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Im sick…

I fell sick.

in record breaking time.

I merely had lunch with my manager, went to vivo, went to imm went to work etc etc… and i was still hopping n jumping around!! Even crapped with ash at work.


at bout 7pm. i felt that i had my period!!! (totally unprepared).

things went downhill from there.

my back started to hurt, followed by my shoulders, neck, head…. and i felt very very cold…. After felicia got off the cab, at street 13, i started to feel “stoney” and breathless. My chest felt congested, and my limbs weak…

Mum accompanied me to the doc (thank god)…. and it cost me bloody 60bucks!!! slept at 2 plus, all the way till this afternoon bout 4!!! PHeWw… At least my fever’s gone. still feeling weak, and lack my usual appetite tho..

i hate being sick, because i get all sensitive and worked up. It doesnt hlp when im in pain, having cramps, pmssy, and having a fever. its 4X combo, which resulted in me ranting and shouting at al last nite, just because a small issue triggered my temper. (sorry darl)… BUT BUT BUT, im sick! so im entittled… nevertheless, i still am sorry. Al came over after work tdy to chk n see how i am n pack dinner. Just shooed him home, as he’d have to work tmr morning… and i wont be able to entertain him when im sick.

Im at my least vocal of all time… dont talk 2 me.. msn me if u must.

To all those that showed your concern. Thank you. Really appreciate it 🙂

at least im sick before my work starts!!

Note to self: DRINK MORE WATER!


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a big thank you mr alvin teo!!!!!!!!!
tq 4 approving my unpaid leave!!

Thank YoU bern… for undertaking the task of hlping me approach the OM…

“Bimbsy club” peeps… aka athiah, steph, charlie, ash etc etc… thankewwwww 4 ur best wishes.

tq mummy 4 the delicious soup

(i hope…) and p.s. the NTU comp’s right click mouse button is not working.. so no pics..


Ive been having terrible headache for days…. the back of my head keeps throbbing, and i cant walk too quickly, or “bounce” up n down when i prance around… any sudden movement, would make my head hurttt…. think my brain’s dislocating itself. ughh..

I want to shop shop shop too!!! but as the name goes.. UNPAID leave.. = no income. this mth’s pay cheque is gonna be sOoooo pathetic.

back 2 books… taas peeps.

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