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CNY 2009

Happy CNY to all! Hope the Ang Pow collection has been good! 🙂

My new year was quite a good on despite being too short.

Sunday was the usual Reunion Dinner @ Upper Serangoon. Food was great as usual, however this year it seems like there are slightly fewer dishes? Also, there weren’t any soft drinks i realize. Signs of an economy downturn? heh

Mon was the hard core, full on BAI NIAN, 1st to aunts house @ AMK, then to Great grand aunt’s place @ Toa Payoh, and then to my final (and favourite) location @ Hougang, where everyone from my mum’s side of the family would congregate, have good food and good fun. The bulk of my Ang Pow collection comes from here too!!! 🙂

It’s weird to visit these relatives once in awhile, and realize that everyone’s all grown up, uncle / aunties have now grown old… We seem to live our own daily lives on a day to day basis, and at times we forget how Fast time passes by because ‘re always so caught up with stuff… Its only when we take a moment to realize how other ppl have changed, only then will we come to notice that we’ve change too… Tho i stare at the mirror for at least a good 30mins a day, I still fail to recognize that i’ve changed more than I’ve thought myself to have… Unfortunately, i’m not exactly pleased with what I see…

My cousins, and aunt on the right, my side of the family on the left, Dad, Mum, Me & Des. 🙂

My Grand Aunt (Paternal Grand Ma’s Sis) we call her “Yi Por” -> Cantonese for 2nd grandma.. She’s 90 this year! and she cooks her own meals, goes to the market, and teases my dad, err… last year she thought my bro was my bf!?!?!??! oh wells! hahaha.. lil bro’s grown quite abit 😛

Happy Year of the OX! (my year… sighz)… Wanna lose weight.. but dont i always say that!?!? 😛

Try Google-ing your name..

Have you ever tried “google-ing” your own name? You may be amazed with the results!

Apart from the usual forums / blogs / tags etc, I managed to come up with this 2 surprising information which I didnt even knew existed!

1. A posting by my 1st Boyfriend. Damnz. i was only… er… nvm… i was very young! all the bitter sweet memories came flooding back, like how we use to walk back home, and that enormous big pooh bear he gave me, how 3months with him seemed like eternity n i wanted to get married to him? hahaha.. Mr. Jeffrey Lee, thanks for posting this up in 1 of ur blogs.


Walao, must you reveal my stupid mIRC / ICQ nick that existed AGES ago!?!?!? @#$%^&*()_

2. This random blog site with blogs of many different girls. Not even sure since when i was part of the collection! must have been a long time ago, since this pic of mine had me in jet black hair! that was like *count fingers* 3 hairstyles ago? Nevertheless, thanks for even bothering to link me up mr. BLOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL (i would presume you’re a guy since it’s all female bloggers)


Happy CNY to all. Seems like its gonna be quite a boring one for me.

Have I ever mentioned that i hate this time of the month? Its the time where i’d sit infront of my screen and login to multiple pages… DBS/UOB/OCBC/SCB and think of how to best allocate my funds in a hidden manner where i’d be least likely to spend it.

*yeah, go ahead n laugh*

Dont think it works? Yup! you’re right… it doesnt. or else i wont be fretting…. I’m getting better at my budgeting as time goes by… always seem to overspend everymonth.. hais.. If I cant earn more, then i guess i just have to spend less?? (or get a rich bf to take care me) —> no chance..

(p/s: prisc! I OWE U $$!!! sorreeee.. tis week reali too bz to do any t/f. My DBS is now a dormant acc, and that’s where i’ve got you set up as payee.. so i’ve got no idea wats ur bank code etc etc, and cant add u in my UOB.. i’ve t/f $$ from UOB to DBS, so that i can t/f to u frm DBS to DBS. Geddit???? if i get bad luck for owing u $ over the new year, it’s ok, gona b stuck with u 4 life anyway. lolz. ) Loves!

GONG XI FA CAI to all!

Eat less Unhealthy food!!!!

Dumb acts

Guess what am I doing?

(i feel dumb)

I’m expanding my pants! hah!

Bought a reali nice grey-ish pants (which costs me almost what, $129?) , and I guess I was much skinnier back then.
My ass Grew.. and Its a SIN to throw / donate / giveaway such a pair of ALMOST brand new beauty. i was pretty sure i could fit into it with some *ahem* help.

Ok.. confession. I bought it because i (was) quite determined to slim down, and i felt it was a good opportunity to TRIM UP, SLIM DOWN n FIT IN! apparently not. Cuz almost a year after, and here i am, typing in these pants hoping it’ll losen up. haH! *i truly am amazing aint i?* – tickling myself with my acts.


2510 has other ardent fans too! ahh.. my blog add is now revealed to her. she might be peeping… *Hoh Miss Ng?* neways, I dont bitch-blog bout work (do i ?)

You know how every blog kinda like has a “theme” to it, and it usually is their respective owner’s faves in life? e.g. Travel, dumb shit stuff, Photos, adventure, more photos etc etc… Mine prolly fall under the bo-liao, dumb-shit category.

Whats my fave in life? I ain’t a fashion mama, and i’m more of a “follower” than a trend setter… I can safely call myself a “BEaUtY FREAK”… I realized in these past year or 2, maybe 3… I’ve been using various types and different brands of skincare and makeup! I think its time i do a review of the stuff i use… bet it’s gona be more accurate than mag review (cuz i use at least 1/2 a full size bottle). Male readers? SORRY DUDES! err… buy it for ur gf?

**Disclaimer** by saying the product’s good, it REALLY is in comparison pre usage vs post usage. NOT that i’m looking damn good. Dont go spamming my mailbox with hate mails like last time.

TGIF guys… and i’ve not even done my CNY shopping. die.

Pic of the moment


erm.. duno how 2 resize~. lolz

The name of 2510..

I’ve just reset my PhotoBucket password. Hah. Be prepared for photospam… Nah… My blog posts has been monotonously wordy (yes i know and i admit).. but that’s me now.. B-oring with a capital B. heh. THanks for checking by nevertheless.

You know i’ve always been ranting on and on and on about how i’m gona get my 2510, (dont get mistaken, it’s not the latest Nokia phone)… It’s an LV bag, but i’ve never even bothered to find out the REAL name of the beauty, since i’ve already “code-named” it…

There you go…

Louis Vuitton Damier Trevi PM


It comes in 2 sizes, PM (the smaller one), and GM (the bigger one)… haha..it’s not PM and AM. lol. ok.. not funny.

Did I mention it’s monday already? MONDAY!….
My schedule for this work week sucks big time..ugh.. I’m awaiting the my next weekend.. where i’ve already got craving for COCCA steamboat! =) but it’s CNY week.. there might b a huge crowd. perhaps i’d just makedo with steamboat @ parkway parade, they sell excellent ala-carte steamboat. Good for Non-vege fans like myself.

Have a great week ahead!