexual in case thats what you dirty minded ppl are thinking! hahaa)

someone asked if i wanted to be a financial planner… *ugh*.. i replied.. “as if i havent got FeW enough friends..”.. true indeed. Made many aquaintances. A couple of pals.. lost them. big time. maybe its due to the lack of communication, lack of time, lack of whatever. its my fault… because… its due to the lack of my initiative. whatever few friends ive got now.. i intend to keep them. enough of losing the friendship. it sucks to look at pictures, or think of old times, wishing you could have or should have done something but never had. wishing you defended someone but never had the guts to. wishing the OTHER party made a move to contact you or even bother to keep in touch but never made that move..

i sometimes get into the “blaming” mood where id think “hey!! if they dont make it a point to keep in touch, why should i!?” .. i know better enough. should we play this waiting game or blaming game.. id end up the way i am now. without them. then again. maybe its just ME. ME who places such a heavy value on them. me who values them and think of the good ol times. i doubt they even remember.

nevermind the “they dont remember and they dont bother”…. can i at least try??? maybe this time, id be a better friend. maybe this time, you’d stick with me through thick n thin. maybe this time, i wont be taken forgranted. maybe for once i can truly say that a friendship’s forever.

key’s quote of the day.. Mend a quarrel.. i can only mend it if there IS a quarrel. i cant do anything whent here wasnt a quarel to start with. its like a permanant scar sometimes. looking at your pictures and knowing that i should have been in there. i deleted your msn for a reason. i dont want to see you constantly popping up, remind me of what u’re doing, or how well you are without me, and as tho i never meant a thing to you. it feels like yesterday when you just graduated and got your cabin crew job, and i said id be joining you in a year. we were closest of friends back then. i start to wonder if there were pretense at that point of time. if there truely were friendship, it shouldnt have crumbled without a fight.

im well known for my lack of memory at certain things. ask me bout an ex boyfriend, and i truly cant remember most things, ask bout some school work, dont bother, i cant even remember the names of the module… because these things dont quite matter? and they dont bother me, nor bugg me, and they’re well out of my memory. other things…. lingers on…. for example my lil ruskie?? (my dog, for those who dont already know)… some primary school memories where i felt pressured to conform to group norms. (yes, even at a young age.)… my vball mates… poly days (and gossipy a-holes whom i totally detest and swear to get even with… thank god. they’re still as ugly as before, if not uglier… karma.. ) and you my friends… you whom ive lost. im sorry that it wasnt a good enough attempt on my part. and i apologize.

id be good from now. i swear. but one can never turn back the hands of time..

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aloooooha!!!!! 1 paper down.. and 2 to go! **beams**
Im gona relax, and load the PICS! this new blog is heavily lacking in pictures. ugh. gona b really random. =)

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to start off, these were taken wayy before exams started, where we were still wonder when exams wld end…. and now, it’s 1/2 over! 😀
we’ve got huiling, in an amature redbull model shot (she’s gona kill me),
my pen in hair stint, prisc’s ultra-sueh day, where she’s complaining on the phone, and my BDAY PRESENT frm prisc 2 things i need very much… to put my hp and my keys..

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Ive been studying at NTU for the past weeks… and 8-830 am is where the hungry ghost reign…. LOOOOOKKK at the queue even b4 the library opens… *PhoOo** and everyone would just dash in, throw their books all around, and “chope” the table. the bunch of us usually take up 3 long tables.. which = *count fingers* 8 X 3 = 24 seats?? such big asses we’ve got.

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here’s the view ive got every day.. charming??? there’re better views… (where unfortunately i left cammie home)

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where we mugg.. and stone… and stare..

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yes.. and sleep even… (that’s the emperor with his yellow cloak.. haha)

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i really realli really will miss ah nam larrrr (lee wee nam lib)

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we “vandalized” and wrote our own “reserve” tags…

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the only person ive managed 2 get a pic with.. that’s Lidia (with an i, not y)… she looks like somebody i know.. tho i dont know who.. (not tryin 2 b funny here..) cant recall.. ahh.. love those peeps… wonder how they’re slacking now… 😦

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ohhh…. this is ONE horrible night…. there were NO MALE in the vicinity! no dad, no bro, no al. 2 damsel in distress (myself n mum), and we’re terrified of lizards, esp when the lizards are sooo humongous!!!! hero of the day? my 7th floor neighbour. haha…

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army daze… bro’s booking in.. **awww** smirks… his psp and his room n his comp.. THEY’RE MINE!!! hahaa.. im kidin.. id missya lil bro…

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happy harold with his momma!!

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happy US! happy 10mths darl. =) **big loves**

(TV TIME!!!) i mean… backto books….
ok. tv comes 1st. hahaha

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current mood? BORED. and MOODY!

i cant believe it.. everyone’s exams are practically over!! and i still have to slog…

i miss the good ol days where i studied at NTU with the rest of the ppl… sigh.. i was a lil sentimental towards the last few days there. namely becuz i would prolly never be able to study with them again, id NEVER study again (not in the nxt year at least), and i wont c all of them that often again… sigh.. i like them!!!!! its not as tho i meet such nice ppl v often… =(.. its true that the older u get, the lesser friends you have… how true.

all the lame jokes, funny moments, long dinner/lunch, korean/jap lessons… the ppl id miss: cordi, lidia, constance, dayao, emperor siqing, xu gong gong, etc etc etc.. and the many others there… i prolly wont be able to name them all out… but these few days, my hp contacts increased by quite abit! hahaa… nice friends dont come very often… and with some effort, i sure do hope to keep them by my side as friends for the longest time possible…


oh.. thanks darl.. for the flower and bbl tea! =)

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